More than Your Bath: 12 Awesome Uses for Epsom Salt

More than Your Bath: 12 Awesome Uses for Epsom Salt
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We know that a bag of Epsom salts added to a warm bath can do wonders for an aching body with sore muscles, but don’t think so a second that uses for Epsom salt stop there. Epsom salts also have numerous other uses both around the house and for your body.

Here are 12 uses for Epsom salt – the simple, natural ingredient for better health and a cleaner home.

12 Ways to Use Epsom Salt

  • 1. Relieve Bronchial Spasms by adding Epsom salts to boiling water to create an Epsom steam. You can also add a few drops of essential oil, like thieves oil, in order to make the steam even more healing. Simply place a towel over your head and the pot of Epsom water and breathe deeply for almost instantaneous relief.
  • 2. Boost House Plant Health – House plants watered with a little Epsom salts dissolved in warm water will grow bigger and stronger. They love the stuff due to its high concentrations of magnesium and sulfur.
  • 3. Clean Your Washing Machine – Your washing machine works hard to clean your clothes, but over time it can use a washing itself. Run a cycle with warm water and a cup of Epsom salts to make the inside of your machine look like new again.
  • 4. Make Your Hair Healthier and Your Conditioner Last Longer – Simply add some Epsom salts to your bottle of conditioner and enjoy silkier, smoother hair.
  • 5. Stop Those Mosquito Bites from Itching – Epsom salt dissolved in a spray bottle can be applied directly to insect bites to help them heal faster, and stop the itch.
  • 6. Stop Stinky Feet – If your trips to the gym leave your feet smelling a little yucky, try soaking them with Epsom salts and warm water. The salts are great for odor control.
  • 7. A trail of Epsom Salts in the garden can keep slugs away from your favorite plants.
  • 8. Help Small Children Fall Asleep – Among other uses for Epsom salt, try adding Epsom salts to a child’s bath to relax them so that they can fall asleep a little easier. You should even take a detox bath yourself with some Epsom salt.
  • 9. Use Epsom salts and flat beer on your windows during the holidays to make them look ‘frosted.’
  • 10. Are raccoons raiding your trash bins? Sprinkle some Epsom salts around the lids and bases to keep them away. The critters hate the taste of the salts.
  • 11. Relax Tired Feet – Epsom salt mixed with some essential oils make a great foot soak for the end of the day. If you stand all day or spend a lot of time on your feet, this is a lifesaver!
  • 12. Use Epsom salts and a little dish soap to make a great, non-toxic grout cleaner for your bathrooms. It may not bubble like some name brand cleaners, but it also isn’t full of toxic chemicals that you shouldn’t be exposing you or your family to. (On that note, here are 6 natural alternative cleaners for your home.)

Can you think of any other uses for Epsom salt? Be sure to share below.