Foods for Beautiful Skin – Fruits and Veggies Make You Beautiful, Really

Foods for Beautiful Skin – Fruits and Veggies Make You Beautiful, Really

Foods for Beautiful Skin

If you were to get your perception of beauty from television or magazine covers, not only would you be met with an overwhelming feeling that you weren’t slim, attractive, or fashionable enough—but you would also likely think that attractiveness was based on how tan you are. But it isn’t always about the tan or makeup – there are actually foods for beautiful skin.

Foods for Beautiful Skin

study published in the International Journal of Primatology says tanner isn’t necessarily better—that a rosy, yellow complexion is more attractive. And do you know how to get a healthy rosy complexion with yellow undertones? By eating fruits and vegetables.

The study used software that allowed participants to alter images of 30 men and 21 women. The 54 participants were told to adjust the skin color of the people to make them look as healthy as possible. Researchers found that most people adjusted the photos to reflect rosier complexions with yellowish undertones. The people weren’t too impressed with the orangey tans that are so popular today.

What does rosy and yellowish skin say about a person? Well rosy skin indicates good circulation and activity. When are you most flushed? After you’ve done something to increase blood flow to the face. Good circulation is a sign of good health, a proper diet, and regular exercise. On the flip side, smoking and other poor health habits decrease proper circulation.

As for the yellow hue, scientists believe this has something to do with the “carotenoid pigments” found in fruits and vegetables.

Subconsciously we seek out healthy looking people. We are drawn to folks that are vibrant and vital. Similar to how “brightly coloured birds and fish” use their appearance to show off their vitality and attract a mate, scientists believe we look for healthy colors in other people as well.

According to the BBSRC, who initially reported on the findings when the study was conducted in 2009:

‘Most previous work on faces has focused on the shape of the face or the texture of the skin, but one of the most variable characteristics of the face is skin colour’, said Dr Ian Stephen who was previously at St Andrews but is now in the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University.

‘We knew from our previous work that people who have more blood and more oxygen colour in their skin looked healthy, and so we decided to see what other colours affect health perceptions. This has given us some clues as to what other skin pigments may relate to a healthy appearance.’

This isn’t the only research showing that fruits and veggies rest among foods for beautiful skin. Another study involving 35 university students also pointed out that fruit and vegetables do indeed make you more attractive.

In addition to fruits and veggies, probiotics have also been shown to boost attractiveness. Here are also 5 more foods for beautiful skin and a younger, more attractive look.