3 Ways Monsanto Has Formed ‘Secret GMO Lobbies’ in US

3 Ways Monsanto Has Formed ‘Secret GMO Lobbies’ in US

Recently, it appears that the WHO, scientific researchers, and medical professionals have joined the rest of the public in renouncing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). In a recent report, the World Health Organization’s cancer agency has classified the GMO herbicide ingredient glyphosate as a ‘possible human carcinogen,’ in a category with chloroform and DDT (banned in 1972.) In addition, many other studies are being published and given needed attention confirming what common sense has told us all along: that genetically modified food is a danger to human health.

As the pro-GMO propaganda fades, we are seeing the emergence of a long embedded affiliate partnership program open only to people in positions of power and influence being backed by GMO companies. Having suffered historic rejection and failure of their public facing marketing efforts, it seems that companies pushing GMO products and ingredients have pooled all their efforts and resources (lobbying) into their last and only option available – an affiliate outreach program targeting judges, scientists, researchers, and government officials.

What benefits does one get from membership in this unofficial partnership? For starters, a monetary gift in the form of research money/grants, stock options, or just plain payoffs that can take many forms (lobbying, vacations, gifts, ‘revolving door’ positions, etc.). Like any affiliate program a company would offer, the rules are the same; members use their position in society to voice support for the products.

However, due to the three tier, GMO affiliate program’s exclusivity, we are seeing each of the three layers performing separate, highly unethical and unlawful functions.

  • First, judicial level members show support by ruling in favor of GMO companies, throwing out cases, and delaying or postponing hearings.
  • Second, scientific level members show allegiance by falsifying research data sets, omitting statistically significant data, and prematurely terminating studies before health effects appear.
  • Finally, legislative affiliate members provide cover by passing laws allowing for improper classification of GMO foods, committing possible voting fraud to dismiss labeling laws, corporate tax breaks, and protection for GMO companies that would otherwise quickly go bankrupt if made to follow strict environmental oversight.

To date, this system hasn’t been clear to the mass public; however as the people, scientific community, medical community, and environmental community recoils against GMOs in critical mass, it is becoming clear who is participating by their public actions.

Of most recent note is District of Hawaii’s Federal Judge Susan Oki Mallway, who has shown she is a card carrying affiliate member. Since 2014, Mallway has done everything in her power to stall the implementation of the historic ballot measure passed by the people of Maui to block Monsanto and Dow from using Maui as an “open air” testing ground for GMO and pesticide experiments. From her public actions, she now joins the likes of Michael R. Taylor, Michael A. Friedman, M.D, Marcia Hale, and Michelle Obama, among others, who abuse their public positions to commit criminal acts.

GMO labeling laws have been proposed in thirty states to date. However, with the health effects continuing to multiply with no backup plan, would it be better to simply end this failed experiment? It is a fact that, given the non-existent scientific data showing long term effects of GMO food on humans, that the general public is the final phase of experimentation. Regardless of how many ‘officials’ from whatever profession give the public baseless reassurance, experimentation of this sort would fall under the Nuremberg codes and principles.

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