Metabolic Syndrome: Why this Epidemic is Sweeping Across America

An epidemic of metabolic syndrome is sweeping the nation, where a third of the population is experiencing high blood pressure, poor heart health, and more. But why?

Medical Alert: ‘Statins Linked to 50% Increased Risk of Type 2 Diabetes’

A recent study suggests that cholesterol-lowering drugs known as Statins may increase ones risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by a startling 50 percent.

Power Walking: One of the Best Complete Exercises Around

There are several reasons why power walking is such an efficient and important exercise. Here is how this simple fitness practice can be so beneficial.

Science Says Fitness Gadgets Don’t Work – Do This Instead

A new study has found that your smart phone is more than sufficient for tracking fitness goals such as steps taken or calories burned.

Study Finds This Factor to be the Biggest Contributor to Heart Disease

A recent study found that, overall, being inactive is the greatest contributing factor in heart disease risk. You must exercise to keep your heart healthy.

7 Reasons Expecting Moms Shouldn’t Neglect This Healthy Activity

Being physically fit while pregnant can provide numerous benefits for you and your baby. Here are 7 reasons you should still break a sweat while expecting.

Alleged Glyphosate Poisoning Kills 2 Children, 33 More in Hospital

Doctors in the Canindeyú region of Paraguay say the use of the toxic herbicide glyphosate caused the death of 2 children, and put 33 more in the hospital.

4 Ways This VITAL Activity Treats Depression Naturally

Exercise can help you fight depression no matter who you are. Here are 4 reasons that exercise helps to keep you not just healthy, but happy.

5 Protein Powders that can Help Strengthen and Build Muscle, With or Without Exercise

There are many protein powders on the market, but which type and what level of quality demands attention? Here are 5 protein powders to acknowledge.

‘Enriched’ Exercise Reverses Memory Loss, Preserves the Brain

Exercise programs that challenge the mind while mimicking daily tasks may prevent cognitive decline and improve overall brain health in older adults.

Got 15 Minutes or Less? 5 Moves for On-the-Spot Fitness

Here are 5 simple body-weight moves that can get your heart rate going and tone your muscles with minimal time, all while promoting overall health.

5 Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness Naturally

While muscle soreness is simply part of working out, there are ways to reduce this necessary pain. Here are 5 foods for reducing muscle pain.

Energetic Walking Found to Increase Brain Size, Preserve Cognition

Taking a brisk walk just a few times a week could be enough to increase the size of your brain and even help stave off age-related dementia.

Several Studies Show How Exercise can Prevent Cancer

Exercise is crucial for staving off cancer and boosting health. In fact, several studies have validated this simple truth: that exercise can prevent cancer.

Inactivity Found to Spark Changes in Brain, Leading to Health Consequences

A new study indicates being inactive can trigger changes in both brain chemistry and structure, helping lead to negative cardio-health outcomes.

Walking Extra 2,000 Steps Each Day Cuts Heart Disease Risk by 8%

Researchers from the UK found that taking just 2,000 extra steps could decrease the risk of heart disease by 8 percent. Walk for health!

Study: Doubling Protein Intake Prevents Muscle Loss During Weight Loss Efforts

A new study indicates doubling your protein consumption could minimize muscle loss and help ensure fat is the only thing you’re losing.