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Miracle Solution? Coconut Oil an Incredible Alzheimer’s Treatment

Elizabeth Renter
April 10th, 2013
Updated 04/10/2013 at 4:00 am
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coconutjuice 263x164 Miracle Solution? Coconut Oil an Incredible Alzheimer’s TreatmentAlzheimer’s disease affects an estimated 5 million Americans. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in three senior citizens dies with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. So what is being done about this disease that leads our older populations to lose their memory, have delusions, and even lose the ability to feed and care for themselves? While the most common treatments are pharmaceuticals, there are other options available. One such solution for Alzheimer’s that has been gaining massive recognition is the use of coconut oil.

Coconut Oil Reverses Dementia, Alzheimer’s

While solid scientific studies on the role of coconut oil in the treatment of Alzheimer’s are lacking, several case studies have been presented to the public in recent years that have drawn a positive connection. In these, we learn of Alzheimer’s patients who began taking coconut oil daily and found significant improvements in their condition.

In one such case, a 67-year old British man had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so serious that any drug treatment would simply be pointless. His son remarked to the Daily Mail that his father couldn’t wash himself, use the toilet, or feed himself. He had lost much of his faculties. After finding a YouTube video from Dr. Mary Newport suggesting coconut oil, he began mixing it in his father’s food. Within a period of six months, his father’s condition dramatically improved—to the point of him having normal conversations, going on walks with family, and even remembering his insurance number.

That YouTube video from Dr. Mary Newport was the first to bring major attention to the Alzheimer’s/coconut oil connection. It was Dr. Newport who initially researched the potential application of the oil after her husband’s condition dramatically deteriorated with Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Newport discovered that Alzheimer’s was similar to a “diabetes of the brain”, where the brain couldn’t use glucose properly due to an insulin problem. Because Alzheimer’s brains can’t utilize glucose as fuel, they began to die, cell by cell. Dr. Newport found that ketones provide an alternate fuel source. Ketones are created by the liver when we eat medium chain triglycerides, like those in coconut oil.

Three weeks after beginning a coconut oil regimen, Dr. Newport’s husband saw major improvements. He improved intellectually, emotionally, and physically.

Obviously, more research is needed on how the oil works and if it could be an effective treatment, but if a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s, supplementing with organic coconut oil may be a simple natural solution. After all, it’s also effective at killing viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast, and parasites. In other words, it’s a healthy choice for everyone. Experience coconut oil health benefits today.

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  • Renato Alberto

    We also use this to prevent such diseases. Better be prepared than late.

  • Portia

    I'm in North West, where can I purchase coconut oil, I must get this remedy asap for my mother who's been diagnosed with Elzeimer Dimentia, Really bad to see her in this condition. Her condition is deteriorating daily. She must be fed, bath, she's on disposal nappies. Please I need help :(

  • Cha rattanaprasit

    I eat virgin coconut oil with garlic three meals everyday two years. And I eat all my life. Because I study about virgin coconut oil.

  • Bing

    I am a 'senior citizen' and have used Tropical Traditions Gold Label coconut oil for years, cooking and externally as well. I have not noticed that it is helping my memory, that seems to be getting worse with age. I also use coconut milk and coconut cream concentrate, coconut flour and was hoping that by now, memory problems would be much improved.

    • Ragnar Liljequist

      Because there has been no significant research on coconut oil as an Alzheimer's remedy I believe Mary Newport claimed that coconut oil would provide relief to one-half of those who included it in their regimen. May I suggest that you perform a clock test (do not look at your watch or the clock on the wall, and draw the face of a clock). A friend of mine told me that he was in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's Disease. He seemed perfectly normal to me, so I asked him to draw a clock. He was able to draw a round face and put 12 numbers
      in place; however, the numbers were in the wrong place — like he said, he was in the beginning stages of A.D.

  • Sengwah Yong

    The best coconut oil is organic virgin coconut using cold process without heats.

    • Sengwah Yong

      Sorry for mistake it should be 'virgin coconut oil'

  • LeanChick

    Ragnar, thank you for clarifying the type of coconut oil – it is extremely important for it to be in the form you mentioned. This is a wonderful post and due to the fact that those suffering from Alzheimer's is only going to increase greatly over the next decade it is so important to understand the disease as well as ways to treat Alzheimer's from a preventative standpoint.

  • Ragnar Liljequist

    Make sure the coconut oil you purchase is non-hydrogenated, cold-pressed, raw, virgin and organic. I purchase Artisana Coconut Oil which comes in a glass jar, and put three tablespoons in my breakfast banana-orange milk shake. I informed my friends and relatives of Dr Newport's YouTube videos, and have received some positive feedback. Put the jar in warm water and the oil turns into liquid at 76 degrees. BTW, the Alzheimer's clock test is amazing.

    • S. Siddiqi

      Could you please tell us where do we get Artisana Coconut oil in Boston area? thanks

      • Ragnar Liljequist

        Assuming you own a computer may I suggest as a source for Artisana Coconut Oil. They offer free postage if you purchase a certain dollar amount of product (I also purchase four of their products at a great savings, e.g., cod liver oil, multiple vitamin tablets, etc).

        • S. Siddiqi

          Thanks a lot

  • R.Telaak

    Coconut oil can be purchased at Costco.

  • Winny

    To make coconut oil, you need to cook the pure milk extracted from grated coconuts (no water to be added). Cook th milk under low fire till a layer of oil is found at the top of the milk..its not n easy job to make coconut oil…

  • Khun Siwalai

    Coconut Oil has over 300 Health Benefits Google it – You will find amazing amount of Health benefits on Coconut Oil.
    Along with Sesame Oil in is applied in our treatments at Patcharapat.

    • Lynne B

      I have two large coconut palms in my yard. How do you get the "oil" from the coconuts? Is it the water or the jelly? or do you let the white stuff harden and use that somehow?