Babies Given Anti-Obesity Drugs in the Womb

Babies Given Anti-Obesity Drugs in the Womb
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In an attempt to halt the birth rate of overweight babies being born in the United States, it seems society is taking the fight to the next level… in theory. The ‘solution’, however, could also be considered a new low in terms of morality and even logic. As part of a three year study to measure the effectiveness of a drug called Metformin, mom’s-to-be will take an experimental drug in an attempt to reduce the biological food supply to their unborn babies – a proposed solution that simply masks bad eating habits many American mom indulge that leads to overweight babies. The drug is given as an attempt to combat the rising obesity rates of babies, which is an issue leading to painful pregnancies and an increased rate in caesarean sections.

Although this drug’s main purpose is to treat diabetics, the purpose for Metformin in this case is to reduce blood sugar levels specifically to reduce the chance of an overweight baby. About 400 women will be involved in this trial study, with half of them actually taking the drug while the remaining portion of women will be given placebo pills. The study is set to start from 12 weeks gestation, with women consuming up to 3 pills per day.

What’s wrong with this?

Based on the desired outcome of this study and what it’s true goal is, it seems that society is making an attempt at another quick fix to an ongoing problem. Just so everyone understands what is being done here, I will state the problem very clearly.

People are overweight. Women who are overweight are giving birth to overweight babies, which is leading to an increased rate in C-sections.

Proposed Solution: Take a Drug

There is something terribly wrong with the way this problem is being tackled. Obesity is brought on by many factors. From inactivity to poor diet, countless variables work together to configure one’s figure and weight. Popping pills will not fill the void of inadequate diet and exercise, and will instead lead to nasty side effects and short-term weight loss. Obesity is an ongoing problem, especially in the US, and something as simple as popping a pill will not fix it.

Overweight babies are being born because of overweight mothers; the baby is feeding off of all this excess food (and artificial ingredients hindering proper development), and grows before he/she even has the ability to make a decision of becoming overweight in the real world. The massive increase in overweight babies doesn’t have to do with genetics or lack of drugs being taken, but the lifestyle of the mother.

America is set on quick fixes. There is a pill available for almost anything, from growing eyelashes to losing weight. The truth is, there is no quick fix. Human’s have incredible capabilities beyond most people’s imaginations. The false premise that pills can be taken for any problem must be not only forgotten, but completely abolished.

The Real Solution

After living in such an environment for so long where unhealthy eating is promoted, the most difficult thing to change is your mind set. It isn’t easy to change your whole lifestyle in a single day, but it is easy to improve it. By taking gradual steps such as eating healthier (eliminating toxic additives from your diet) and exercising more, not only will society see a plummet in the rates of overweight children being born, but we will also see positive changes in all aspects of our lives.

The solution to this problem, or any other problem for that matter, is not to take a drug. Take responsibility, and change your lifestyle not only for you, but for your soon-to-be child.

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