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Monsanto’s Roundup, Glyphosate Linked to Parkinson’s and Similar Diseases

Elizabeth Renter
October 30th, 2012
Updated 10/31/2012 at 7:39 pm
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monsantoroundupglyphosate 245x153 Monsanto’s Roundup, Glyphosate Linked to Parkinson’s and Similar DiseasesWe already know the links between herbicides and sterility in men, birth defects, mental illness, obesity and possibly cancer—but now we have something new to add to the nasty effects of pesticides list — Parkinson’s disease and similar neurodegenerative conditions.

New research, published in the journal Neurotoxicology and Teratology, indicates a connection between a component in Monsanto’s Roundup and Parkinson’s disease. Glyphosate is said to induce cell death, with frightening repercussions. reports the study was investigating the links between herbicides (weed killers) and brain damage. These chemicals, the study’s authors say, “have been recognized as the main environmental factor associated with neurodegenerative disorders,” like Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative nervous system disease. It slowly progresses as time goes on with common symptoms like tremors, rigidity, difficulty walking, poor posture, lack of movement, and slowness of movement, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.

The CDC reports Parkinson’s as the 14th leading cause of death in the U.S. In 2010 (the last year for which data is available), there was 4.6% increase in the number of deaths attributed to this disease. One has to wonder if there is a connection between this jump and the ever-growing prevalence of herbicides like Roundup in our air, food, and water.

Studies indicate that glyphosate is toxic to human DNA “at concentrations diluted 450-fold lower than used in agricultural applications.” Worded differently—the levels considered safe by our government are 450 times the levels at which glyphosate has been found to damage and destroy human DNA. Yes, it’s that serious.

One case study found a woman who was exposed to glyphosate in the workplace for 3 years at a chemical factory. She wore gloves and a face mask. She was initially a healthy, middle-aged women. But, she developed “rigidity, slowness, and resting tremor in all four limbs.” She was also experiencing severe dizziness, weakness, and blurred vision. And hers isn’t the only such case.

What’s so scary about the growing body of research on Monsanto’s Roundup, its components, and their presence in nearly everything around us, is that the federal government refuses to recognize the risk. Despite a growing concern on an international level, the powers-that-be are seemingly content to turn their eyes while the people demand accountability and safe food.

Until pesticides and herbicides are no longer used on a mass scale, the growth of these diseases will likely continue. Eat 100% organic produce whenever possible to bypass exposure to destructive pesticides and herbicides.

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  • Barb L

    This article gives no actual evidence, doesn't name the studies, I would like to see more actual detail.


    Have you yet viewed for free until end of election day?

  • Franky Freedom

    Considering that pesticides are essentially NEUROTOXINS – that is, chemicals in a plant whose primary function is to damage the nervous systems of predatory organisms (ex. insects)) so they won't be eaten – it only make sense that humans (who, if you might have forgotten) are organisms with nervous systems AND predators (in many senses of the word). Therefore, why would the nervous systems of those human pests NOT be detrimentally effected by pesticides? The rate of neurodegenerative disease is exploding as the sheer amount of pesticides in the environment and food supply has accelerated in recent decades. Add to this the biological time bomb in the form of pesticides created by GMO crops and the future of human nervous system health is not looking very promising.



    AMERICANS love poison,the military sprays the sky everyday,causing huge health problems"no one cares"..the animals in the forest are all sick and dying,the fish and birds are sick and dying,when the children start dropping dead in the front yard,america will run out and buy another jug of bug spray…….poison was created by the devil,it was never needed,BUT ITS NOT ACTAULLY THE POISON EVERYONE HATES,its the consept that it kills things,they love this IDEA,america has become defective in their thinking,and desease is running ramped across america and the bio-warfare center at ft.detrick maryland,IS creating death as fast as they can, and america loves them,the lords wrath has come on america and they will be in denial till all the children are dead………………..

  • Raven

    This information has been known for at least a dozen years, if not longer. My uncle was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2001. His doctor told him point blank it was the direct result of his weekly use of Roundup on his patio weeds, no question about it. If you use this poison in your garden or your yard, stop now.