Homeless Man Rescues Wheelchair-Bound Man from Thieves

Homeless Man Rescues Wheelchair-Bound Man from Thieves
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Although Joseph Hall is homeless, he isn’t defenseless–or heartless. Hall, who lives in a homeless shelter, recently stood up to some thieves who attempted to steal his friend’s wheelchair. [1]

John “Triston” Stubbs, fellow resident at the homeless shelter in Birmingham, Alabama where Hall currently resides, has cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a disorder which drastically hinders movement, so you might imagine how he would be in even more danger than the average individuals or homeless person. And while violence against the homeless is declining, it certainly isn’t erased.

The wheelchair bound Stubbs was lured away from the shelter by a pair of thieves who took some of his clothes and all of the money Stubbs had in the world–$500. They completed the operation at knifepoint.

Because of this attack, Stubbs had gotten locked out of the shelter as residents must return by a certain time, otherwise they are not allowed in. Worried about him, Hall went to go check on him and found his friend sitting outside.

And as bad luck would have it, Stubbs was to be the victim of thieves again who attempted to steal his wheelchair, the thing he needs most.

Hall says of the incident:

“Couple more folks came up to snatch his chair. When I walked up they said we’ll give you $20 bucks to turn your back and look the other way. I was like, you’re not taking his chair, that don’t sit well with my heart.”

Although Stubbs had no money to sleep somewhere safely, Hall took his last $60 and found a room to rent for him for the night to ensure that he didn’t get into any more trouble during wee hours.

And while Hall used up the last of the money he had, he said of the incident, “I don’t feel like a hero. Anybody got a heart and love people gonna reach out.”

Homeless people, especially those with disabilities like Stubbs, are often the most vulnerable. Crime spikes at the first of the month when the government checks are sent and thieves keep a lookout over the area to find people to rob. This story highlights some of the grave difficulties they face in their day-to-day lives.


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