GMO Mosquito Trial Approved in the Florida Keys

After communities in the Florida Keys disagreed over trials of GMO mosquitoes in the area, the mosquito control board has voted to go forward with the test.

A Proposed Trial of GMO Mosquitoes Divided Voters in Florida

Two communities in the Florida Keys voted on whether to allow a trial of GMO mosquitoes in the area. The split vote could delay the trial for months.

Millions of Bees Dead After Officials Spray for Zika-Mosquitoes

When county officials sprayed for mosquitoes in one South Carolina town, they may have ended up killing millions of honeybees in the process.

Could a Tropical Weather System Help Spread the Zika Virus?

Severe weather from a tropical storm or hurricane could potentially spread the Zika virus even further in Florida, and standing water is only 1 concern.

NIH Official Warns that Zika Virus Could “Hang Around” for 2 Years

A National Institutes of Health official says the end of the Zika virus could still be a year or 2 away, and that Gulf Coast states, besides Florida, are most vulnerable.

Miami Beach now the 2nd Site of Local Zika Virus Transmission in Florida

The CDC has issued a 2nd travel advisory for pregnant women and their partners in South Florida, this time for South Beach.

First Zika Case Linked to Interstate Travel Arrived in Texas

There is now confirmation that a case of the much-discussed Zika virus has spread across state lines when a Texan returned from a Florida visit.

Pesticides Sprayed to Fight Zika may be more Harmful than Zika

Florida officials are spraying a pesticide called naled which kills Zika-carrying mosquitoes, but is associated with serious health risks.

The Down-Low on Reportedly Bogus Zika Prevention Products

New York’s attorney general is warning consumers about bogus zika prevention products. So what’s legit, and what’s not?

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes win FDA Approval to Fight Zika

The FDA has given Oxitec Ltd. approval to conduct a trial of mosquitoes genetically engineered to fight the Zika virus in the Florida Keys.

Florida is Having Trouble Controlling Zika Virus

Florida is having a difficult time controlling the Zika virus, as the state has trouble controlling mosquitoes in general.

CDC Issues First Zika-Related Travel Advisory in the U.S.

The Zika virus is being spread through mosquito bites in part of South Florida, and the CDC is warning pregnant women and their partners to avoid the area.

Florida Confirms First Locally Transmitted Zika Virus

Four people in Florida are thought to have become infected by the Zika virus through local mosquitoes, the first such cases on US mainland.

1.65 Million Moms in Latin America Could Become Infected with Zika

Estimates show that around 1.65 million women in Latin America could be infected with Zika while they are pregnant, with Brazil carrying the highest number.

Zika Found in Common House Mosquitoes in Brazil

It seems the Zika virus is showing no signs of slowing in Brazil, where researchers have found that the virus is present even in many house mosquitoes.

CDC Urges Spraying Chemicals to Rid of Zika Virus in Puerto Rico

Due to the spreading of the Zika virus, the Centers for Disease Control is urging Puerto Rico to spray the affected area with pesticides for protection.

Utah Woman First Zika-Related Death in the Continental US

Utah health officials have confirmed that an elderly woman who passed away in late June has died after contracting the Zika virus.