Oregano Oil Could Help People Recover from Contagious Norovirus

A new study indicates oregano oil could hold the key to fighting norovirus—a contagious illness which was eradicated from hundreds on a Caribbean cruise.

Missing GMO, Fluoride Labeling: Criticisms of the New FDA Food Labels

The FDA recently revealed proposed new food labels with many benefits, but the labels are missing something crucial: GMO labels and fluoride labels.

Action Alert: FDA Tries to Ban B Vitamin from New Nutrition Labels

The FDA has proposed new nutrition and supplement labels. The word “folate” will be banned and only “folic acid” will be allowed. Why is this important?

Study Suggests Organic Milk has Better Balance of Healthful Fats, is Healthier

Researchers found that organic milk contained a far better balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids compared to conventional milk, which does impact you.

New UN Report: Small Scale Organic is the Only Way to Feed the World

According to a new UN report, small scale, organic farming can create strong local food systems – the only viable, sustainable way to feed the word.

Leading Heart Expert Says Fats are NOT to Blame for Heart Disease

Scientists and health experts are realizing that fats are not the enemy. Further, saturated fats are not the villains when it comes to heart disease.

3 Winter Foods for Increased Fertility

For those who are hoping to join the masses and conceive, Brussels sprouts, fish, and pomegranates could provide some assistance.

Sugar Dangers: WHO Changes Sugar Intake Recommendation, Down to 5% of Total Calories

In light of sugar dangers, the World Health Organization now advises no more than 5 percent of daily calories should come from sugar, down from 10 percent.

Frankincense Found to Trump Chemo in Eliminating Ovarian Cancer

Research has found that a chemical compound in the aromatic frankincense could trump chemotherapy in eliminating late-stage ovarian cancer cells.

Ginger: Over 14 Bio-Active Compounds to Fight Numerous Diseases, Including Cancer

The spice ginger contains astonishing medicinal qualities due to over 14 bio-active compounds that have been shown to fight and prevent numerous diseases.

U.S. Wastes 133 Billion Pounds, or 141 Trillion Calories, of Food Annually

Every year the U.S. wastes some 141 trillion calories of food, the equivalent of 1,249 calories wasted per person per day or about 133 billion pounds.

Black Seed Shows Promising Health Effects for Women

Black seed (Nigella sativa) has been used as a healer for ages. Two recent reports, for example, show how black seed can benefit woman in particular.

FDA Delivers New Food Labels, But GMO Labels are Missing…

The FDA has released new-and-improved nutrition label for food to help consumers make wise choices, but the decision is missing something…GMO labeling.

Banned in Other Countries, ‘Yoga Mat Chemical’ Found in 500 U.S. Foods

Azodicarbonamide is a chemical used to make yoga mats, but a new report shows that this toxic chemical is also present in nearly 500 U.S. foods.

Toxic: Study Issues Warning on Food Packaging Dangers

A new paper indicates the synthetic chemicals in our food packages, such as BPA and known carcinogens, could be doing long-term damage to our health.

Black Plum Leaf Found to Harness Radioprotective Properties

A recent study found that the survival rate of mice exposed to radiation was dramatically increased when they received black plum leaf extract.

Another Study Confirms (Dark) Chocolate can Promote Weight Loss

Yet another study has found that eating chocolate (preferably dark chocolate) does not make you fat – it actually promotes weight loss.