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Scientists Move to Create Genetically Modified Camels for Pharmaceutical GM Milk

Elizabeth Renter
September 28th, 2012
Updated 03/15/2013 at 3:50 am
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camel 235x147 Scientists Move to Create Genetically Modified Camels for Pharmaceutical GM Milk

As if genetically altered salmon, genetically modified babies, and GMO crops aren’t science fiction enough for you—soon drug makers will be using genetically modified camels in their pharmaceuticals. Yes, you read that right—camels. According to the Science and Development Network, the camels will be used to make genetically modified milk, which will then be processed into cheaper drugs.

Genetically Modified Camels for Pharmaceutical GM Milk – What?

The drugs from these laboratory-created camels will include insulin and clotting factors for hemophilia. They will be used, at least initially, in the arid regions of the Middle East and North Africa, from which the camels originally came. Apparently, that’s why camels are being used instead of cattle, because of their adjustment to the extreme climates.

“Cows would be better producers of transgenic protein as they produce more milk,” said Serge Muyldermans of the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology at Vrje University Brussel in Belgium. “But as camels can be kept in arid areas and are used to living under harsh conditions, they might be better suited to the Middle East.”

Evidently, other scientists prefer genetically modified cows as well. In another recent  creation unleashed by scientists, human genes have successfully been inserted into genetically modified cows that now allow them to produce ‘human’ milk — milk that has the very same properties as human breast milk. What is the world coming to?

But the researchers prefer genetically modified camels since the animals are highly resistant to local disease and easier to maintain in the area. They are more efficient in converting food into body mass when compared with cattle as well.

So, how are the camels being modified? Initial reports aren’t clear. The scientists do say, however, that the camel cells will be modified with “foreign DNA” and then implanted into full-grown camels as embryos. The group plans on transplanting the embryos into the surrogate mothers later this year, though they aren’t sure when the first GM babies will be born.

The calving rate for cloned embryos is only 5%. This means that for every 100 cloned embryos implanted, only five are carried to term and delivered. “The rate gets even smaller when transgenic cells are used,” said Nisar Wani, head of the Reproductive Biology Laboratory at Dubai’s Camel Reproduction Center.

The gestation period for a camel is about 13 to 14 months. So in the “best” case scenario, the first genetically modified camels won’t be born until early 2014. Then the world would have to wait for their milk production and the medications to be developed, pushing the actual GM camel-derived pharmaceuticals back another year or so. Even still, the thought of these sort of “advances” in the works is frightening.

At what point does science cross an ethical line? Haven’t we established that genetically modifying foods are dangerous? How could genetically modifying animals and then turning those animals into drugs be any better?

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  • Sandra H. Mitchell

    I never supported any GMO products. We are better off with going organic and consuming natural and whole foods.

  • Paul Hess

    I don't have a lot of technical facts or studies that support my theory, but please, "don't mess with Mother Nature!!!!" I'm sorry, but isn't that what this all boils down to? If God wanted things made the way the all mighty Monsanto thinks they should be made, then he would have done it that way in the first place!!!! And I'm sorry, but Camels? Where is the limit? I guess within the all powerful American corporation's way of thinking, there is no limit. That's when we, the citizens of America, need to get off our sorry asses, stand up and say, enough is enough! Just give us the tools and we'll make sure they're being properly used.

    Thank you for listening.

  • Donald E. Lewis

    Does anyone remember of the coloning of the sheep. The lamb was the asme age as the Mother. Never any more coloning. I believe the Camel will be the same.They say a camel is a horse put togehter by a commitee. I take what the creater gives us. As for The Organic movement and I was in it in 1950's and still am. Had and have great success and still do. I like the Bible qoute and the Christian reference. My theme is Soil, Food and Health in this order. The SOIL is the LIFE BLOOD of the EARTH and all FOOD come from the SOIL. I Believe in God the maker of Heaven and Earth and all tings visible and invisible. The Soil Life is invisible and is neglected by our chemical grower and Monsanto helps it. Organic growers know that the soil is more important than what we see on the surface.

  • Chris

    Christ said His return will be “As in the days of Noah” and we appear to be there.

    We had technologies before Noah’s flood that would make this and the rest of today’s look like we were still in the stone age. See “Dead Men’s Secrets” by Johnathan Gray. That book documents the proof of this very well. One doesn’t live to be well over 900 years old without advancing in knowledge and technology. Just look at where we’re at in technology today while only making it to 80 or so.

    The book of Jashar (referenced twice in Scripture: Joshua 10: 13 & 2 Samuel 1: 18) goes into a little more detail as to one of the reasons ” … all flesh had corrupted their way upon the earth” Gen. 6: 12. According to Jashar, they were “practicing the art of mixing the seed … between plant and plant …, plant and animal …, man and animal.” In today’s language: Genetic Engineering. Some of those Greek Mythology half man, half animal creatures weren’t necessarily “myth”.

    You read what happened to them back then for such wicked practices. Well, Christ is indeed at the door with His unimaginable wrath. Many so called “Christians” think they’ll be “raptured out”. They won’t, nor anyone else. The “Rapture” was a false doctrine deliberately created for the purpose of “messing up” the Protestants of that day by a Jesuit Priest in Costa Rica a few hundred years ago that used the pen name: Rabbi Ben Ezra. It was later picked up on by a foolish woman from the UK that thought it her position to promote such non-Biblical nonsense in the 1800s.

    There are solutions to this and the many other wicked things we see closing in on us. Here’s the place to start: 2 Chronicles 7: 13 – 14. Pay special attention to the “… turn from …” part. Learn the truth about redemption, salvation, full immersion for the remission of sins and His will on earth, as it is in heaven. The rest of the solutions will follow; sooner than you think.

    Don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a Billy Graham type “alter call”. In fact it’s deceivers like him and a host of others with the lies they teach that are a large part of the fraud and deception.

    When it hits the fan, you need to be on the right side of the “fan”. Seek Him while he may yet be found.

  • Roy Arne Josefsen

    Evidence that GMO corn causes cancer, even when ingested at extremely low levels