3 Must Have Herbs for Stress Reduction

3 Must Have Herbs for Stress Reduction
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Are you mentally exhausted  and feel as if you can’t face one more stress in life? It’s becoming widely accepted that stress is a significant cause of illness and disease overall, so it’s important to manage this dilemma in any way possible. There are three Ayurvedic herbs that can greatly support the restoration of the central nervous system, adrenal glands, and brain so that you can face life’s challenges with ease and grace. We all face challenging times, and a little natural therapy can go a long way in helping to support us as we look head-on into the world.

Here are 3 must-have herbs for reducing stress.

1. Brahmi

Related to snapdragon and spinach, Brahmi is often called a brain tonic because it not only soothes a busy mind, but also supports greater concentration. Brahmi’s active ingredients are Bacoside A and Bacoside, which greatly support protein synthesis in the brain. As the cells of the brain are supported with these two elements, it can focus with more ease, and improve both long and short-term memory.

Brahmi also helps to revitalize nerves, and thereby the neuro-communication that must happen in the brain. Neurons fire with more ease and diseases like depression and Alzheimer’s are even lessened. Just 300 mg once or twice a day can start to reduce a frazzled mind and restore nerves.

2. Shankhpushpi

This morning-glory-like herb is full of beneficial flavonoids and coumarins. These constituents of the herb help to promote a better memory and to improve the brain and central nervous system’s functioning. Memory functioning and stress reduction happen primarily due to the high level of antioxidants in the herb. Shankhpushpi also supports immunity, helps to lessen insomnia, and has both tranquilizing and brain stimulating effects without causing one to be jittery.

3. Jatamansi

Jatamansi, also known as Spikenard, is an herb used by Ayurvedic practitioners to support the mind in accepting challenges. An incredibly calming and herb that supports deep sleep, jatamansi grows in the Himalayan mountains primarily, as well as in Nepal.

It’s effects are similar to those of Valerian root. It is also said to soothe many other psychological conditions, which are at the root of our stress. Try using the herb as an essential oil, using just a few drops rubbed into the wrists or neck. A non-fragrant massage oil can be very soothing to the mind and body.

Want more options? Here are another 4 herbs for anxiety and stress reduction.

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