New Study: HPV Vaccine ‘Increases Chance’ of Developing Other HPV Strains

Approximately 60 percent of 600 women given the Gardasil vaccine for HPV were MORE at risk of developing an infection caused by another strain of HPV.

HPV Vaccines: The Grim Reality Revealed

Not only are HPV vaccinations proving to be dangerous with side effects, but they are also unnecessary. Is Gardasil or any other vaccine worth the risks?

Independent Lab ‘Confirms Viral DNA in Merck Vaccine’

It has been reported that the Gardasil vaccine contains fragments of DNA that should not be in something given to young women.

Gardasil Dangers: Tell Mainstream Media to Stop Pushing Deadly HPV Vaccinations

How can mainstream media talk about why girls should get the HPV vaccine when the developer has admitted to the public that it is dangerous and even deadly?

Gardasil Vaccine Destroys Ovaries of 16-yr. Old Girl, Causes Infertility

The Gardasil vaccine has recently been found to spark premature menopause in a young girl of 16 years, destroying any future hope of having children.

Developer of HPV Vaccines Blasts the Vaccines for Dangers, False Claims

Lead developer of HPV vaccines given to young girls says that the vaccines are just as dangerous, if not more so, than the disease they aim to prevent.

Vaccine Danger: Merck is Big Pharma’s Vaccine Monsanto

Pharmaceutical giant Merck has paid billions of dollars for false marketing and ruined thousands of people’s lives. Much of their damage goes unreported.

41 States Sell Out to Merck’s HPV Shot Gardasil Vaccine Lobbyists

Since 2006, 41 states have introduced legislation to support the HPV vaccine industry, despite the danger of death and injury. Shockingly, Dr. Diane Harper, a lead developer of Merck’s Gardasil HPV vaccine, warns against Gardasil vaccine deaths and she advocates complete disclosure about the risk of death and adverse reactions (including Guillian-Barre syndrome) to parents and patients. Dr. Harper also acknowledges that the CDC’s death rate data is skewed.

Top 10 Most Important Stories of 2011

2011 was an amazing year for the health freedom movement, with monumental victories against Monsanto, Merck and money-hungry pharmaceutical corporations as a whole. As the year comes to a close, it is important to look back on some of the most important stories that helped to propel the natural health movement into the mainstream spotlight. More than just listing the articles, you will receive an inside look into each story — from the true importance and depth of the story to the reciprocation and possible spin by the mainstream media.

Immunize Your Child or Lose Benefits, Parents Told

Starting July 1 of 2012, Australian parents will be stripped of family tax benefits if their child is not fully immunized. Once the immunization alterations take effect next year, families who refuse vaccinations will also be refusing up to $2,100 per child in benefits. It seems that this is just one attempt by the Australian government to force vaccinations on children before potentially making it a federal law.

Gardasil Dangers, Merck’s Political Corruption Revealed

In this radio interview conducted by Jason Junker and syndicated on local stations within the United States, Anthony Gucciardi speaks on the many dangers of the Gardasil vaccine and how Merck has been caught bribing key California legislators in order to ram through the controversial Gardasil bill. The bill, of course, allows for girls as young as 12 to receive the HPV shot without any form of parental consent.

UN, Bill Gates Foundation Push Deadly HPV Shots on Poor Nations Under ‘GAVI Alliance’

A new campaign has been launched by an organization known as the GAVI Alliance to vaccinate up to 2 million women and girls with either GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix or Merck’s Gardasil by the year 2015. Of course these two HPV shots have been shown to be very dangerous, with Gardasil linked to death, countless adverse reactions, and Cervarix recently ousted as similarly threatening.

Merck vs Monsanto | Fighting for the Worst Company Award

Companies Merck and Monsanto may very well be two of the greatest mass health-impacting companies in our world today. Unfortunately for the entire global population, these health-impacts are far less than positive. Although many large corporations are riddled with deception and corruption, these two companies are the two top nominees for the grand prize.

Cervarix Just as Dangerous as Gardasil

It seems that GlaxoSmithKline’s alternative to deadly Gardasil is just about as unsafe, with one 13-year-old entering into a ‘waking coma’ only one day after receiving a Cervarix vaccination. She now sleeps for 23 hours per day, after being unable to walk or talk after receiving the HPV shot at school.

Gardasil Victims Take Legal Action Against Merck Over Miscarriage, Deadly Reactions

When one Australian woman decided to lead the charge against Gardasil maker Merck after experiencing serious adverse reactions, she soon found another 7 Victorian women with similar intentions and experiences. Naomi Snell, a resident of Melbourne, Australia, suffered an auto-immune and neurological attack

Merck’s Profits Explode as Government-Backed HPV Shot Gardasil Sales Skyrocket

Mega drug manufacturer Merck & Co. is reporting a major increase in third-quarter profits due in part to the skyrocketing sales of death-linked HPV shot Gardasil — up 41 percent to $445 million thanks to government backing and a hugely successful yet deceptive ad campaigns targeted at unsuspecting parents and children.

The Gardasil Timeline | A History of Corruption and Negative Reactions

The HPV shot Gardasil has a history that is not only filled with adverse reactions and death, but political corruption. In fact, many are completely unaware as to what extent Gardasil was pushed on the public using bribery, omission of numerical facts, and complete lies.