‘Earthing’ Shown to Promote Health, Recharge the Body

‘Earthing’ Shown to Promote Health, Recharge the Body

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What is ‘earthing’? Generally this refers to the practice of walking barefoot on the ground, or simulating the experience by transferring electrons to your body in a similar way. This practice creates an electron transfer to the human body, ‘grounding’ or creating an electromagnetic balance that is often lacking due to the nature of modern human lifestyle.

‘Earthing’ Shown Recharge the Body

In more diverse cultures and societies, it is very common for people to be barefoot while performing tasks such as planting crops in soil. It wasn’t long ago that most people in America planted their own gardens and were often engaged in agriculture, resulting in a similar beneficial effect.

Essentially, touching bare ground for a time can create a conduit of energy that runs into your body which affects you in a number of positive ways, including reducing inflammation, increasing mental health, relieving stress, increasing blood flow, and even reducing cancer risk.

Due to the demanding and often unforgiving nature of modern life, coupled with not having less necessary reasons to go outside or experience nature, the average person has developed an ‘electron deficiency’ of sorts. This deficiency is keeping their electromagnetic charge largely imbalanced and therefore contributing to a number of health problems associated with this imbalance.

The prominent use of electronics such as televisions, cell phones, computers and others all play a role in perpetuating this imbalance. Without any knowledgeable intervention, it is hardly possible to make a difference.

A popular cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra, has written books explaining how earthing can positively affect your body. Dr. Sinatra says:

“It [earthing] has great promise for improving arrhythmias, blood pressure, blood viscosity, and flow, and energy  production of heart cells.”

It seems cliché, but it’s true. People are made to be outside, experiencing nature. There is a science to keeping your body naturally in tune and balanced, which includes remaining grounded, literally.

How do you do this? Simply try walking barefoot, in soil or soft ground. There are also a number of products that simulate a similar experience in the form of grounded mats and chairs. As more research develops there will undoubtedly be more positive health benefits associated with the practice.