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The Gardasil Timeline | A History of Corruption and Negative Reactions

Anthony Gucciardi
October 28th, 2011
Updated 11/09/2012 at 11:54 am
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woundarm1 210x131 The Gardasil Timeline | A History of Corruption and Negative Reactions

The HPV shot Gardasil has a history that is not only filled with adverse reactions and death, but also political corruption. In fact, many are completely unaware as to what extent Gardasil was pushed on the public using bribery, omission of numerical facts, and complete lies. With so much news coming out on the Gardasil vaccine, it is a challenge to keep up with the documentation. Without seeing the recent history of Gardasil, you simply cannot put together all of the pieces. The Gardasil timeline unveils how Merck, the manufacturer of Gardasil, is working behind the scenes to put profits over the health of you and your family.

Evidence Mounts: 49 Girls Die, Thousands of Others Hospitalized After Receiving the Gardasil Vaccine

The evidence linking Gardasil to adverse reactions and death was available long before legislators began pushing it on pre-pubescent children. Shockingly, the HPV shot led to 3,589 harmful reactions and 16 deaths between May 2009 and September 2010 alone. Of the 3,589 adverse reactions, many were debilitating. Permanent disability was the result of 213 cases; 25 resulted in the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome; there were 789 other “serious” reports according to FDA documents.

What is even more compelling is the fact that HPV infections oftentimes resolve themselves without intervention. In fact, 90% of HPV infections resolve themselves after 2 years without Gardasil, according to Dr. Diane Harper, who was the lead researcher during the creation of Gardasil.

Furthermore, extended history has shown that the Gardasil vaccine has repeatedly been politically mandated and subsequently rejected due to health concerns. Still, history continues to repeat itself. In August 2008, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) required all female immigrants between the ages of 11 and 26 to receive at least one dose of the Gardasil vaccination if they planned on entering the United States. The requirement was lifted on December 14, 2009. Countless immigrants were affected, with officials admitting regret over the initial instatement.

If we had known about it, we would have said it’s not a good idea,” said Jon Abramson, the former chairman of the CDC’s Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices.

California Legislators Push for Gardasil Bill, Found to be Bribed by Merck

In August 2011, Assembly Bill 499 was proposed by California Assembly Member Tony Atkins. The bill allows for children as young as 12 to receive the HPV shot Gardasil without any parental consent, thus completely removing parents from the important decision of whether or not to receive the death-linked HPV shot.

Shortly after the news was announced, a report by Cal Watchdog revealed that Merck was giving monetary incentives to key California legislators in order for the bill to pass. Both legislators from the assembly and senate received figures reaching around $3500. Of course the several thousand dished out by Merck is nothing compared to the millions they stood to make from the passing of the bill. The legislation passed, and it then went to the desk of California governor Jerry Brown.

Gardasil Found to Contain Genetically Modified rDNA of HPV Virus

As the Gardasil bill was sitting on the desk of California governor Jerry Brown, researchers released a bombshell report over the contents of the Gardasil vaccine. Vials of Gardasil from around the globe were found to be contaminated with rDNA of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Conducted by the organization SANE Vax, the tests revealed that the HPV virus had been genetically modified and inserted into the Gardasil vaccine. Far from natural, the rDNA has serious long-term consequences.

Dr. Lee, the pathologist who ran the tests, explained:

“Natural HPV DNA does not remain in the bloodstream for very long. However, the HPV DNA in Gardasil is not ‘natural’ DNA. It is a recombinant HPV DNA (rDNA) — genetically engineered — to be inserted into yeast cells for VLP (virus-like-particle) protein production. rDNA is known to behave differently from natural DNA. It may enter a human cell, especially in an inflammatory lesion caused by the effects of the aluminum adjuvant, via poorly understood mechanisms. Once a segment of recombinant DNA is inserted into a human cell, the consequences are hard to predict. It may be in the cell temporarily or stay there forever, with or without causing a mutation. Now the host cell contains human DNA as well as genetically engineered viral DNA.”

Of course Jerry Brown and other California health officials ignored this information as the Gardasil bill was signed into law.

California Gardasil Law Signed, Children to Receive the Gardasil Vaccine Without Parental Consent

California governor Jerry Brown signed the Gardasil bill into law on October 11, 2011. California children are now set to be given the HPV vaccine, linked to thousands of adverse reactions, without any parental consent at all. Of course California school districts have been found to go to extreme lengths when it comes to students receiving government-recommended shots, with school officials visiting the homes of children equipped with the school nurse and an arsenal of vaccinations.

Even more concerning than the bill allowing for young children to decide whether or not to receive the Gardasil shot themselves is the deceptive Gardasil ad campaign launched by Merck.

Mecrk Omits Gardasil Death Link, Numerical Facts on Official Website and in Ad Campaign

Merck not only fails to mention the link between death and the HPV shot Gardasil on their website and in their popular magazine ads, but they also fail to mention any of the severe side effects. Merck lists only minor side effects that sound relatively harmless and would not raise any red flags for the average consumer who has not researched Gardasil.

On their official website, Merck lists the known side effects as:

  • Pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Fainting

Remember that between May 2009 and September 2010 alone, Gardasil was linked to 3,589 harmful reactions and 16 deaths. Of the 3,589 adverse reactions, many were debilitating. Permanent disability was the result of 213 cases; 25 resulted in the diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome; and there were 789 other “serious” reports according to FDA documents.

Merck’s magazine ads also list similar side effects, failing to include the death link. The ad goes on to say that the HPV vaccine will not protect everyone against diseases caused by HPV. Of course this may sound like Merck is being at least slightly transparent here, but of course they are not. Not only do 70% of all HPV infections resolve themselves within a year, but within 2 years that percentage rises to 90%.

FDA Documents Reveal 26 Hidden Gardasil Deaths

Thanks to legal action by the Judicial Watch, the FDA was forced to release 26 adverse reaction reports revealing an additional 26 deaths as a result of the HPV shot Gardasil.

One such report states:

The information was received from the patient’s mother … concerning her healthy 14-year-old daughter who in August 2007, January 2008, and June 2008, was vaccinated with a first, second and third dose of Gardasil … It was reported that the patient experienced several symptoms including numbness and tingling in her fingers and toes, fatigue, a really hard time falling asleep, urinary tract infections, ovarian cyst, moody, trouble getting out of bed and seizures. The patient had had upwards of 150 seizures following her third shot in June 2008. During her seizures she stopped breathing for periods of 30 to 40 seconds. The patient was diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic syndrome and seizures. It was reported that the patient died due to ovarian cyst. The reporter felt that the patient’s symptoms were related to vaccination with Gardasil.

The findings not only add to the mountain of evidence against Gardasil, but also raise questions as to whether or not there are more hidden deaths that have yet to be released.

The Future of Gardasil: In Your Hands

A government advisory committee is now requesting that the CDC recommend Gardasil for boys between the ages of 11 and 12, expanding the current recommendation that only pertains to girls. As Gardasil is given to young children in California under the guise of a necessary and safe  method of HPV  prevention, it is important that the truth about Gardasil is shared with consumers. With enough proverbial force behind it, the anti-Gardasil movement can not only challenge the Gardasil law, but educate the masses to such a degree that they will not be receiving it regardless of legislation.

Educate your children, friends, family, and complete strangers about the dangers of Gardasil.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
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  • bisa1979

    Kathy, Irene and everyone else out there suffering from an adverse reaction to Gardasil, I'm so, so, so, so sorry for your pain. If there was anything that I could do to make it better, I would. We all would. Thank you very much for telling your stories and for sharing. Your voice matters. Your daughters' health matters. I hope that the find recovery and healing. Here is a story that I wrote relating the horrors that people suffer due to Gardasil to those that people suffer due to Fluoroquinolones, Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, etc. The pharmaceutical companies have too much collateral damage. There is nothing okay about this situation. My sympathy and prayers are yours.

  • Irene Rayner

    On 7-28-2010 my 14 year old daughters life change forever. She was a competitive gymnast, high school cheerleader, color guard and straight “A” student. Majority of the time would be through with her work before the class and the teacher would get her to help students that needed help. A very high energy person. We are talking about a child that was adding at the age of two. We get the 1st shot and our first signs are dizzy, feel like we are going to faint and pounding headache. Our Nurse Practitioner that we were seeing then set us up with a ENT Dr. He put us on Topamax for Migraines but didn’t think anything About it being the shot. In September we took the second shot and the headache continued to get worse but nothing was ever said. On 2-14-11 we took the 3rd shot. My daughter was in 9th grade at that time and by the end of the year I could see a decline in energy and a tiny bit in grades by the in of that school year. We took a vacation that summer and and she was so weak and tired that she could not shop for almost blacking out. Me thinking the whole time while were gone it’s prob. Sugar problems. We get back have test done and find out we have the autoimmune disease and her thyroid has already been attacked but the Endocrinologist didn’t know what. She lost approx. 25-30 pounds we were also losing our hair. It had got to the point where there was big bare spots on her head, but no one could give us an answer. She started her 10th grade year but was constantly out sick or at the dr. Having test done. On May 2nd I got the worse call of my life to get to the school. My daughter was having seizures, and had blacked out. When I got there they had got here up in a chair an she was just sitting there staring out in to space. I had to call her name several times before she realized I was there or that anybody was there and she to me with a slurred speech that she could not feel her left side. We got an Ambulance and headed to the hospital for admission to find out we def. Were having the seizures and we were paralyzed on the left side. She kept telling us that her head was killing her. It took is 3-4 days to get rid that headache and during discharge P/T sent her home on a walker and to go to P/T. My husband and myself were having to help her with everything even her bath. The day we left our High School in that Ambulance was the last day my daughter ever stepped foot into her highschool. I had to start home schooling her with 11tt and 12th grade. Her 10th grade at our high school after looking at her transcript now shows a difference in her ability of focusing and doing her work which had never been a problem. She went from straight “A’s” to “B’s” “C’s”which we never had. And the sad part about it was the school wasn’t even concerned. She ended up in the hospital 3 more times last year for the same reasons. She takes a had full of pills in the morning and a hand full in the night time plus I have shots to give her for the headaches and medication for the headaches and seizures. She constantly freezes!! She can’t go outside without doubling up on potassium and drinking gaterade or she will be deathly sick due to Hypokyalemia which we did not have before. As I said before she was a very active athlete that had a bright future ahead of her that was going to attend a University in our state to peruse a career to be a physcian that had always been in the top of her class and most likely would have received the scholarships she needed to Persue her career but will not be able to now due to this one drug. My questions is because I have this child that daily looks in my face and wants to know when she is going to be cured and not take a hand full of pills in the morning and a handfull in the night. Is there a cure from this Gardisil shot. I was told by someone that this vaccine has pertussis in it and if so my child is allergic to that. I can not find out any of this information I need to know. Is there something like a detox drug out there to help these girls come on people these are our kids that y’all have played with and I got news for you I’m not gonna just sit back and let my child just keep going down and get in a deep depression cause of this cause you are trying to destroy her body.

    • Amanda

      Check out for more information. They will personally respond to you. It’s a start. There are treatments through alternative medicine to reverse effects from vaccines. It’s at least an option to consider. Please find a reputable clinic, preferably licensed, if your state requires it.