Fend off Illness by Fueling Your Own Disease-Fighting Stem Cells

Research shows that we may be able to fend off illness and disease by harnessing the power of our own stem cells using already-accessible nutrients.

This Dangerous Parasite is Spreading in Florida, Possibly Other States

A parasite that can cause deadly meningitis is spreading through Florida and may be located in other southeastern U.S. states.

Rates of this Preventable Disease Quadrupled in 35 Years

The rate of diabetes worldwide quadrupled between 1980 and 2014, and the WHO says things will get worse if we do not tackle the issues at hand.

Could Yellow Fever be the U.S.’s Next Zika?

The yellow fever outbreak currently sweeping the jungles of Brazil could be the next Zika virus in the United States, health officials say.

U.S. Bumblebee Gets Federal Protection … Finally

After a more than month-long delay and much concern, the rusty patched bumblebee has finally been added to the endangered species list.

Get Ready for an Explosion of Lyme Disease this Spring

Lyme disease is expected to be a major problem in the northeastern U.S. this year because of the exploding mouse population.

Researchers can Prevent Outbreaks by ‘Vaccinating Fewer People’

Researchers have figured out how to vaccinate as few people as possible to prevent the spread of disease, though globalization would make it a challenge.

Is the Soda Industry Hiding Health Risks of Drinking Soda?

If a study finds no link between sugary drink consumption and health problems, there’s a 100% chance it was funded by the beverage industry.

Could a Tropical Weather System Help Spread the Zika Virus?

Severe weather from a tropical storm or hurricane could potentially spread the Zika virus even further in Florida, and standing water is only 1 concern.

NIH Official Warns that Zika Virus Could “Hang Around” for 2 Years

A National Institutes of Health official says the end of the Zika virus could still be a year or 2 away, and that Gulf Coast states, besides Florida, are most vulnerable.

Study: Here’s How Much to Exercise to Undo the Damage from Sitting All Day

A new study shows that sitting for 8 hours per day can be as dangerous as obesity and even smoking, and you need to exercise this much to undo the damage.

Many Clinics Offering Unproven Stem Cell Therapies

A new study has shown that hundreds of clinics in the United States are falsely advertising stem cell treatments for everything from autism to breast augmentation.

Analysis: Eating These Foods Could Extend Your Life

Harvard researchers analyzed 12 studies and found that consuming ample amounts of whole grains can help people live longer.

How Some Hotels are Creating ‘Rooftop Bee Sanctuaries’ to Help Bee Populations

Seven luxury hotels in San Francisco have made their rooftops sanctuaries for honeybees in an effort to boost the insects’ numbers.

VIDEO: How Monsanto’s Glyphosate Attacks our Core Cellular Functions

Monsanto’s Round Up herbicide, containing the likely-carcinogenic glyphosate, is causing widespread mitochondrial dysfunction – and this is why it matters.

Oregon Teen Contracts Bubonic Plague While on Hunting Trip

Health officials in Oregon believe a teen girl diagnosed with bubonic plague caught the disease from an infected flea.

Ebola-Nurse Sues Gov. Chris Christie for “Holding her Against her Will”

Kaci Hickox, a nurse forced into quarantine after treating Ebola patients, is suing Governor Chris Christie, alleging she was held against her will.