This Farmer Massively Outperforms GMOs Organically (Pictures)

This Farmer Massively Outperforms GMOs Organically (Pictures)

Sure, it might take a little knowledge to grow 10-pound cucumbers or to grow carrots longer than your arm, but a UK farmer is doing exactly that – and he doesn’t need biotech chemicals in order to enjoy heirloom, prize-winning fruits and vegetables.

This farmer grows all through the year, too. He puts out a handsome crop of leeks, kale, parsnips, and shallots in raised beds in the winter using good compost. Potatoes so prevalent that he could be eating baked, French, and scalloped well into next year.

How is it that one farmer can have tremendous yields using organic compost, vermiculture, and a little elbow-grease while biotech keeps beating the war drum for more pesticides, more herbicide-resistant seeds, and more destruction of our planet? The way to grow copious amounts of food is not through biotechnology, but through age old farming practices that are slowly being propagandized out of the collective mind.

More individuals; however, are resisting the mind meld that Monsanto would like to lord over us. In an act of defiance and grass-roots resistance, people who have never gardened before are experiencing tremendous success. How satisfying it can be to know exactly where your food came from, and what was used to grow it!

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Even children can learn how to plant an organic garden and then enjoy eating cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas right off the vine.

If you can grow huge onions and pumpkins with just “good soil compost, good heat, good light, and keeping the temperature 15c at night,” and without GMOs, why bother with the man-made creations?

Margaret and Susan Robinson of Forton, Lancaster certainly do not need Monsanto’s patented seeds. When asked how she grows their super-sized vegetables, Susan says”

‘The variety is the first thing. Then you must grow it properly. You sow them in a greenhouse any time between mid-December and mid-January.”

With traditional plant breeding techniques, there are numerous ways to grow healthier, tastier, and BIGGER vegetables without using GMO.

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