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Turmeric Strikes at ‘Root Cause’ of Cancerous Tumor Development, Study Finds

Elizabeth Renter
February 12th, 2014
Updated 05/06/2014 at 9:22 pm
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turmeric cancer 263x164 Turmeric Strikes at Root Cause of Cancerous Tumor Development, Study FindsTurmeric is known for a wide range of benefits, one of the most promising being it’s potential uses in the prevention and treatment of cancer. A new study published in the journal Cancer Letters has taken a new look at the active anti-cancer component in turmeric—curcumin—and found that it can strike at the ‘root cause’ of cancerous tumor formation.

The conventional school of thought has always assumed cancer cells self-renew, that the cells within a tumor are sort of equals. Another school of thought, and one that is gaining more traction, is the one that looks at cells known as cancer stem cells (CSC) and proposes that these sort of “mother” cells are at the top of cancer cell hierarchy and drive the growth of tumors.

Using the conventional model of cancer and treating tumors with surgery, chemo, and radiation, we may be able to “debulk” a tumor, but the stem cells may remain behind. When this happens, not only does the tumor eventually come back, but it does so with a vengeance, being treatment-resistant and often resulting as death.

Instead, the CSC model of cancer development and treatment focuses solely on eradicating these mother cells, and thereby destroying a tumors ability to regrow.

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In the study “Targeting cancer stem cells by curcumin and clinical applications”, researchers looked at the various ways curcumin could impact cancer stem cells and help to effectively treat various cancer.

They found that curcumin is able to selectively kill cancer cells while maintaining healthy cells. In some cases, it is actually able to work alongside conventional chemotherapy, giving the conventional treatment more effectiveness and lessening the harmful side effects.

Further, curcumin has been found to alter the expression of microRNAs, which regulate an estimated 33% of the protein-coding genes in humans, effectively working to suppress tumor formation. Finally, according to Green Med Info, “curcumin appears to directly and indirectly influence at least three self-renewal pathways within cancer stem cells, namely, Wnt/b-catenin, sonic hedgehog 89 (SHH), and Notch.”

The study authors conclude:

“Curcumin, as well as its modified forms (analogues or nanoparticle-encapsulated formulations), has shown great potential to inhibit CSCs in several types of cancer both in cell cultures and in mouse models, including glioma, breast, colorectal, pancreatic, brain, and esophageal cancers. Some analogues (e.g., CDF) and formulations (e.g., nanotechnology-based formulation) have exhibited improved efficacy against CSC-like cells and greater growth-inhibitory capacity in tumors. It is promising to evaluate curcumin and its modified forms in other types of CSCs.”

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  • Claire Godwin
  • Claire Godwin

    How do I take this … ? is there a tablet or just the cooking version?

    • Robert Park

      Simply add it to your cooking.

      • Claire Godwin

        Thanks .. googled and seems eve better results by heating in olive oil … i think addind to my cooking will be just fine! :)

    • ChilePepper

      I love the tablets, but I also buy the turmeric root, and I make a tea with it and I add it daily along with ginger to my green juices and smoothies. We’ve found that it also works wonders for stiffness and inflammation, and when I do have the tablets, if I have a headache, I take a couple of them and I’m good to go.

  • RealityCheck

    India has the highest rate of turmeric consumption by far.

    BY FAR.

    India has the highest cancer rates on Earth by far.

    BY FAR.

    These are facts.

    • Robert Park

      Who has been scaring you with false information RealityCheck and what prompts you to use the user’s name you are using?

    • MichaelShaSha

      Wow! you are really deep, dude. You should start your own informational health newsletter. You are just so encouraging. I wonder why you even bother being here, cause you know entirely too much— more than anybody else on this site, particularly the owner. Starting your own health newsletter with all of these statistics that you have, would certainly put you in a position for your followers to throw sticks and stones at you– a real RealityCheck.

  • Carol

    I have friends that are doctors and the problem is the patient. Most people just want a pill. They don’t have the discipline to change a bad habit or a bad diet and most don’t even want to.

    • ChilePepper

      You know, as a patient, I try to take very good care of myself and I try to have the utmost respect for the doctors that I choose to put my health in care of, but I have had doctors that have treated me like crap, in fact I had one that caused me so much grief that I ended up with an elevated blood pressure reading every time I went to see him, I changed doctors and it was like swapping the devil for his den, I took a test, and went out of town, I called home to let my husband know that I had made it there ok, and he told me that my doctor called in regard to a test I had taken, well my heart fell on the floor, the next day I called her office and they told me she wasn’t in yet, but she would be arriving within the next 15 mins., well I waited and called back, and this time she was with patients, I called her off and on that day, leaving messages and nothing, not one call from her, then the staff personnel answering the phone decided to chastise me for calling so much. When I returned home, and went in to see her, she blew me off, and I had to tell her off. Again, the stress of dealing with her affected my blood pressure, she put me on meds, I took them because I began to believe that it was more than coincidental, But I finally got a decent physician, and I told him of the side effects I was experiencing from the bp pills, he took me off of them, and for several months following, my pressure was 115/60, that was several years ago, and I’m still not on meds today. Some of these doctors have a God complex, they think too much of themselves to even spend enough time with you to answer simple questions about what they’re trying to do or not to do to you. I try to treat people like I want to be treated, and I refuse to pay for mistreatment. Some patients refuse to take all of the pills that some of the doctors push on them, and maybe some patients do want a quick fix, but like all doctors aren’t alike, patients aren’t cookie cutters either, for some of us, all we want is to be treated like we matter, and not like we are a bother. Like I told that one doctor, I recognize she’s busy, but so am I, and I didn’t call her just to shoot the breeze, I returned the call, because she called me, and I was about as interested in talking to her as she was in talking to me. She reiterated that she had patients, then I responded to her, that I ultimately must be chopped liver– my mistake, cause I thought I was a patient, too.

  • ChilePepper

    I agree with you Robert, cause I even find myself wondering about that, too. I am strongly into alternative medicine, I juice daily, and I try to drink raw juices/green smoothies several times a day, I try to eat well, I supplement with green supplements,Chile I really do need to exercise more, although I am by no means sedentary. But I find myself wondering how in the world can these alternative methods work, for real, when the “traditional” way of practicing medicine leaves us short? I wonder if it’s just a hopeful dream? I use turmeric, both the supplement and the root, I juice “with a purpose” meaning that all of the things I juice are for certain preventatives, I know it can by no means hurt you, and that it HAS to be helpful, but I wonder why people with money are dying from certain things, that are supposed to be preventable or to say the least, manageable by natural means. So, although I am 100% for alternative and healthy uses of plants and fruits–I wonder if I’m really a skeptic. Just something to think about.

    • Robert Park

      Being sceptical, of course, is not a problem, indeed, it is an advantage to question generally accepted knowledge. Close scrutiny of allopathic medicine reveals a culture interested solely in ill-health and the sale of products for profit. Both chemo and radio therapies are poisonous so what chance does the body have to recover; the odds are, indeed, against recovery. When a person succumbs to cancer physicians will often record the death as some related problem rather than record it as death from cancer so the statistics become skewed. When the illegal cartel of pharmaceutical companies constantly seek to eliminate competition to their products the reason is obvious; both alternative and especially natural products are more effective at prevention and cure than their products. There are a number of products that are beneficial and without adverse side-effects that have been clinically shown to benefit cancer patients but the information has been marginalised and so too have those who have promoted the products; the battle is that of David and Goliath but in this war Goliath always wins.

  • Robert Park

    The amazing feature is that people still disbelieve that there are plants in nature that eradicate cancer!

    • Michael Adonis

      Amazing, isn’t it? In America we wait until we are dying before seeking treatment, and then rely on surgeries, radiation, chemicals, and pills.

    • RealityCheck

      That’s because we have science and evidence. That is, turmeric has actually been proven not to cure cancer.

      Wait until you get cancer (if you do/ I hope not) and tell me… honestly… will you undergo surgery or chemo?… or will you eat turmeric?

      • Robert Park

        …And there is evidence that plants cure cancers but it is marginalised by the profiteering cartel of pharmaceutical companies which have too much at stake if the information is not suppressed. For example, read Edward G Griffith’s book on World Without Cancer which deals with one item only. The problem with those who contact cancer is probably due to diet which, if and when they go into remission, mostly they still continue with the same diet. How many people recognise that vegetable polyunsaturated fats are ‘potent’ suppressors of the immune system and that monounsaturated fats (olive oil) are harmful to the body while, contrary to the cherished views of many and the propaganda of the food manufacturers, that saturated fats are bodily healthy and a buffer against ill-health? Sugars too (except glucose) are toxic to the body and so too are grains to a lesser extent and so is processed food and microwave cooking. Pharmaceutical companies are not interested in health but only in ill-health which creates their wealth and keeps people in jobs.