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Uncovered FDA Documents Reveal 26 More Gardasil Deaths

Anthony Gucciardi
October 21st, 2011
Updated 11/09/2012 at 12:47 pm
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Judicial Watch, a public-interest group that has leaked countless government reports, has recently uncovered FDA documents that reveal an additional 26 deaths associated with Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil. In addition to the 26 deaths occurring between Sept. 1, 2010, and Sept. 15, 2011, the adverse-reaction reports also detail a number of severe side effects including seizures, paralysis, blindness, pancreatitis, speech problems, short-term memory loss and Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

According to both the documents and the Judicial Watch, side effects associated with Gardasil include:

  • The information was received from the patient’s mother … concerning her healthy 14-year-old daughter who in August 2007, January 2008, and June 2008, was vaccinated with a first, second and third dose of Gardasil … It was reported that the patient experienced several symptoms including numbness and tingling in her fingers and toes, fatigue, a really hard time falling asleep, urinary tract infections, ovarian cyst, moody, trouble getting out of bed and seizures. The patient had had upwards of 150 seizures following her third shot in June 2008. During her seizures she stopped breathing for periods of 30 to 40 seconds. The patient was diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic syndrome and seizures. It was reported that the patient died due to ovarian cyst. The reporter felt that the patient’s symptoms were related to vaccination with Gardasil.
  • Additional information was received from a newspaper article concerning a 18-year-old female …who on 10-MAY-2007 was vaccinated with Gardasil … in the right arm … The patient who was a college freshman traveled on 05-OCT-2007 to visit her family for the weekend. The patient reportedly felt “slightly ill” upon her arrival and subsequently took an aspirin and went to bed awakening at 1:30 PM the following afternoon “appearing refreshed.” The patient became feverish again that night and woke at 1:00 a.m. the morning of 07-OCT-2007 with chills and a severe headache complaining that “my headache is about to explode.” The patient was taken to a local hospital, where a brain computed axial tomography (CAT) scan was performed and the brain revealed meningococcal disease in her brain and brain stem. The patient was immediately transferred to another hospital and died the evening of 07-OCT-2007 due to complications of meningitis.
  • Information has been received from a physician regarding a 15-year-old female who on 26-SEP-2007 was vaccinated with her second dose of Gardasil for prevention of HPV … Thirty minutes after the vaccination, the patient experienced a headache and that night went home and slept until the next morning. The patient woke up the next day and went to school. The school nurse called the patient’s mother and informed her that the patient felt tingling in both hands. Later that day, the patient was again sent to the nurse’s office due to a shaking sensation all over. Later that evening, things became worse and the patient started crying from the pain and burning in her back. The patient was taken to the emergency room by her parents. In the emergency room, the patient collapsed and was not able to walk; she was paralyzed from the waist down. It was reported that the patient was hospitalized for two months.
The documents add to the mountain of evidence that Gardasil is one of the most deadly vaccinations ever pushed on young children. Gardasil has already been linked to more than 49 deaths and thousands of negative reactions. These FDA documents simply add more reason to discontinue the Gardasil vaccine, however even in the face of compelling evidence it is actually being more widely distributed than ever.  This is due to the corrupt nature of Gardasil manufacturer Merck, who utilized financial incentives to help pass a popular California law that allows children as young as 12 to receive the Gardasil shot without parental consent.

The Deceptive History of Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Even beyond the large-scale political deception, Merck is actively deceiving consumers as well. By omitting the death link and serious side effects from their Gardasil advertisements, Merck is tricking consumers into thinking that the popular HPV shot is virtually harmless!
In fact, on the official Merck website there is no mention of death, seizures, or even Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Instead, Merck lists the most common symptoms as the only symptoms outside of allergic reaction. According to Merck, these symptoms include:
  • pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site
  • headache
  • fever
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • vomiting
  • fainting

Of course this is absolutely false, and more severe symptoms were identified long before these recently uncovered FDA documents. Between May 2009 and September 2010 alone, Gardasil was linked to 3,589 harmful reactions and 16 deaths. Of the 3,589 adverse reactions, many were debilitating. Permanent disability was the result of 213 cases; 25 resulted in the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome; and there were 789 other “serious” reports according to FDA documents. None of these are discussed on Merck’s website, or even in their widely-distributed print ads.

It seems that Merck is deceiving consumers into thinking Gardasil is safe through the intentional omission of vital facts. These leaked FDA documents reveal even more deaths caused by Gardasil, yet medical professionals still recommend the shot to their patients. Even more unbelievable is the fact that HPV is only responsible for 1% of cancer deaths, while 70% of all HPV infections resolve themselves within a year. That number increases to 90% after two years. The Gardasil shot is simply not worth the risk of paralysis, death, or countless other side effects.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • Shirley

    Any updates on this article please, especially since it has been introduced to the UK?

  • tctctctc4

    What do you expect? Obama appoints a MONSANTO CEO to head the FDA. That's saying something. Now, it's up to you to figure that out by doing some research.

    And when you realize you are NOT protected by ANY agency in the Federal Govt, that your taxes go straight into the pockets of the Federal Reserve(private international banking cartel)-and does not pass GO…well maybe you'll start to wake up and think of ways to protect yourself.

  • tctctctc4

    What do you expect? Obama appoints a MONSANTO CEO to head the FDA. That saying something. Now, it's up to you to figure that out by doing some research.

    And when you realize you are NOT protected by ANY agency in the Federal Govt, that your taxes go straight into the pockets of the Federal Reserve(private international banking cartel)-and does not pass GO…well maybe you'll start to wake up and think of ways to protect yourself.

  • Jacob

    Gardasil should NOT be given to children or anyone for that matter. There is a reason that the FDA rejected it for use in older women. I am tired of AMA lackeys worshiping the use of this vaccine in children. The corruption ALONE behind Merck paying for this vaccine to be given to children is ENOUGH evidence!

  • Jennifer

    I will…I am a parent who has not had her daughter vaccinated yet. Mostly because I am unsure of a new vaccination. However if you look up any other vaccine you will find similar info. This is only being made into a big deal because it is a controversial vaccine. People forget to compare these results to the number that have been given with no problem. Do your own research before believing the media!!

  • Avanti

    What's wrong — nobody can comment against FDA?