Ecoloblue 28 Review

Ecoloblue 28 Review

Natural SocietyEcoloblue is a company that manufactures atmospheric water generators. The Ecoloblue 28 is one of their earlier models that has become one of the most popular, mostly due to the fact that it harbors the lowest price tag of the generators.


The Ecoloblue 28 is designed for those who want to remove all foreign substances from their water. Organic compounds, chlorine, heavy metals, and more is targeted through the filtration process. The filtration for this unit is very elaborate, with water traveling through 12 different filters before it is ready to drink. These filters kick in as soon as the moisture in the air is extracted to create drinking water.

Ecoloblue 28 Filters:

Electrostatic Air Filter
The electrostatic air filter effectively prevents micro-particles and dust from entering the appliance.

Condensing Coils
The condenser is designed with a special food-contact grade coating to prevent any direct metal contact with the water and to improve water production efficiency.

LF2 Carbon Filter Or Nanometer Molecular Sieve
Removes ammonia, chlorine residues, organic compounds, soil particles, dirt, etc.

Lower Tank UV Lamp Sterilization
Impedes contamination and growth of bacteria and other microorganisms in the lower storage tank.

Sediment Filter
Removes micro-particles to protect the water pump.

Pre-Carbon Filter
Removes organic compounds, free chlorine, heavy metals, etc.

Pre-Carbon Filter 2
Removes organic compounds, free chlorine, heavy metals, etc.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Removes dangerous bacteria, viruses, mineral salts, heavy metals, organic compounds, etc.

MIneral Filter
Adds healthy minerals to the water OR opt for Post-Carbon Filter – Removes volatile organic compounds. (Appliance ships with Mineral Filter, Post-Carbon is optional.)

Top Tank UV Sanitizing
Minimizes bacteria levels in the upper allotment tank to the least possible number.

Water Output UV
Ensures clean and safe water is dispensed from the cool water tank.

Molecular Sieve Faucet Filters
The nozzle is equipped with three molecular sieves (screens) to trap any fine particles that may be suspended in the water.

These filter far surpass what you would normally find in water filtration systems, including reverse osmosis. The mineral filter is key, as it replenishes the vital minerals to the water that are extracted (around 95% or more) when put through reverse osmosis. If you currently have a reverse osmosis filtration system in your house, it is important to find a way to restore these minerals to the water.


The Ecoloblue is very effective when it comes to producing pure water. A series of tests have been done regarding the water quality, and all have shown that the filtration system works quite well at removing just about everything from the water.

It does, however, take a few days before it can be utilized. Tilting the machine will require it to sit untouched for around 24 hours, and the initial setup phase can last around 3 days. The setup phase entails allowing tap water to be filtered by the Ecoloblue, readying the filters and acclimating the system to producing pure water.

When the setup phase is complete, however, the machine generates water that tastes similar to water retrieved from a fresh stream. In the beginning, as the mineral filter adjusts, you can often taste the presence of the minerals. While this is not a bad taste, it soon diminishes completely. The Ecoloblue can make up to 28 liters per day, and often does around that amount depending on the humidity.


The Ecoloblue 28 costs $999. While this is a lot of money to most of us, it can also be considered a worthwhile purchase. Household filtration systems often cost thousands of dollars, and many do not fully remove contaminants from the water. Cheap filters that are sold in grocery stores are even worse, often failing to filter heavy metals and organic compounds.

The Ecoloblue 28 comes with a high price tag, but it is not for those who are not looking to produce extremely pure water. It is for those who are very serious about ensuring that they are getting the cleanest water available, free of contaminants. Ecoloblue also has more expensive models that come with other features such as digital touch screens and higher water production rates.

Bottom line: The Ecoloblue 28 is great for those who are serious about drinking the purest water available. While it comes with a high price tag, it is worth it to many consumers who value the quality that comes along with it.