Turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, found in Indonesia and southern India, and is known for its widespread use in many South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Widely used as a spice, it increasingly has been recognized as a powerful medicinal remedy that influences many aspects of your health. Most notably, turmeric has been found to reduce tumors by an astounding 81%.

In turmeric is also something known as curcumin, a natural phenol. Named for the plant from which it’s derived, curcumin is the pigment that gives turmeric its distinctive color. It is thought to be the source of the many medicinal effects turmeric is being known to have. Curcumin alone is known to positively impact over 560 diseases according to peer-reviewed research.

The Powerful Benefits of Turmeric & Curcumin

Among these, turmeric can be recognized for its ability to improve your digestive system and metabolism. It also improves your body’s ability to eliminate wastes and toxins and digest various proteins and fats. This is why traditionally, turmeric is used as an ingredient in many curry dishes — often including rice and beans, creating a synergy effect that allows the food to be more properly utilized by the body.

Curcumin, and subsequently turmeric, have also been found to have some stunning anti-Alzheimer’s properties. This may be due to the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin that have been well-documented in many studies.

Turmeric also acts as a multi purpose body cleanser, promoting and protecting kidney function while also enhancing your blood flow. Positive effects on cardiovascular function and cholesterol balance have also been observed. Having antioxidant properties, it also helps to attack free radicals and promote overall health. If this were not enough, turmeric has a significant role in cancer prevention. In populations where turmeric is broadly used like India and the Middle East, cancer rates are lower. Turmeric has been found to prevent cancer cells from forming and spreading, as well as helping the body to destroy otherwise mutated cancer cells, prohibiting cancer from reaching mature forms.

Turmeric is common, inexpensive and provides a potent means for you to increase your overall health and biological functioning. With its regular application in your diet or daily supplement routine, you can expect to begin reaping  its many health benefits.

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