GMOs Making You Sick? You Can File a Complaint with the FDA

GMOs Making You Sick? You Can File a Complaint with the FDA

Are you sick of unlabeled GMOs in our food? Let the FDA know. You can file a formal complaint. Let’s send them so many that their servers bust!

FDA scientists once said that genetically modified ingredients were possibly unsafe. The agency ignored their own experts, and have since been acting like a dog on a chain, bowing to the whims of the biotech industry without any concern for public health.

The FDA’s own internal documents even reveal the truth about GMOs – showing that the agency’s own scientists expressed doubts about the GM food labeling policy when it was being established, while raising questions about GM food safety. But the Food and Drug Administration has given Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta, Cargill, etc. the keys to our cities, and the ability to plant genetically modified organisms at will. [1]

A recently unearthed memo from February 1992 written by Louis J. Pribyl, Ph.D., a scientist in the FDA’s Microbiology Group, critiqued a draft of the policy by writing:

“There is a profound difference between the types of unexpected effects from traditional breeding and genetic engineering which is just glanced over in this document. Several aspects of gene insertion may be more hazardous than traditional plant crossbreeding.” [1]

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Another memo from the same time period written by Linda Kahl, Ph.D., an FDA compliance officer, emphasized the lack of scientific data to recognize the safety of GM foods. She states:

“Are we asking the scientific experts to generate the basis for this policy statement in the absence of any data? There is no data that could quantify risk.” [1]

Numerous other memos raise similar concerns – all from inside the FDA’s own offices. Yet, since that time, we have higher-than-ever incidences of autism, skyrocketing cancer rates, gastrointestinal disorders, reproductive failure, and more.

I’m sick of GMOs. Are you?


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