Chuck Norris Takes Action Against FDA’s GM Salmon

Chuck Norris Takes Action Against FDA’s GM Salmon

The martial artist and action star, Chuck Norris, noted for his role in films like Return of the Dragon, and the television series, Walker, Texas Ranger, is taking his action to a whole new level with recent commentary on the FDA’s approval of GM salmon. He says he certainly won’t be eating the GM fish.

In a remarkably observant commentary on AquaBounty’s GM salmon being given the go-ahead by what some would call one of America’s biggest adversary, the FDA, he states [1]:

“Is it just me, or do you also see a big difference between something being ‘generally recognized as safe,’ and something being ‘safe’?

Alison Van Eenennaam, a biotechnology specialist at the University of California, Davis, was part of the AquaBounty Technologies scientific evaluation and states that ‘nothing in the data suggested that these fish were in any way unsafe.’

What about dangers to human health that are not anticipated by this particular scientific evaluation? Or the long-term impacts that introducing new, hybrid species could have on the environment, in ways that are unpredictable?

I won’t be eating GMO fish, if and when it’s available. I’m not alone. In 2013, a New York Times poll found that three-quarters of Americans would not eat genetically modified fish. An earlier 2010 poll by NPR found that 65 percent of respondents said they wouldn’t try such fish. Following the FDA announcement, more than 60 grocery store chains have promised not to sell the fish.”

Norris agrees with Scott Faber, the executive director of Just Label It, who argues that the FDA’s lack of labeling requirements outdated policies continue to keep consumers in the dark about what they are eating.

If you want to join Norris in his fight against GM fish, you can support him by sending messages to his Twitter account and his Facebook “Official Chuck Norris Page.”


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