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The Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe’s Effects on the Pacific Ocean

May 22nd, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 6:41 pm
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By: CC Research Group

radiationdanger 235x147 The Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophes Effects on the Pacific OceanJust prior to the Supermoon of March 18th, 2011, the world witnessed a natural and man-made disaster of epic proportions. What transpired off the coast of Honshu Island, Japan on March 11 has forever altered the planet and irremediably affected the global environment. Whereas the earthquake and tsunami proved to be truly apocalyptic events for the people of Japan, the ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima is proving to be cataclysmic for the entire world.

Most of the world community is still unaware of the extremely profound and far-reaching effects that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has had. If the nations of the world really understood the implications of the actual ‘fallout’ – past, current and future – the current nuclear energy paradigm would be systematically shut down. For those of us who are in the know, it is incumbent upon each of us to disseminate the relevant information/data necessary to forever close down the nuclear power industry around the globe.

There is now general agreement that the state of the art of nuclear power generation is such that it was deeply flawed and fundamentally dangerous from the very beginning. This fact was completely understood to be the case by the industry insiders and original financiers of every nuclear power plant ever built. Nuclear engineers had a very good understanding of just how vulnerable the design, engineering and architecture was at the startup of this industry. Nevertheless, they proceeded with this ill-fated enterprise at the behest of who?

Therefore, this begs the question, “Why would such an inherently unsafe technology and unstable design be implemented worldwide in the first place?”

More importantly, “Who ought to be responsible for mitigating this ongoing planetary nuclear disaster?” And, is there any practical way this predicament can be fixed? Is there technology available which can address this situation in any meaningful way?

With the increasing energy needs of the global economy pushing energy-poor nations like Japan into nuclear power, the economic incentive has always overridden good judgment. Especially in Japan do we see a nation that was literally set up to be a poster child for the nuclear power industry. This, in a place that is known to be the most seismically active region in the world!

“Does anyone in their right mind believe that nuclear power plants can ever be designed, engineered or constructed to withstand 9.0 earthquakes followed by 15 meter high tsunamis? Sorry if we offend, but such a display of so deadly a combination of ignorance and arrogance must represent the very height of hubris. Particularly in view of the inevitable consequences which have manifested at Fukushima, how is it that so few saw this pre-ordained and disastrous outcome, except by willful blindness?” — Japan: A Nation Consigned To Nuclear Armageddon

Numerous headlines over the past few weeks have been relentless in trumpeting Japan’s begrudging response to this global wakeup call. For the first time since nuclear power has been used in the land of Nippon, all 55 nuclear power plants now sit idle. This is of course very good news for the people of Japan. The question now remains how to go about remediating all of these vulnerable and unsafe nuclear reactors. Particularly because of those nuclear plants that are located anywhere along the Japanese coastline is this remediation imperative an existential necessity.

Since the very first news about the Fukushima nuclear disaster came to light, many industry researchers and various investigations have unveiled the multi-decade plot to foist nuclear power onto the islands of Japan. The many forces arrayed against the Japanese people were so formidable that this ill-fated enterprise could only come to such an unfortunate outcome. Just as humankind learned from the folly of dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Fukushima has served as an example of how not to implement nuclear power generation.

“Quite purposefully, no one ever stopped to consider the obvious and far-reaching ramifications of constructing 55 nuclear reactors on the most seismically active piece of property on planet Earth! And, that doesn’t count another 12 reactors in various stages of planning or development.” — An Open Letter to the People of Japan

If Japan is to remain habitable for future generations, there are certain (nuclear) matters confronting every corner of this island nation which must be addressed post haste. We know the people of Japan are up to it. The real question is whether the powers who have controlled their destiny are willing to back off for once since WWII.

Can the USA, the UK, Israel and France completely let go of their control of the Japanese economy, energy infrastructure and political process? Not only does the very existence of Japan rely on this relinquishment of control, the futures of the USA, UK and France do as well.

“Tokyo has the largest greater metro population in the world at about 34.3 million. Tokyo has the largest GDP of all major cities in the world – larger than both New York City and London. Tokyo is the economic/financial capital of the world’s 3rd largest national economy, as well as the primary economic engine of East Asia.” – As Fukushima Goes, So Goes Japan

Most are not aware, even at the very highest levels of the Global Control Matrix, but as Fukushima goes, so goes Japan. Taken to its logical conclusion we can say with absolute certainty that as Japan goes, so goes the entire planet. In reality, Japan is not only a super-charged trigger point in the Pacific Ring of Fire, it is also a lynchpin for the world economy as the previous article well explains. Therefore, we would highly advise the Anglo-American power structure to take proper responsibility for this unprecedented global catastrophe and show up in great force on the Honshu coastline to remediate and de-activate wherever still possible.

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  • lukylad

    Hey Chad hows about we make you one of the rats, then tell me how it works out for you

  • Terrahertz

    Chad, the ignorant fool from the dark ages is you, not those who understand the dangers of radioactive contamination.

    Regarding Madame Curie, I've read her biography. She died from radiation sickness, without any doubt whatsoever.

    “Maybe all of this is good, because it will weed out those with poor genetics, and stronger humans will be able to live in harmony with radiation.”

    You clearly have no understanding whatsoever of how DNA works, and the balance between cumulative errors in the genes and the extremely slow operation of evolution via culling of 'the weak.'

    Also, you neglect to consider one small detail – 'culling the weak' in the case of radiation induced genetic damage, involves hundreds of generations of tears and tragedy.

    Incidentally for higher complexity organisms in even moderately raised background radiation levels, evolution simply doesn't work. The errors accumulate faster than they can be 'selected out'. Result – extinction of the species. That's us humans remember.

    So Chad, how about you f-off to Fukishima, and eat lots of the local farm produce and fish. Tell us in ten years how good it was for you. If you're still alive, which I strongly doubt.

    Oh, and in the meantime, please stop writing paid shill posts.

    • Fake Norwegian


      Clearly they are losing the information war.

      Gratitude for an intelligent post.

      Who ever is paying these trolls is losing money! Soon to be irrelevant money if we cannot solve the Fukushima crisis and heal the planet.

      Signing off.

  • Shalew38

    Death Watch,

    I have to say that the research I have done on the subject of nuclear power and it's fallout is absolutely in agreement with your comments. So are the comments made about world leaders, though I have to believe that many of the humans who support those in authority do not have a complete understanding of the impending disaster.

    There is so much 'contradicting evidence' available that one needs to have the time of years to study the data, and arrive at the correct answer. Besides many people are inclined to take the easy road.

    • Chad

      That is only one step ahead of the crowd, the investigation into alternate ideas, but they lead nowhere good without foundations of facts/truth/reality, and most of what Deathwatch wrote is conjured assumptions. Plenty of ordinary people want the population reduced as well, and it is NOT in the interest of the "elite" to reduce population (even if a few mentioned it), because the entire fiat money systems are based on ever-increasing populations to pay ever-increasing debts. It also makes little sense to complain about population reduction and radiation, when the current over-optimal population is only sustained by dumping radioactive phosphate fertilizer on food-crops, giving people the same radiation body load as tobacco smokers. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, because good intentions/assumptions/incorrect-analysis are not facts/truth/reality. If you really don't care about repeatable scientific evidence, you help nobody, and belong in the Dark Ages.

  • Chad

    This would be an interesting article/report/study: get a little Fukushima waste, and 4 rat cages with 10 rats each. Put a vial of 1mg Fukushima waste into one, 10mg into another, and 100mg into a 3rd, leaving one cage as a control with no waste. Then, record the lifespace and cause of death for each of the rats. Then maybe we can learn something about human exposure, and have some interesting facts to play with, instead of "oh no, it's the end of the world" nonsense. That kind of thinking is straight out of the Dark Ages, where people were motivated by superstitions, gossip, and all things non-evidentary.


      I would never agree that any animals should be murdered just to prove a point, probably one whereby the outcome is already known. However, a lower lifeform would be quite an effective test subject in this research — such as politicians, lobbyists, or lawyers.

  • Chad

    Truth is not exciting, so don't expect to find it in any media, left or right, mainstream or alternative, hippy or fascist. Media operates for profit, and truth is too tedious and boring to attract an audience. If you want some truth, read scientific peer review journals, or experiment yourself. For a while, I experimented with the "fluoride toothpaste is bad, use baking soda & peroxide (et al)". And after years of experimenting, tediously cleaning my teeth, and never eating sugars, I got lots of little cavities popping up. So, there's fraud to the left, and fraud to the right, and "correct analysis, correct facts, personal experimentation" are more important than what groups we belong to.

  • Chad

    POISONS (including radiation) make you live longer, if you don't take so much as to kill yourself. Again, Fukushima may just make most people live longer than average. As Neitzche said: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and science verifies this:

  • Chad

    Before anyone wets their panties over my comment, I suggest learning a little:

    Note: Does radiation "cause" cancer? Clearly, radiation is a contributing factor. How it contributes in the multistage process of carcinogenesis is not yet known; however, radiation does seem to be a ***weak*** initiator … It is not so simple as radiation=cancer. Many defective biological processes must exist for radiation damage to turn into cancer, as with all cellular damage. I think there is a lot of "Henny Penny" behavior related to Fukushima, mainly promoted by Jeff Rense.

    • Fake Norwegian

      Chad who is paying you to go to websites and make ignorant comments?

      I suggest that YOU should go to Fukushima and get some of that "good for you" radiation you speak of.

      By the way, if you were not so ignorant, you might have know of one of the first deaths by radiation exposure. Her name was Madame Curie.

      Do not bother answering.

      • Chad

        You do not know that Curie died from Radium or radiation. You can't prove it. You really don't know how to think. You just hear + repeat what you wish. Random associations and hearsay do not make facts. It is scientifically PROVEN that poisons (and everything is a poison) that do not kill you, in fact, make you stronger and healthier. People like Jeff Rense that live in fear of germs and toxins are likely suffering because of it. If you try to keep yourself sterile and toxin-free, you will surely be weakened, and succumb to the smallest hazard, because your body is unprepared, like a couch potato deciding to run a marathon one day. Exercise is good for you for precisely that reason: it harms and injures your body, and in the fight to recover & repair, you become stronger and healthier.

  • Chad

    I read some articles that said radiation is good for you. Maybe some people get cancer after being radiated, but some people get cancer if they are not radiated. Has anyone ever taken radiation and directly caused cancer themselves, to verify that radiation causes cancer firsthand? Or does everyone just rely on hearsay and voodoo science? Not everybody died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and most of the survivors did not get cancer. Maybe all of this is good, because it will weed out those with poor genetics, and stronger humans will be able to live in harmony with radiation. Maybe cancer from radiation is just a sympton of those with poor genetics.

    • roy

      "Maybe all of this is good, because it will weed out those with poor genetics, and stronger humans will be able to live in harmony with radiation."

      Spoken like a little Hitler, you have some on your chin, fool.

  • Pahl Dixon

    Very frustrating this nuclear folly and other pointless strife like war and such! The big-time unconscious stupid idiots of this world won't be persuaded by any amount of real information or passionate protest. All most of us can do is protect ourselves, and others who can be sensible, by sharing enlightenment. Please see my attempt to make a direct difference in these radiological calamities at There you will find bionutriceutical radiation immunity, a plant extract that makes mutant cells die, and inexpensive water filtration that removes radioactive particles.

  • roscoe

    There is a connection between Galileo & Fukushima.

    It might be of interest to read The Real Galileo

  • the doctor

    Nuclear power was never thought to be "safe" – Einstein pointed out it was a "hell of a way to make steam," but it was thought the risks could be mitigated. One has to ask a few questions to fully understand this entire process.

    What did they think they would do with the spent fuel – what was the original plan for it? One cannot open a car painting shop without proving you can dispose of the waste.

    Safety being the highest priority would dictate the plants be placed in safe, containable areas, that said, one needs to ask: Why were plants built on KNOWN fault lines, in tsunami zones and near population centers? Better yet, why were some plants built near ALL THREE?!

    Why build a plant that NEEDS to withstand an earthquake when one can be built away from a fault?

    Why build a plant near a population center, when power-lines can deliver the power anywhere?

    Why build something that has no system for disposing of the waste product?

    Why is that form a steam so much better then any other form of steam – it doesn't create electrons but steam!

  • fred

    Look to Israhell for the cause, IE their Stuxnet virus designed to meltdown Siemens controlled reactors (that's all reactors) and you'll likely find the cure (withheld for their own use of course) within the same government.

  • The Death Watch

    Let's Think Real Seriously About this Situation.

    It's 17 months since Fukushima became a global threat to our existence.

    What has been done to stop it? Nothing.

    What have the world leaders done to stop it? Nothing.

    What has the Japanese Government done to stop it? Nothing.

    So, if nothing has been done to stop this massive pollution of humanity then, there is only one answer to why not! The answer is…. it is suppose to be happening and will be allowed to continue from now until everyone has been affected and afflicted. But, remember this, the rich and powerful have medical technologies and advanced scientific technologies to clean their bodies of radiation poisoning.

    Since, the leaders of the World want to see a 90% reduction in Global population of 7 Billion people ( equals 6.3 Billion gone,) what would be the best way to accomplish such a goal?

    Having billions of people be exposed to deadly radiation over a long period of time allows for the following things to occur:

    1. Cancers of all types, especially in children.

    2. Genetic mutations that cannot survive to adulthood.

    3. Food crops that are poison and genetically damaged so bad that, they cannot be eaten.

    4. Water that is poisoned and become undrinkable.

    These are the most apparent benefits from allowing radiation to flood the World for population reduction by the super rich and powerful.

    When you see how nuclear plants are designed and realize the unstable places they were intentional built on, NONE of this was done by accident! Too many nuclear power plants are built in places that are very unstable, for it to be labelled an accident!

    So, why would Man be trying to wipe Man off the face of the Earth?

    Expand your imagination just a bit.

    What does Man have on Earth that anyone might want? Natural resources? Oceans of water? Land? Life? Love? Happiness? Many things that may not exist else where in the Universe.

    What if, radiation does not kill a different or alien (to this planet) kind of life forms? What if, Earth could be entirely made radioactive but, a different form of animal and human life could survive and thrive in such a place? Or, these life forms are going to "rework" the whole planet's genetic diversity. Or, the Earth will be wiped clean and all the resources stripped off of it, by an external life form. Whatever it or they are, this nuclear "accident" will be handing them a much less populated planet in 10-20 years.

    Now remember we proved that, nothing is being done to impede the expanding disaster at Fukushima, NOTHING. Radiation is being released in orders of magnitude of tera bequels, which are measurements off the scale. These huge (and growing) plumes of radiation have traveled around the Northern Hemisphere for 17 months and will travel continuously for decades and centuries into the future, the sames as Chernobyl has done for the last 25 years! I will state it again, these plumes will travel in the air, water, and soil for eons of years!

    Also, remember what I said, NO government on Earth is doing anything about this continuing disaster.

    So, what do you think knowing these facts? Let your mind go and imagine what is really going on here? Who could be trying to kill you and your family, by allowing or creating this nuclear disaster to continue unobstructed?

    Be honest to yourself, there are many things about the World and the Universe you do not know or could EVER understand. You as did most people, trust what you were taught about man and his world. You were given the easy-to-understand and consolidated version of fantasy facts, always being told that these were the truth! The people who told you these "facts" have no obligation to tell you the truth or the dangers you face, by not having all the correct facts.

    They don't know you or care about you or your family. Yet, you listen to them and believe everything they have told you and are still telling you. They tell you what to think and what to believe. Why do you do it?

    Why do you defend leaders and authority figures who, have lied and continue to lie to you? You mean nothing to them. They would rather have you dead than to deal with you. They would rather steal everything you have and kill your family, in order to stop your kind from reproducing more.

    The people you hold is such high esteem, would sentence you to death if, it meant that they could survive or gain a better future for themselves and their kind. They look down on you. They look at you as consuming THEIR world! They lie right to your face everyday. They are telling you (by their actions,) that they see you as stupid, useless fools. How so?

    How much have you heard about Fukushima and the danger it really presents to our collective future on this planet? Nothing.

    Something or someone wants us to stop reproducing children and are doing everything they can to let this radioactive poison engulf us continually and completely.

    Who ever it is or whom ever is involved in this, is demonstrating just how powerful a control they have over World governments, international media outlets, religions and the scientific communities.

    You never will matter in their world….

    • Anonymous

      Many still believe that membership in the group you allude to is open to them. They respect power, have been taught that power equals success, and they yearn to be one of those with elevated status. My kinship is with the poor, the common, the downtrodden. They are much more real.