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Follow the Trend: Batman Shooter James Holmes Was On Hardcore Pharmaceutical Drugs

Anthony Gucciardi
July 23rd, 2012
Updated 04/05/2013 at 3:39 pm
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batmanshooter 235x147 Follow the Trend: Batman Shooter James Holmes Was On Hardcore Pharmaceutical Drugs

Update: This has now been confirmed to be true

Like virtually all massacre shooters before him, there is no doubt that the notorious Batman shooter James Holmes was  taking hardcore pharmaceutical drugs. In Holmes’ case, they at least happen to be the very same drugs that ultimately led to the early death of actor Heath Ledger. With a fix for ‘altering his state of mind’, the ‘Batman shooter’ was heavily hooked on the prescription painkiller Vicodin. Holmes even reportedly dosed up on a pharmaceutical cocktail just before the shooting. But was it just Vicodin?

But there is no doubt that this was just the beginning.

Side effects of Vicodin use, even at ‘recommended’ levels which Holmes likely far exceeded, includealtered mental states’ and ‘unusual thoughts or behavior’.

While also abusing the same prescription pharmaceuticals as Heath Ledger (who played The Joker in a previous Batman) and undoubtedly other drugs, Holmes actually told police that he was The Joker. The statements made by Holmes were even curious to many friends and relatives, who said just a year ago Holmes was seen as an ‘all-American boy’ with an affinity for his family. It appears what changed was the Batman shooter’s decision to begin altering his mental state with prescription drug abuse. Abuse which may have far extended beyond painkillers and potentially included psychotropic drugs — the very same drugs that almost every single massacre shooter have taken.

On his online dating profile, Holmes refuses to answer the question as to whether or not he uses drugs and to what extent. In response to the question, Homes writes “prefer not to say.”

Batman Shooter on Drugs Deadlier than Cocaine, Heroin Combined

Prescription painkillers alone have been shown to be even deadlier and more damaging than many illegal drugs. In 2008, more Americans died from pharmaceuticals painkillers than illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin combined. Going even further, statistical analysis reveals that prescription drug deaths outnumber traffic accidents when it comes to fatalities. One reason for this is the change in mental activity, which can potentially lead to destructive and radical behavior.

In fact, more than 12 million individuals in the United States reported taking prescription painkillers ‘purely for the high‘ that they cause instead of their intended purpose.

As more information comes out on the case, it will likely reveal an increasingly deep history of prescription drug abuse on behalf of Holmes. Just as the Columbine incident continued to develop into a horrific story of drug abuse and an obsession with mind alteration, it appears this case will follow a similar trend.

About Anthony Gucciardi:
1.thumbnail Follow the Trend: Batman Shooter James Holmes Was On Hardcore Pharmaceutical DrugsGoogle Plus ProfileAnthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety whose work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, including the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Daily Mail, and many others. Anthony has appeared on programs like Russia Today (RT), Savage Nation, The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and many others. Anthony is also dedicated to aiding various non-profit organizations focused around health and rehabilitation as well as the creator of the independent political website Storyleak

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  • Mike

    I agree w niel

  • William

    There are so many people saying that prescription medications are not the issue; I am afraid that they are. I have been a Pharmacy Technician for over 10 years and I can tell you what an addict will do to get they’re fix. It is most likely that he was suffering from withdrawals, panic attacks and hallucinations from the lack of narcotics in his system.

    • Anonymous

      Read the story ffs.

  • Mike Rose

    The drugs here are a red herring: the Aurora shooting was basically a police training drill (which didn't go entirely to plan) and to dispel all theories to the contrary here are transcripts and audio of ALL the police communications tapes … (of course you aren't s'posed to know they even exist)

  • Neil Rodrigues

    The amount of Hydrocodone that someone would have to take to have an altered state experience is phenomenal, bordering on "near death experience". While there is a bit of euphoria it is not the kind of thing that would motivate a shooting unless the guy was really screwed up anyway. I suspect that there were other Pharmaceuticals involved though. Like SSRIs, SNRIs or Anti-Psychotics. This article sounds politically motivated to me.

    • Gary

      Winston is correct. Vicodin … a sensation of well-being.

      I have smoked opium a couple times in my distant teens. Very mellow but strong high, drunk without being drunk. I have also taken and abused hydrocodone in various pills, which means I used it for emotional pain, not physical pain. Oxy-codone did not exist back then, afaik. I have had controlled dosages of opiates post-surgery.

      In a strong enough dose, opoids and opiates cause you nod in and out of sleep. In a weaker dose, it alleviated my back pain, and perhaps I felt a bit more gregarious and confident than normal.

      “Prescription painkillers alone have been shown to be even deadlier and more damaging than many illegal drugs.”

      The “danger” is that opiates or opoids CAN suppress the central nervous system to the point of death. NOT that a person become homicidal.

      Heroin and opoids are linked to violence when junkies run out and get dope sick, not from the direct effects of the drug.

      No doubt I was an emotionally troubled teen, and opiates *seemed* to help me function … or feel better. No doubt it was an artificial replacement for intelligent coping skills and an emotional filter, AND created dependency and diminishing returns.

      NOT good, NOT recommended. Only describing facts and impression.

      Opiates don’t drive a person to kill, they cause a person to feel very mellow, like being under a warm blanket while doing tasks.

  • winston

    Vicodin is an analgesic. It depresses the nervous system and elevates dopamine levels causing a sensation of well-being. Hardly something that would drive one to kill. Whatever drugs he was on it is more than just a little unlikely that they alone were the cause of such homicidal actions and delusions.

  • velvett

    Heath Ledger was not on Vicodin alone…He was on class 2 narcotics. also…vicodin does not make you go on a killing spree. Millions of people take vicodin after the dentist, surgery, chronic pain but they dont go around killing people. Get your facts straight and show us a statistic of people taking vicodin and the amount who take it that kill.

    • Avi Israel

      people who take opioids do strange say that medication like vicodin and lortab make stay home and nod is not son killed himself from addiction to opioids oh and by the way he shot himself. so before some of you say that narcotic pain medication is O.K. look around and count how many people die from that poison.

      • Kyokiromi

        And it helps people who actually need it. Don't be calling things poison when it does in fact help people who need to deal with pains of whatever they are suffering from, I am sure your son killed himself because of his psychological state, from abuse of the drugs, don't blame the drugs, blame the user for the abuse of a substance. It is not the drugs fault he decided to abuse it, and it is not the fault of the drug that he decided to do such a thing. It was his psychological state of mind. Sorry to be so blunt but that is how I view this matter. Drugs like these helped a family member of mine who died slowly over 8 years of pancreatic cancer. So to blame the inanimate substance is illogical.

        • Travis

          You sound like a pharmaceutical salesman!

          Fact is this. All pharmaceuticals are poison, and maybe all of you should look at the stats on the people that are getting sicker, and dying from these poisons. To blindly take medication, without questioning the motives behind pharma companies is illogical and dangerous.

          My guess is $Billions of dollars are more important than the lives of people in our community.

          • Anonymous

            Then be my guest and live with pain.
            I will not.

  • King Clown

    Vicodin is an opiate, that shit would make you want to stay home and nod, not go on a killing rampage.

    • Mark

      So heroin addicts are famous for their peacefulness? So we want lots of drug addicts about? Mood altering drugs are exactly that, plus they are toxic, plus they have side effects. Stick to the science please.

  • Richard

    The person above did not accurately describe how SSRIs work. The problem actually is that the serotonin gets clogged up in the brain matter around the synapse and doesn't go through the synapse to its' intended locations. This is called "re-uptake. Selective serotonin re-uptake INHIBITOR is the key. They keep the serotonin from from building up into the brain tissue. Many who have severe narcotic addictions could actually be dopamine deprived. People with adequate dopamine production feel good without drugs. The problem is not actually the drug, but the fact that it isn't taken as directed. Tolerance makes people increase the dosage of a drug like Vicodin (Lorcet, Oxycodone, MS Contin, Oxycontin, etc), and that is where the toxic side effects come out. Face it, when you live in an artificial reality, how in the world can you make good decisions having to do with "real reality"? You have delusions, paranoia, and disturbed sleep. How can you function properly with all that going on? You can't!

    • Jerome

      Dear Richard, I noticed that you started out talking about SSRIs, but when it came to giving examples you switched to opiate type pain killers. SSRIs include among others, Paxil, Lexapro, Prozac and Zoloft. These drugs can do weird things to people if the are taking them as directed or not. We don't know what Holmes was taking, but I and many of the other observors of this story don't believe that Vicodin makes people crazy. If he was taking an SSRI or an atypical antipsychotic, that would be something people would want to know.

  • rachael

    Are they trying to justify a mass murderer by saying it had to be the drugs…. smh….

    • jimbo

      What no one ever seems to want to investigate is *why* these people do these drugs. There if far more to this story (and others) than “he took drugs and killed people.” He sought the solace of drugs for a reason, and that can help answer the question. Cops just care about the drug part, not what *really* may be the root of his issues.

    • Travis

      Should we justify it by saying it is guns?

  • Amy

    We have to ask about prescription drugs everytime a mass shooting like tis occurs.

    Thank you so much for writing about his obvious drug use. I actually wrote a poem called "Which Pill Did He Take?" before I found out that he had taken Vicodin. This drugging of America is the real mental illness in this country.

    You can read my poem "Which Pill Did He Take?" at

    I hope that America will come to its senses and stop creating chemical imbalance and psychosis through its prescription drugs.

  • rick

    Vicodin is a weak and non-viable excuse for this shooting. First of all, every report I have read identifies vicodin as a drug available in doses up to 500mg which is incorrect. That is the amount of tylenol in the drug. The highest available dose of hydrocodone(the scheduled ingredient in vicodin) is 10 mg which is usually coupled with 325mg or 500mg of APAP of tylenol. If these reports cannot even get the facts right when describing the set dosages of a pharmaceutical drug, then how can they be qualified to understand the effects of the drug on a mentally unstable person. Hydrocodone, when taken at high doses produces a warm euphoric state for the user, in which they are generally carefree, content, and most of all lazy. Extremely high amounts of opiates result in heavy respiratory depression and sometimes overdose. If this guy took 100 mgs of Hydrocodone he would have been nodding out on his couch rather than planning and executing a mass murder. Heavy opiate users are far less dangerous when they are “high” then when they are in withdrawals. Withdrawals are the cause of 99% of crimes committed by opiate user. They need their fix and they sometimes resort to unsavory means of attaining that. This is just the media’s attempt to attribute someone’s crazed murder rampage to drug use and it is completely invalid. If ANY drug could possibly be involved in his spiral into madness, it would likely be some sort of psychdelic research chemical, but there is only speculation that he used such drugs and no actual proof.

    • jimbo

      Cops don't know anything about drugs. Or they don't care. The media uses them as an excuse. It's all a load of crap, as you are saying…

    • Krystal

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU~ In my last post I mention the dosage of Vicoding being incorrect but forgot to mention the acetaminophen part.

      I do not for one second believe pain killers were responsible, nor are they ever responsible, for someone going on a murderous rampage where nothing financial is gained by the killer. Because, as you said, opiate users are mostly only violent in their withdrawals because they are desperate to relieve the pain they are in and resort to any measure to obtain the means to get the fix that will make them feel normal again. But, this too is not applicable to every opiate user going through withdrawals and I think it's crappy when articles like this one are written poorly because they give the impression that EVERY person who uses these drugs even once will behave in such a manner and this is absolutely untrue. Anti depressants/psychotics, as harmful or dangerous as they may be if abused, have saved lives too. You think it's bad when someone abusing the drugs or were wrongfully prescribed/overmedicated on them is running around doing crazy things, what do you think it would be like to have the people who SHOULD be on them, the bi-polars, manic depressives, and scitzophrenics but who weren't taking them were running around? Trust me you'd reconsider changing the second amendment. Hell, that's probably why it was created in the first damn place.

    • Blah blah

      I've never felt lazy on opiates. Anytime Ive take a painkiller, I get a burst of energy and want to clean.

      • infowarrior11

        You must be over-medicating yourself to get that effect where the med begins cause 'bursts of energy.' I know this to be the case from a friend who became hooked. And it happened to surprise me, because I was taking the same med for an injury. I wasn't over-medicating, but if you take the med too late at night, it could wind up keeping you up later than you planned.

        • infowarrior11

          I didn't mean to say you personally were over-medicating, I just realize that sounded bad. I meant it in a general way from having heard stories of those who became addicted to the med. But, like I said, if taken late at night, it can cause increased 'energy,' making it difficult to sleep.

          PS, vicadin will cause a person to 'miss their dream cycle.' Or even causing other bizzare dreams. It's strange. Must be chemical mix. Any doctors here who can corroborate or refute? Would love to hear your explanation.

    • velvett

      very well said. I wish the autor of this report would have done real reporting by showing the statistics of people who have taken vicodin and theamount of people that the user has killed. The author also got the facts wrong concerning Heath ledger who had several opiates in his system…to incluse class 2 time released pain killers, which people are more likely to overdose on. You are right, it is the withdrawals that cause the crime, which is usually robbery not mass shootings. Thanks for educating the readers with some real facts. Its always the drugs….if it was baby aspirin, it still would have been the drugs. No one can accept that the guy was just crazy. I want this author to print an article showing statistics of amount of people prescribed the drug and the amount of people killed by those people. I'll be waiting. Good post.

  • Nord

    SSRI's lock serotonin up in the synapses, which does not allow it to break down into it's breakdown components which are also needed in the body.

    In the spinal cords of suicide victims who've been on SSRI's, there's either an absence or lowered levels of serotonin breakdown components.

    In my opinion, and it's not an uneducated one, is if serotonin needs to be increased, then increasing serotonin in the whole body by supplementing with serotonin precursors, such a tryptophan, available at your health food store, or by focusing on tryptophan laden foods. After all 90% of the bodies serotonin receptors are in the gut, not the brain.

    Opiates, such a vicodin are powerful stimulants to some. It's not always the sleepy high that is popularly believed.

    • Krystal

      I’m glad you brought up the Seratonin issue because that’s what almost did me in. After taking so many of these medications for so long my digestive system all but gave out. I stopped going to the bathroom for months at a time and that’s just the physical aspect. I had some tragic events occur during the last year I was on all of this crap and I became suicidal but the medications didn’t make me that way. What they did was crack the foundation upon which I had built who I was in so many places that, when hit with the tragedy, I was annihilated instantly. It’s almost been 2 years and I’ve come a long way in rebuilding who I am, regaining self esteem, and battling my demons but I have even longer to go before I’m healed. Emotionally and psychologically. Physically, I still have bathroom issues, but the months are now just weeks so there is some improvement. I know, TMI, and I apologize but a lot of people taking this stuff don’t realize just how much it does. I never knew about Seratonin before this.

      When I told my new physician what I was on, the dosage, and how I was put on and taken off so many different psyche meds with no adjustment “taper” period before finally being put on Reglan (black boxed) he was dumbfounded and told me I would have died within a year had I not stopped taking it all because I was severely overdosed on Seratonin. Then, he proceeded to chastise the hell out of me for stopping everything cold turkey without medical supervision.

      Which brings me to the moral of my story, never once, EVER did I become so delusional or paranoid that I felt the need to act violently towards anyone. I didn’t hear voices nor did I have the urge to kill my children. No matter how batshit crazy they drove me. Sell them on eBay? Maybe. But I never so much as laid an angry finger on them.

      After I quit taking all of my prescriptions I got on the drug checking website and entered in all the medications I was prescribed to take simultaneously, 4 total with some taken at max doses and all being SSRI’s, and that website lit up with red all the way across the board indicating that NONE of the meds I was on should be taken together.

      Stopping all of them the way I did was, by far, one of the best mistakes I ever made second only to getting pregnant twice. Health Freedom says it causes psychosis to stop without tapering off but there was never a moment where I felt the need to go on a shooting rampage. Was I a raging bitch at times? You’re damn right! The withdrawals were unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and I’ve kicked heroin cold turkey. Still, the most violent my behavior got was when I would slam my arms and legs into anything that would hold still and was solid hoping the new pain from that would stop the pain from the opiate withdrawals. That’s it. No movie massacres and no bobbing for babies in my bathtub.

      I just proof read this and I feel the need to apologize for the length of it. I would edit it but my laptop is about to die and I don’t have the power supply with me. Sorry! :(

  • Health Freedom

    Clearly psychosis due to ant-depressants and other drugs that cause you to crash and become psychotic when you run out, or stop taking them instead of safely tapering off, which most people do not know how to do because they are never advised of this until it is too late. If he obtained these drugs off the internet as well as the amo, then restrictions and controls need to be put into place for sure! There is also clear evidence that Doctor's have the tendancy to over prescribe creating long term addictions and psychotic behavior!

    He seemed to think he was in a video game where he shoots anyone who moves which is second nature when you play video games, never looking at his target. Killing a BABY?! Big Pharma will never ever have to answer for this, make no mistake! Gun controls? More like drug controls!!!

    • Joy

      Umm no Doctors don't tend to over prescribe! I know lots of people in great amount of pain that even go to pain management docs and have a very hard time getting the pain meds they need and when they do get them they are few and far between!

      • Krystal

        @Joy: The mistake that some of the people commenting or writing articles about stuff like this are making is many of their statements are generalizations. That being said, not only do SOME doctors tend to over prescribe, many prescribe multiple medications that shouldn't be taken simultaneously and they often prescribe too quickly. In Las Cruces, NM, I had a doctor who bumped me up from the 500mgs Vicodin pills to Morphine Sulphate. When I had a bad reaction to it, he then put me on Oxy 30mgs IR (instant release). I'm not sure if you're aware of these types of drugs and their potency, but, going from Vicodin 500's to Oxy 30's is similar to going from a wine cooler to a shot of Jagermeister. Or, more appropriately, from a tylenol to Vicodin. I was a new patient, he had seen me only once before, and all I did was tell him I suffered with chronic abdominal pain. He prescribed me one of the real "hardcore" prescription medications before my medical history had been released to him.

    • rick

      It's true that ssri's have nasty withdrawal symptoms, and they are most doctor's go to drug for any anxiety or depression type disorder. I'm sure that in just a few years the media and big pharma companies will have to admit that ssri's withdrawals are just as dangerous as any other and they will be victimized in a similar to way benzodiazepines that are now. For the past hundred years humans have come up with different medicines, that work for awhile, but ultimately become a crutch. All that being said, blaming drugs is just easier than accepting that crazy people do crazy things, conspiracy or not, innocent people died. Big pharma, didn't kill those people, vicodin didn't kill those people, and ssri's definitely did not kill those people. There's tons of crazies out there, there's tons of secret agendas out there, and ultimately this world is a fucked up place. Massacres happen.

  • Anonymous

    you know he wasn't smokin a joint of cronic……..

  • John

    Another case of problem reaction solution.

    Had another recent one with the Bulgarian bus bombing trying to get the public mind ready for the invasion of Iran and also Israel pressuring Olympic organizers to remember the Munich attack on Israeli competitors.

  • Jenny

    I truly believe that this might well have been a gov. psyops mind control operation. Perhaps this Holmes guy was a 'sleeper," programmed to do this, and maybe his "handlers" assisted in this crime. Didn't anyone notice that there were two witnesses who were in the theater and implied there were accomplices?

    One witness, Corbin Dates (aka Dayton), told Aurora news outlets a man sitting in the front row took a cell phone call and went to a side exit, propped the door open with his foot, and seemed to be signaling somebody. Ten to 15 minutes later, James Holmes appeared in full gear with weapons as the exit door swung open The other witness (no name as yet) stated that, during the massacre, a gas canister was thrown from a direction where Homes wasn't.

    We don't have all the facts, just people spouting off their opinions. If the Batman murders are indeed a covert op, the motives behind it don't need much explanation. The UN Arms Trade Treaty, is due to wrap up on July 27th, is a new step in the direction of gun confiscation, despite its announced aim of limiting only the export of weapons from one nation to another. Once the Treaty is signed, it will need senate ratification to go into effect and impact the 2nd Amendment. That ratification is the hard part for gun-control advocates. The tragedy at the Batman premier on July 20 could act as a pressure wave-front on senators to rubber-stamp the treaty.

    I am reserving judgement for now.

  • Italics Mine

    Whatever he was on didn't seem to impair his wicked marksmanship any.

    • Tony Bowling

      These no real "marksmanship" when you are shooting into a crowd (of innocent people)

  • BethR

    Just as-with the Michael Jackson case, somewhere behind the scenes there are Doctors and Pharmacists who share responsibility for dispensing whatever Rx drugs their "patient" abused in this case (or did he have special access to drugs via his temporary status as a med-student?). Either way (however this poor crazy kid got the drugs) someone else in a position of oversight & regulation of these drugs failed. Similarly it doesn't seem criminal to me personally for citizens to have access to survival & self-defense equipment of any kind, including guns and other military-grade equipment, but it is disturbing to know that one person could accumulate so much in such a short period of time without raising any "red flags.". Finally, I really don't care what kind of shit this kid was taking, and I do "feel sorry for him" but still it seems like he had plenty of time and intelligence to consider & understand his choices. He is NOT "exempt" because he chose to pop some Rx pills along the way, sorry.

    • Jessica

      I have read several comments on this article and a lot of people seemed outraged that blame is being put on the pharmacy co. I don't believe that anyone is placing full blame in any one place. "Big Pharmacy" should be held responsible for their dangerous drugs. The drugs are the common factor in so many suicides and homicides. Most would agree that people shouldn't be "exempt" for their choices while taking a drug, however many of us are begging that others will see the damage these drugs are doing to people. I personally believe that our faith in healing needs to be in our body that God created to heal itself. With proper diet, adequate exercise, minimizing toxins,and making sure your spine is free of subluxation I feel confident that people can get away from the lies told to us our whole lives.

      • Anonymous

        Maximized Living

    • velvett

      I agree BethR, it wasnt like he took a little too many pills one day and then went on a killing spree. He planned the killing for months. During those months he could have at any time considered or reconsidered his plan, but he didnt. It took planning to order and buy ammo, guns, protective clothing. Planning that he continued. He could have changed his mind but chose not to.

  • Noni

    The internet allows us all to do our own research on important matters like how psychotropic (mind altering) medications are dangerous to a certain percentage of people. SSRIs (antidepressants) had a BLACK BOX WARNING, the strongest warning the FDA uses, added to them a few years back, for use in people under 18, because of just this reason. About 15% of people (and this is true not just for those under 18, but for liability reasons, they limited the warning to that demographic) use of this class of drugs CAUSES DANGEROUS THOUGHTS (murder, suicide). THAT IS EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT, FOLKS. YOU WILL NOT HEAR ABOUT THIS ON THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, AND THE MEGARICH PHARM COMPANIES PAY PEOPLE TO PUBLICLY RIDICULE THE IDEA THEIR BIGGEST $$$$$ MAKERS ARE DANGEROUS. READ SOME OF THE COMMENTS HERE, THEY ARE NOT JUST IGNORANT PEOPLE, THEY ARE SHILLS.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, Noni!

  • Suzy

    If I took 100mg of vicoden, I'd either be in a coma or fast asleep, the last thing I would want to do would be carrying a heavy load of things to a movie theater to shoot a bunch of people. There are too many 'oddities' in this shooting spree that raises many questions in my mind and others are feeling the same way

    • John

      Re: the conspiracy theories has anyone here ever looked up a drug called Burundanga.. some colombian criminals use it to rob people. It takes away their will to resist and leaves them no memories. I see people who only have it blown in their face will help the criminals clean out their own bank account and later can't remember anything. Sometimes women are put under this drug and then used as prostitutes. the effects can take a few days to clear off you just a thought but look it up it is scary stuff

      • suebee

        Thank you for sharing. I agree…, I think the drug Burundaga needs to be checked out! I believe there many unanswered questions… Something is not right here. I believe there was more than one person involved in this plot.

    • Terry Davis

      They are leaving out an important drug group that both James Holmes and others took, the benzodiazepines.

      Medically they are known as anti-panic medications, but their effect could also be described as erasing any conscience. That is how they achieve the non-troubled non-panic state. They mask or remove the connection of the user to the situation around him. This is a critical connectrion, and explains the mindlessness of the acts.

      • Krystal

        @Terry Davis: You mention the other important group of drugs, benzos, and you claim that James Holmes, as well as others, took them and I was just wondering who or what your source of information is for such a claim?

        While, I am not arguing the point you make about benzos being important, I am calling into question your claim that James Holmes took them. Not that it would surprise me if it was true, but I have read too many articles on this guy than I care to admit to and nowhere have I seen mention of any drug other than the vicodin. If your source is reputable, can you please share it?

  • Anonymous

    The point is not that he is not responsible for the shooting because of the drugs. Lock him up for sure. The point is the big picture. And the big picture is not this one shooting. The big

    picture is the unawareness of how harmful all these drugs are to our society. Not illegal street drugs, but the LEGAL ones….

    • Susan Sunshine

      Yes! Big Pharma has a responsibility to their customers and the Drs. to their patients, but the greed factor gets into these situations way to often. The manufacturers of Paxil R in big trouble and being sued because they did not list all the side-effects , because they knew it would not pass, or sell!

    • anonymous

      The ads for the drugs tell anyone who really listens to them how bad they are. So do all the "bad drug" law suits going on.

      It seems to me this poor young man is a Manchurian Candidate.

  • MK Cuthbert

    Vicodin, in the doseage he reported took ( 100 mg; approx 10 tablet, ES) does INDEED cause psycotic rage. Mds in large part are unaware of this phenom related to abuse of this medication. Domestic Violence shelters are *not* . The degree of violence and psychosis is extreme.

    • adam c

      I used to take over 30 es a day for the high. Never felt psychosis like people are assuming caused this act. Kid has issues yes, but so don't millions of people and they don't shoot up a crowd of people. Too bad he didn't end up in a detox instead.

      • Anonymous

        oH..cause detox works so good? best detox is dont take the first. Tylenol is a gateway. Causing liver failure and moms give it to infants so they will sleep on plane ride to Disney. Sick world. Where were we before drugs? Healthy with no violent stories happening everyday with drugs as the common denomiator in 100% of the stories. Drugs are drugs with or without a signed paper. same shit, different venue according to the govt. we are the RICHEST MEDICATED SICKEST country in the world gonna write a book White America hookedf on pills. Pretty sad. Cant even be around them . Danger to all bystanders. Lock the doctors up 2. They are on the same shit.

  • traci case

    I'm soo TIRED OF EXCUSES! Oviously guy is mental! Surely drugs,of any kind, r gonna make worse,but Stop Blaming the Drugs! Yes drugs R Bad, prescribed or not, when MisUsed,but Not An Excuse or even a "valid" reason behind such Behavior!! Someone this piece knew, Knew things with him were Soo not Right, but No One Says or Does Anything bout it & now its prescribed Drugs fault!! So Damn tired of No Responsibilty being taking anymore. Idc what anyone else Says, this was way Too thought out for No one around him not to know something! But ya know when u have 2yr old children on Disability for Bi-Polar that shouldto tell us How Screwed up America has become! So mom & dad can sit home collecting tax payers money they teach their kids to b Nuts! Just look at stats on kids on SSI & u would flip at how many r collecting cause they supposely r so mental mom & dad can't work they must stay home to take care of!! Problems ALWAYS START IN THE HOME!!! Notice Never C the "parents" of these nuts!!! Always easier to Blame drugs & co. Rather than the truth!!!

    • Jonathan

      Instruct yourself.. PLEASE! blind people, gotta love them.

    • Dea Faye

      You are right most problems start at home, but I have worked in mental facilaties for years and there are things you should be aware of. Some medication, prozac being the worst, cause phycosis. I have seen people who are normaly kind easy going suddenly have suicidal or merderous thoughts. They became so terrified of hurting themselves or others that they lock themselves in a room or commit themselves. It is not an excuse but a real and dangerous side affect, and doctors perscribe them like candy. I feel they should be held somewhat responsible for tradgities like this.

      • Hank

        I Agree my mom has a huge veil of vics everytime I go over her apt. I was taking at least 10 to 15 from her each time and abusing them for years. The high is just ok for the first half hour and then pretty awful after, I regretted each time I would take a couple. Even though the high is awful they are addicting and they made me feel like I was going to overdose and have to go to the hospital. I don't know why her doc was giving her so many, she really wasn't in any pain. She caught on to me stealing her meds after I took almost all of them the last time, so I stopped thank god. I promised her I would never take her meds again. I still think Ronald McMassacre was on bath salts.

        • The Tylenol will kil


    • Mike

      Your ignorance is astonishing?

  • Jeannie
  • Kerri

    This guy was not a moron. He was practically a genius. I don't care how many drugs he was taking. It was his choice to take them and the consequences of his actions should be severe. No excuses loser! I don't even want to hear any crap about the drugs made him do it. That was the life he chose for himself. The victims didn't have a choice.

    • Jonathan

      You do realize that his drug problem has been going on for a long time right? Drugs are just bad!

  • Robin Peters

    But he planned this for months and months ahead of time. I don't buy the I was on drugs thing. This was premeditated murder.

    • Anonymous

      He was also probably on the drugs for months and months ahead of time, but that doesn't mean it wasn't premeditated murder.

  • Patriart

    From a scientific viewpoint, it is impossible to accurately predict how a person will respond to injesting a natural or synthetic compound. Allergic reactions clearly show this, peanut allergic reactions are a classic example. Also, look at alcohol, some people become docile and friendly while others become violent. Without a biochemical background, it is difficult to understand the complicated chemistry involved and this is why there is so much disagreement. We need to use logic not emotion in this discussion.

  • Jeannon Kralj

    Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries

    (pharmakia), nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. Revelation 9:21

    The old and new testaments of the Holy Scriptures tightly associate "pharmakia" with spells and sorcery.

    When we study the Aurora horror, we see clear evidences of mind control. Mind control is effected in a person by torture and by psychotropic drugs, pharmakia. The terms "Illuminati mind control" and "CIA mind control" are synonymous terms in my book. The CIA and the Illuminati are one and the same entity. Of course, this is a worldwide phenomena.

    I think if we learn to be holy, as our Father in Heaven is holy, and we truly learn to be loving to all our brothers and sisters in this human family, there will be no more need to take drugs. Love is much stronger than chemical potions that drag human souls into hell.

    • Anonymous

      Well said and very true, Jeannon. When "we truly learn to be loving to all our brothers and sisters in this human family, there will be no more need" for false flag terror, wars of aggression, or fake planes on the TV. I look forward to that day.

    • veritas

      excellent comment here. learn the scriptures and you learn to live a true life. Good work!

    • jwmatch

      Jeannon, thank you for your excellent comment.. I've been trying to find the link between what the bible says and what has happened recently. Do you go to a church or just read the bible at home? I am trying to find the right path in life, I pray often for God to guide me.

  • btdt100

    To those who think this article is made up, you all need to take a basic biology course and learn that our behavior is controlled by the brain and central nervous system. It is all electrobiochemical reactions. In addition, you should read on these various drugs, most particularly the warnings that accompany them put there by the FDA. Altering those reactions is how those drugs work and you can bet your bottom dollar, it is a hit and miss as to getting good results versus bad ones. They just do not know enough of the molecular biology yet. Yes, most ALL of these bizarre murders are connected to use of psychotropic drugs.

    • jwmatch

      For all these bizarre murders to have these psychotropic drugs in common is not a coincidence, but try telling that to the blind. You can tell them peanuts don't affect someone at all yet kill another person and they still won't get it. The sad thing is the dead victims have to pay for the ignorance!

  • Anonymous

    All of you are f—ing idiots. Brain chemistry is a real thing. Take a friggin' bio-psych course. (oh wait, my bad education is funded by the government so it's obviously a load of bs i'm being fed to get a bs degree in neuro-psychology, right? WRONG… idiots)

    In a nutshell for the ignorant, there are many psychotropic psychomimetic and psycholytic drugs out there… and when your brain ALREADY has an imbalance, taking ANY of these types of drugs CAN (NOT WILL, UNDER ANY AND ALL CIRCUMSTANCES) CAN CAN CAN CAN (MEANING A POSSIBILITY/PROBABILITY) cause any kind of altered state-of-mind ranging from paranoia to psychosis…

    each individual person has their own levels of neurotransmitters, there are obvious "normal" levels of these in our bodies/brains… MANY things can cause a grossly irregular imbalance of them. Nutrition, sunlight, sleep, and stress are the most important aspects of human health both physically AND mentally.

    some people are just naturally deficient because of environmental factors contributing to poor genetic development (ie NOT ANYONE'S FAULT)

    so NO MATTER WHAT THIS KID TOOK, it could have caused him to go insane and kill other people…

    just because the people who've commented on here know perhaps HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people that smoke weed or take painkillers and none of THOSE WITH NORMAL BALANCES of neurotransmitters have had any undesirable psychological effects DOESN'T MEAN IT'S NOT F—ING POSSIBLE FOR A HANDFUL OF PEOPLE THROUGHOUT HISTORY TO HAVE THESE IMBALANCES, USE DRUGS (MEDICAL OR RECREATIONAL) AND END UP TERRORIZING AND KILLING PEOPLE.

    -rant over.. use the internet to learn, not to f—ing speculate out of your assholes.

    • cc

      Some people need finishing school for they are so rude that it wipes out all knowledge shared by them and only comes across as negative information and soon forgotten.

    • vickie

      wow looks like u need to calm the f— down!! or maybe u need a vicodine? i dont care who says what, and i have done it all . no drug will make somebody become a mass murderer!! u people need to wake up!! this is our government 100 percent!!!

      • omni

        Like the man says vickie, please do some research. Ann Blake Tracy, PhD is a great place to start.She is one of the worlds leading experts on this subject.

        • Jonathan

          Wow there are still some sane people, thank you Omni, and all the people that don't blam the drugs it's because you take them yourselves!

    • Anonymous

      Or he just wanted to kill some people. Why is everybody jumping to excuses? Maybe he just wanted to take some fools out.

    • billyjack

      quit making excuses losers, execute the little creep and send all of you the bill

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that…..

    • Duracell

      My advice is to remove the chip on your shoulder. It ultimately will manifest into a large boulder which shall weigh you down and prevent you from arising above your own anger and negativity. In other words, chill the fck out bro.

    • graham watson

      you've got a real problem yourself if you could not get your message across in a more acceptable format than the one you chose,cool down a bit and more will be inclined to take a bit of notice of what you have to say

    • Patricia

      Brain chemistry is not a real thing. It would require an autopsy to determine if a person suffers from a chemical imbalance. There is NO TEST that determines chemical imbalance in a live person. Do you research and stop the rant.

  • tbird

    Now he is a "victim"- of prescription drugs? When will the madness end?

    • omni

      When they stop prescribing mind altering drugs to people.

      • Anonymous

        Sadly, the first thing I thought of when hearing of the shooting was 'I wonder what medication he was on' :( All should read this as a start, please get educated on the effects of ALL psychiatric meds

    • Jonathan

      When they stop creating zombies and mass murders thanks to drugs.

  • Joe Blow

    I see the Big Pharmacy Trolls are out in force today. The profits to be made are huge therefore an article such as the one above must be attacked and made to appear flawed. When one considers the pharmaceutical industry, which does little more than treats symptoms, but do not fully comprehend the maladies they attempt to treat yet eagerly amass the profits despite the problematic side effects of their medicine.

  • Kenneth

    Prozac,FDA advisory commitee hearing september 20th 1991

  • Kenneth

    This article is accurate and is not irresponsible. Check the list below for victims of SSRI. James may have taken a combination of drugs that might have completely altered his mental state.

  • Anthony Gucciardi is

    What a joke. The author of this article is just making stuff up. I can't believe I'm even wasting my time commenting on this drivel. I pray that there isn't anyone out there dumb enough to believe a single word of this crap, but unfortunately, I'm sure there are some readers that will believe this fairy tale. "…psychotropic drugs — the very same drugs that almost every single massacre shooter have taken." Are you kidding me??? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    • Dan S.

      And you have information to the contrary?

    • John Eagle

      To "Anthony Gucciardi is a Moron", who wrote, "What a joke".. "Just making stuff up".. "wasting ..time.. on this drivel".. "anyone .. dumb enough.." .. "word of this crap".. "fairy tale" etc etc etc

      What are you up to?? You obviously are intent on attacking readers with emotionally laden words and phrases. Do you travel the internet dropping these comments because you lack value and purpose to your life? Is the only thing you have left to be abusive? Are you part of a group of psychopaths, an independent psychopath, a user of psychotropic drugs and thus defensive on this issue, a neurotic/psychotic/other mental aberation, are you paid to do this by corporate or other nefarious interests…. whatever you are and you reasons or non-reasons, you will never be happy or wake up from your nightmare until you adopt a program of physical exercise, healthy food, positive atitude, seeking the Truth, being of benefit and being productive of the Good. I know what it's like to be like you. You can change. If you don't, it's actually downhill from here from the horrific place you now live in your head.

      • Colton Sawada

        Not that I agree with the original poster you replied to, but this article also attacks "readers with emotionally laden words and phrases". Case in point:

        - "Like virtually all massacre shooters before him…". Oh really? Does the author have the data to back that up? If so, where is it?

        - "…taking hardcore pharmaceutical drugs". What makes a drug "hardcore" as opposed to…not hardcore?

        - “…levels which Holmes likely far exceeded”. This may be true, just like I may be a doctor. Until the facts come out, this is purely speculation from the author. (Fact telling time: I’m not a doctor).

        - “the very same drugs that almost every single massacre shooter have taken.” There’s that claim again…

        For the record, I'm an endurance athlete and current graduate student, so I tend to live the healthy lifestyle you described and seek the truth behind reports. Unfortunately for your argument, this report has as many emotionally charged claims as the poster you replied to.

        • Roger

          To be fair, I think it is a bit of an exaggeration to claim that Anthony is attacking his readers. The "is a moron" poster is actually being abusive. We also know that Holmes exceeded the safe amounts of vicodin because he admitted that he took five times the recommended dosage (this information is in the link Anthony provides).

          We know in general that drug addiction causes people to act in unpredictable and sometimes violent ways. We also know that many of these mass murderers were on prescription drugs or had been prescribed them. Whether the drugs caused the murder or the mental illness did I couldn't say but it certainly warrants investigation. We might also look at the food we eat (loaded with chemicals and brain damaging ingredients such as wheat) for possible explanations.

    • Josh

      You are an idiot, sir. It is not a fairy tale. The only common thing about ALL mass murderers IS that they WERE on psychotropic drugs or other pills that have similar effects. Besides the fact that I worked with people on psychiatric drugs that had problems with side effects and things they experience are horrifying. You are the one kidding yourself here. That is the fact.

      • Jonathan

        Thank you Josh, for pointing this out, because it's ridiculous how blind people can be.

  • Jake

    dude its just vicodin. i mean really. ive had countless of abusive encounters with downers and that is no excuse, i cant even believe he tried going threw that route. dumb ass, you cant fool drug addicts with tomfoolery like that!

    • Jake

      and ive done high doses of acid, and shrooms, alone with mixtures of prescription drugs. what he did was his own doing, he wasnt forced to take any of those drugs

      • John Eagle

        Good intelligent point. The counterpoint is that he did. A certain percentage of users will always combine and abuse substances.

    • Jonathan

      Haha it's just vicodin… It is JUST vicodin. Can't believe it.

  • Naraya

    I agree that this article is irresponsible. When searching for answers, we must ask: who benefits from this disgusting act? When searching for the answer to that question, I see the Federal Government. At this point, they probably think that resistance to the UN Small Arms Treaty is being drowned out by the shock & fear that this tragedy has no doubt caused.

    Holmes was most likely picked because of his line of study, which at first glance makes him an unlikely candidate to do such a thing. Also, he doesn't fit into any existing "terrorist" profile, but instead gives political justification to create a new one; the American terrorist. As this story gets twisted and bent in all manners, expect the TSA & DHS to increase their "security" presence around the country.

    As for what caused Holmes to snap? It's not hard to melt the logic out of someone's brain these days, not with all the mind-altering anti-depressants out there. I have a hard time putting any stock into the Vicoden theory; it's a painkiller. And while "altered mental states" is listed as a side effect, such alterations would've physically prohibited him from walking straight with riot gear on. I have a feeling, if it is a drug-induced cause, that the drugs in question were more inline with Paxil, Zoloft, Ambien; the anti-depressant line up which has far more pronounced mind altering effects, some of which are not side effects either. And being in his line of study, acquiring that wouldn't have been a problem.

    The one thing that still doesn't add up; how did he acquire all that gear? The guns, the riot armor, tear gas, the booby traps in his apartment? Some of these are things you can't acquire as a civilian, especially the tear gas. Logically, the only conclusion is that one of the darker acronym agencies took control and used him to invoke the kind of fear necessary in society for the masses to be afraid of the guns that they are about to try to take.

    Deepest condolences to the families of the victims. Your loved ones were taken from you before their time.

    • bigdindallas

      very good perception. I once saw a pt in the ER many yrs ago, came in and was on beer/Ambien, and

      he was a certain, nutcase. They had to strap him down, and was screaming threats and swearing like a trouper. He was wild, and the next day, he came down to life. ( worked clerical in ER)

      So, that would be a possible also…

    • John Eagle

      Very very intelligent analysis naraya. Evidence indicates that the drugs he was on may have been but part of the equation that led to his insanity.

    • btdt100

      SSRI's are a good speculation at this point. Holmes' scientific interests were in temporal illusions and subjective perceptions. My speculation is that anti-psychotic are involved, very likely a mixture. I think it also possible someone might have connected him to an experimental drug.

    • Dr.Meatwad Phd

      Naraya, one of those dark lettered agencies could be, and this is a connection to other infamous crimes that have been committed in the past 20 years of prozac type drugs, the one over looked connection is the rabbi connection. Low and behold, what are the odds that "small demographic" would be so well represented in all of those infamous cases?

      What is the basis for these new drugs for dealing with depression etc.? Is it not the use of LSD and splitting off the good part that made people feel very good, and dropping the hallucinogenic part?

      DMT, MDMA , LSD, Cocaine, Marijuana (I hate that word), not everyone likes it while some really do like them. Biochemistry is not the same for people of the same family. People, like all books that look the same, with the two covers and the middle pages, but the contents and how the words have been wired are completely different stories with each and every one of them. There are close similarities they all have, but you get the idea.

    • American Patriot

      Naraya-You have no idea when it comes to acquiring the gear he had. It is indeed perfectly legal, and very easy, to purchase tear gas, from many different available sources. Also the body armor, firearms and ammunition are all legal to possess and purchase in the type and quantity he had. The explosives and incindearies are easy to manufacture from simple household, or hardware store sources; boonytraps and trip-wires are also easy to learn how to make. Considering his field of study, it would be very easy for him to manufacture his own mind altering, psychosis inducing drugs. Stop trying to sound like a know-it-all, you obviously dont!

      • Osama

        Patriots suck, WTF is America?

    • John

      I see many references to conspiracy after seeing the costs of his materials. So I wonder if there was someone getting borondongo it is drug used by criminals in Some south american countries it removes your will to resist and leaves you with no memory of anything you have done..

      Just a thought

  • Kevin Booth

    I’m doing a sequel to American Drug war and am looking for evidence he took brain meds. If anyone finds anything let me know..


    • Jonathan

      Kevin I can help you on this. How can I reach you by email?

      • Gary G. Kohls, MD

        Jonathan: I am also following this case and have written extensively about the relationship between brain-altering psych drugs, their addictability and crazy-making withdrawal symptom, and violence, suicidality and aberrant behaviors. The latest info I have is that the shooter was definitely seeing a Univ of CO psychiatrist (Lynne Fenton, MD who was once censored because she had prescribed for herself some benzodiazepine drug like Xanax), which means that Holmes was undoubtedly on one or more psychotropics (or withdrawing from them). The Univ and the student mental health clinic will stonewall the release of vital information, in order to try to save their butts (and the butts of BigPharma and BigPsychiatry) and therefore keep this important information from the confused (and very opinionated) public.

        I wrote a long piece asking the question: What psych drug was the Batman shooter taking or withdrawing from? It can be found at: Gary

        • Beth

          People with autism have a more permeable gut and blood-brain barrier as well as a lower seizure threshold, this means that toxic levels of psychiatric drugs are able to cross the barrier into the brain and cause psychosis and seizures. If seizures occur they can induce post-ictal psychosis which can last 3 months and may include brief periods of relative lucidity and amnesia. Seizures also cause profuse sweating, dilated pupils and extreme sleepiness post-seizure. Now read up on the James Holmes case (ignoring the false claims that Holmes was wearing black contacts in his photos which is a fabrication by the media) You will realise that this boy showed classic symptoms of higher functioning autism (highly intelligent but socially awkward and suffered with acute anxiety), that his behaviour changed radically after taking medications that were meant to help his anxiety and that the police reported his profuse sweating, oddly relaxed sleepiness and pupil dilation on arrest. He also reports amnesia which of course people automatically assume is faked! Note also that Adam Lanza was autistic and recently put on medication. People with autism are not the only people at risk, those with metabolic anomalies such as liver dysfunction and even people suffering significantly heightened stress are at risk of these side-effects (stress disrupts functioning of the blood-brain barrier) This all happened to my brother, he weaned to half his original dose, was doing great and then became over confident, he suffered these withdrawal symptoms coming off a HALF dose of SSRIs!

  • Amber

    Drugs only intensify what is already lingering in a person.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right – do humanity a favor and please don't become a doctor.

    • Jonathan

      Amber dont listen to this uneducated fuck, that doesn't even have the balls to post a name for himself. Your on the right track, never take drugs, remain healthy.

    • Diesto101

      No, depends which ones, some will numb out and deaden a person, eliminating their personality and making them dull and apathetic. Stop being brainwashed by your church and read a science book.

  • Daniel Listen

    space preservation act

    HR 2977

    No it didn't pass as written, but I ask thinking reasonable people to ask why would someone put in a bill a weapon that doesn't exist?

    " Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as–

    (i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons"

    I think people really need to find out exactly what they have and can use against us. I think the books need to be opened.

    Psychotronic generation exposed or forever swept under rug to become the new status quo.

  • zark

    Rumour is that this guy smoked marijuana too. I know two people who have had psychotic breaks whilst using marijuana. One got out a knife as he thought everyone was trying to kill him, the second person was severely distraught and believed absolutely that she was going to die .. then later she believed she WAS dead and I couldn't convince her otherwise! Not everyone chills out on marijuana unfortunately :-/

    • Slevin

      If I may add, next time you have a thought, keep it to yourself. Marijuana does not cause psychological breakdowns or erratic behavior on a dangerous level. At best, paranoia is the only symptom of marijuana that combines with dissociative effects from OTHER drugs, such as hallucinogens, or prescription pharmaceuticals.

      • Brianne

        Actually, it does and can, especially if the person has a preexisting mental affliction. My father is schizophrenic/bipolar and has been using marijuana since he was 12. He routinely has psychotic breaks and especially when he comes off his high, becomes aggressive and breaks things, kicks dogs, threatens lives …

        So please don't say that it never happens. There is ALWAYS an exception to every rule.

        • travis tippetts

          You are also, the dumbest person on earth.

          • Jonathan

            stop smoking pot dude, open those stupid fucking red eyes you got and get instructed. And PLEASE, stop justifying the fact that you smoke pot because your life is boring!

        • travis n

          Weed has never harmed anyone. Your dad didn't go crazy because he smoked weed, he lost his shit because he is… What's the word here, oh BIPOLAR that's what bipolar people do, they act like children.I live in Colorado springs where there is a medical marijuana dispensary on practically every block. Most of the people I know smoke it. Including most of my employees. I have never seen anyone come remotely close to displaying that behavior on weed. I've seen that behavior on the rare occassion from mushrooms and I've seen that behavior all the time in alcohol. Weed has three side effects hungry happy sleepy that's it.

        • Tanya

          So your dad with schizophrenia and bipolar is only using marijuana eh?

      • Anonymous

        slevin you need to stop spreading lies just to protect your habit. i have met a man now permanently suffering psychosis from marijuana use. it was his first time. he had a psychotic break and he was in an institution when i met him. ONE fucking time is all it took!

        • travis tippetts

          give me a break. how dumb are people getting. Marijana does not do that. Freakin dumb asses.

          • Anonymous

            You people obsessed with weed will fight for the use of it to no end – you people HAVE NO LIfe!!!!!

          • omni

            Yeah it does mate, a good friend of mine went of the rails both of the times he smoked weed, second time he ended up in the phys ward for a few days.No one shares weed with him anymore.Until I saw this I thought weed was quite harmless as well.Since this event 7 years ago I have done a lot of research and study and now realize how ignorant and naive I was. Get the truth mate, look into the real scientific studies not the bro-science bro.

        • Blabla

          You guys should get your act together and cut the crap. I smoked marijuana for 14 years and i`ve never had a single psychotic breakdown.

          Furthermore, an acquaintance of mine actually smokes weed ON DOCTORS DESCRIPTION to supress his schizofrenic behaviour and to some extent it works, it doesnt worsen it.

          Even if you do get a psychotic breakdown, it won`t 9 out of 10 times result in you getting a gun and killing everybody.

          I must be speaking with americans, because no other people in this world are so incredibly dumb and missinformed ><

          • travis tippetts

            i did mean you were dumb. those misimformed asswipes are

            • Blabla

              i know ;)

              no worries

              • Becky

                Spoken like true dopers.

        • John Eagle

          to anonymous, I've met dozens of people when I volunteered at counseling centers that had permanently/non-permanently suffered psychosis from drinking alcohol. I've met numerous former patients with mental problems that were completely cured by switching to whole foods, fruits, vegetables, "real" meat, unpasteurized grass fed milk, etc. Because you, I, and others are conditioned by the media, government, schools, and nefarious sources to believe that sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemically altered "foods", etc. are not problematic toward creating mental problems in a minority (but significant) percentage of the population…. but that marijuana is (& I think you are right.. Marijuana does do this for a minority (but much smaller percentage) of the population); a continuation of the deterioration of our countries thinking, emotional balance, and thus economy and culture is taking place. Most people who get their act together with healthy food, physical activity and exercise, meaningful purposeful endeavors that improve their community and human kind…. don't desire marijuana.. or at least don't abuse it. Thanks Anonymous… I like some of your ideas!

      • Franny

        and ethanol

        • Granny

          this showed up in the wrong place, sorry

    • travis tippetts

      You are about the dumbest person on earth. I just wanted to tell you that. I don't want to even argue with the dumbest person on earth so I'll just leave it at that.

    • travis n

      Well ya he probably did smoke, he lives in boulder, Colorado duh! So does most of our population. And we have been smoking it in this country since George Washington was president. That's right day one. And we never heard shit about weed being bad until the forties when hemp paper threatened major politcal mongers to loose money in there own tree paper business. Then BAM all the sudden weed makes people crazy and kill people… Give me a freaking break. Go smoke some weed eat a shit ton of food and pass out on your couch while watch reruns of fresh prince then tell me weed makes people violent you tools

    • jerry

      zark your an absolute liar and no one belives you bullshit it it a medically proven fact that marijuana can't cause a mental break

      • John Eagle

        Jerry, you will win more friends to your cause by switching to words and phrases that indicate you have the ability to think. "Absolute Liar", "Bullshit", etc… are verbal attacks. Use terms like "Maybe you are mistaken" or "Good Grief", etc. I'm on your side… although I don't smoke marijuana.

        • Dr.Meatwad Phd

          I prefer to use logic and the law when speaking about "illegal drugs" and other drug profits. Our ninth amendment demands the ending to all prohibitions of intoxicants. Plug into it the certain rights created in the 21st amendment, then it becomes absolutely clear organized criminals are running our government as they keep enforcing these illegal laws of prohibition and all that goes with it. It is funny that the 'small gov' right wingers love these illegal prohibitions of intoxicants, but ending them would greatly reduce the need for and lame liars excuses for a bigger police state to combat "drugs".

          There is another *reason due cause* for this shooting than simple drug consumption.

    • Dr.Meatwad Phd

      Rumor has it that those you speak of didn't 'only smoke marijuana'. If they truly only did, they had other conditions. The feeling of dying can happen to those light weights that need some water or a cookie. Common really and they get over it. Each person is like a book on a shelf, biochemically. They all have outward similarities, but the contents are all wired and worded differently. You know some people that like marijuana, and others that don't like it after trying it. The same goes for other chemicals and how each person reacts to them. I doubt Vicodin would do this drastic change to someone, but others out there would. The simple difference of what a person eats could effect the chemistry of the drugs. What we need is a real education in the effects of drugs and stop the political propaganda against them. If anything is a stepping stone to harder drugs, it is the lies they tell about fairly benign "drugs" like marijuana, the only non toxic intoxicant.

  • zark

    Hmmm… I smell Scientology spin in the anti prescription drug talk here. Until I see some hard evidence that America's massacre shooters were on prescription drugs. Even if it proves true you still have a chicken and the egg problem as to the primary cause : was it the drugs that made them behave this way, or because they were a nutter in the first place :-/

    • Jo

      Wow…if you do the research you will see it is not a chicken and the egg problem, it's a prescription drug problem. The US is only 5% of the world's population taking 75-80% of the world's prescription drugs, still ranking 37 out of 37 in overall health in industrialized nations. This not scientology friend this is a sad reality. It's easier to put people on meds than to deal with their problems cause dealing with problems doesn't make money and pills do.

      • omni

        Well said joe, spot on the money.

        • Jonathan

          Thx guys, the only two people that know what they are talking about.

    • btdt100

      Zark, the evidence is there already associating particular drugs to these incidents. Being connected to medical records, the information is not made readily public available. The parents of the Columbine shooter settle a law suit against Eli Lily on the grounds they would remain public silent. The FDA ignored complaints on the SSRIs for many years until there was sufficient research to substantiate that they are very dangerous. Now there are FDA black box warnings on most of them. While they acknowledge the potential to make a person suicidal, they FDA still downplays their potential to make a person homicidal. That is because of the drug companies strong influences at the FDA. The chicken/egg argument is actually one of their favorites and they get away with it because of the public's gullibility and lack of knowledge of the brain. These drugs generate billion dollar profits annually. Think I am kidding?

      • L Faith

        To BTDR100:

        SSRI's are given to people for depressed mood/anxiety, often being started when a person's depression/anxiety symptoms have been worsening. People with depression/anxiety disorders have an increased incidence of developing suicidal thoughts, plans and then attempt or complete their suicide whether on an antidepressant or not. However it has confirmed that NOT using antidepressants in adults with depressive disorders DOES result in increased suicidal thoughts/attempts. The great majority of studies done in recent years(this issue arose in the early 2000s based on some reports from the UK re: paroxetine) have NOT shown an increase in suicides in pts < 18. Studies regarding increase in suicidal thoughts have infrequently noted/ inconsistently detected this effect of SSRIs (or any antidepressant) used in adolescents/children. However the "suggestion" from a few published reports that such phenomena "might" occur in pts under age 18, the decision was to err on the side of caution and place the black box warning until more accumulated data would became available to ccnclusively demonstrate that suicidal thoughts/suicidality is not casually related to antidepressant use, in particular to SSRI use. Here is a review from May 2011 addressing this issue:

        Often when tragic events occur the need to assign "blame" or a "cause of the event" is intense, however it is critical that the true "cause effect" relationship be proven, not just noting an "association in time/circumstance". Here is an example for your consideration: "It is often noted that whenever it rains many more umbrellas are in use, therefore umbrellas must be somehow causing (or increasing the likelihood of)the rain".

        Careful consideration of observations made is essential to avoid spurious causal associations.


        • Patricia

          Black box warnings from the FDA beg to differ with you on the frequency of these side efftects.

    • Jonathan

      haha your pathetic dude. Do your research.

    • Patricia

      Whether you like Scientology or not ( it isn't just CCHR that is exposing the connections between soldier suicides, school shootings and rising prescriptions of antipsychotics and SSRIs. ) Stop trying to hide facts with your anti-Scientology agenda.

    • Beth

      Kids are being medicated for anxiety and instead of getting better they are becoming psychotic, this happened to my brother – he was put on Effexor (now known to increase agression and suicidal ideation 5-fold compared to placebo) That drug quickly turned his simple issues of anxiety into self-harm, he was then put on rispiradone ( made him sleep all day,gain 4 stone and become hyper-sexual) then he was put on various SSRIs which did much the same, he morphed from a fit and active 21 year old with anxiety to an overweight oversexed, moody zombie who didn't even keep himself clean! Now on what planet were the drugs helping him?? but dammit if the doctors ever listened to us, we had to start weaning him off meds with zero support. After weaning off to half the original dose he lost a few stone, started talking to people again and getting washed, unfortunately he got overconfident and went cold turkey off the remaining half dose, he suffered horrific withdrawal symptoms including massive increase of hyper-sexuality, seizures and post-ictal psychosis that lasted six weeks, and that was off a half dose!! Since coming off the meds he has been great, almost back to how he was (still got some weight to lose though) he was diagnosed with autism shortly after withdrawal as he still has anxiety issues and it turns out that people with autism have a more permeable gut and blood-brain barrier as well as a lower seizure threshold, this means that toxic levels of psychiatric drugs are able to cross the barrier into the brain and cause psychosis and seizures. If seizures occur they can induce post-ictal psychosis which can last 3 months and may include brief periods of relative lucidity and amnesia. Seizures also cause profuse sweating, dilated pupils and extreme sleepiness post-seizure. Now read up on the James Holmes case (ignoring the false claims that Holmes was wearing black contacts in his photos which is a fabrication by the media) You will realise that this boy showed classic symptoms of higher functioning autism (highly intelligent but socially awkward and suffered with acute anxiety), that his behaviour changed radically after taking medications that were meant to help his anxiety and that the police reported his profuse sweating, oddly relaxed sleepiness and pupil dilation on arrest. He also reports amnesia which of course people automatically assume is faked! Note also that Adam Lanza was autistic and recently put on medication. People with autism are not the only people at risk, those with metabolic anomalies such as liver dysfunction and even people suffering significantly heightened stress are at risk of these side-effects (stress disrupts functioning of the blood-brain barrier) These people are not nutters, some people just have drug sensitivities, this is proven medical fact but for some reason the media are refusing to discuss the risks (and yes I emailed them all the relevant medical papers) They even acted dumb by claiming they don't know what the link between autism and these shootings is . . .this is whilst they have an email containing detailed medical information outlining the link between psychiatric drugs, autism, the blood-brain barrier, seizure activity and psychosis! Crazy thing is that something like this happens and people call out for enforced medication which is exactly the opposite of what needs to happen, the drugs literally create ticking time bombs as just missing one dose can do this depending on the half-life of the drug.

  • Veronika Lago

    Wouldn't be surprised if there were some others meds he was on that we just don't know about yet.

  • John Brancato

    Vicodin caused this guy's "altered state"? I highly doubt that. It is a pain killer, but he'd have to take a pound of this stuff in order to get to his "altered state". Looks like a government cover up to me. This tragic incident comes just in time when Emperor Obama and Her Magisty Hillary want to sign the United Nation's "Small Arms Treaty" which effectly cancels out the Second Amendment.

    • John Eagle

      To John Brancato, John.. your thoughts at least deserve some analysis and research by readers. Whatever happened with this guy, it isn't at all explained by the main stream media's presentation of it.

    • Patricia

      He was on SSRIs. Someone is trying to pull a fast one and hide that data.

  • IJS

    Blaming his murdering spree on Vicodin is ridiculous….it is articles like this that make life more difficult for Chronic Pain Patients like myself. I don't take oxycodone and go out and murder people. Preposterous.

    • Maria

      My thoughts exactly, IJS. I have an advanced stage of Interstitial Cystitis and severe daily burning pain from severe open sores all over bladder. Irresponsible reporting…

    • LHM

      To blame the gun for killing these people is preposterous as well…

    • John Eagle

      Good points IJS. Also, have you tried not eating bread, milk, sugar, and junk food? That's a hard thing ot do I know, but have you tried it?? I've seen it effective for many chronic pain patients. Of course, if your condition is because of permanent tissue damage, I understand how you do need pain killers of some kind.

    • Jack White

      IJS just doesn't want to confront that what he is doing to himself might actually be worse than finding natural alternatives. Ive been there, Ive lied to myself, but when it comes down to it Vicodin is fucking dangerous as all hell.

      • Jeremy

        My grandfather taken Vicodin in the hospital and it screwed him up in health, the mind and his perception of pain, diluted his senses, you name it. Ever since then he has request not to take it, he has had a relatively severe reaction to it. Guess what, even after that request another Vicodin dosage was given to him and he didn't know- (bed bound with a collapsed lung).

        The problem is there is better stuff out there, safer and on top of the fact it hurts some more than others. Still with all of this physicians either being infallible humans, scared of financial/legal recourse or perhaps a greedy drug pusher give out chemicals that aren't good for people.

        Politicians and bureaucrats who know nothing of the current day research and field experience of medical science are not ones who should be dictating laws and policies as they do. We end up instead with bad drugs, Vicodin is one of least worrisome psychotropic drugs out there, some serious stuff worse yet is put and taken of the market nearly every month.

        It is like drug mixing, rare side-effect for his uniqueness or another drug's causing.

    • Beth

      I can eat peanuts but they kill some folks! Similarly, there are people who are MUCH more sensitive to the effects of drugs – specifically those with increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier. Those with higher-functioning autism suffer from this anomaly and any psychotropic medication consequently induces dangerous side effects, sudden withdrawal from these meds can cause seizures that induce post ictal psychos, the patient can flip from this psychosis to lucidity and post-ictal bliss whilst also suffering serious amnesia and drowsiness after the manic psychosis. My brother suffered the same symptoms as James Holmes when withdrawing from an SSRI med, including the sudden surge in sexual drive. Symptoms lasted almost two months, luckily he was hospitilized during the withdrawal. My brother is now recovered and was diagnosed with autism shortly after recovering from the withdrawal seizures. James Holmes showed all the signs of higher functioning autism prior to this sudden change in his behaviour – he was shy, unusually intelligent, highly anxious, it definitely appears that he had a severe reaction to vicodin and if he thought the side effects were part of dysphoric mania (a condition that can be induced or massively worsened by meds) he will have withdrawn from the drugs abruptly causing all the psychosis he then exhibited. This could so easily have been my little brother – I would NEVER let a member of my family start taking these 'meds' since witnessing what they can do! I guess it is naive to think these chemicals can be 'magic pills' , they are just psychotropic drugs that happen to be legalised, the fact that people abuse these drugs for 'highs' should really be a warning sign to the public, I used to know a girl who would fake insomnia to get hold of diazepam because it makes you trip if you stay awake on it. . .like I said, these 'meds' are just DRUGS.

    • Patricia

      Chill. Vicodin isn't an SSRI or antipsychotic that is behind 14 of the last school shootings.

  • JA

    I don't know about the pharmaceuticals, but based on his behavior, his background in study and his appearance in court today – I would be willing to bet they find a copy of PiHKAL (either online or in print). This book is full of research chemicals with varying effects, most of which are perfectly legal to purchase and fit completely inline with his line of study (in fact, it is quite likely he was legitimately purchasing them for his PhD study)

    These drugs have been around for many years, but are recently becoming more popular. Many of these drugs produce an effect that can last for days – and he looks like he is still on whatever it is….

    • Maria

      Good observation.

    • Jason Pilley

      "Based on his behaviour" my arse: very many people use and historically have always used tryptamines and phenethylamines to glorious and transcendental effect and have done so without outbursts of mass-murder.

      • bob

        all it takes is one idiot. Just because many people have done it safely means nothing. Most people dont freak on acid, but when that one guy does….

      • Ben

        I'm going with social isolation, sexual frustration, psychotic rage disorder engendered through video games, psychotic break, and mostly assisted by.

        I would love for the police to come clean about the second suspect in this case, that's what I mean about assisted by.

        Someone encouraged this young man to do what he did.

    • drew

      Thanks for your comment. I think you are really on to something in this case. It does not make sense that a good guy could turn so bad so quickly. If he failed to get his Phd, he probably was smart enough to be dangerous [literally]. I would not be surprised if he was proficient at making LSD and probably was attempting to invent the next generation designer drug. Albert Hoffmen was trying to create a cure for the common cold when he got a small amount of his chemical on his finger and eventually become popular for inventing LSD. Why wouldn't a smart Neuro-scientist not try to invent the next greatest brain candy?

      • Krystal

        If we're going to throw speculative motives around then I'm going to jump on the bandwagon by proposing my theory. Which, is this guy was awarded a full ride to PHD level scholarship that also covered his research and provided an additional 20 something thousand dollars a year for his research and theory on Temporal Illusions. You don't get offered a scholarship of that magnitude unless your theories show significant promise. They saw something in this guy that was exceptional and his theories must hold water. Now, Holmes states in a video taken at a science camp where he was a counselor (I think so take that with a grain of salt) that he was researching Temporal Illusions and conducting experiments to prove that an illusion can be created to change the past. This was 6 years ago and he has since gone on to attend the medical school, working towards his Phd and would only leave the program this year.

        What if, as brilliant as he is, this was enough time for him to come to the final stages of his research; the ultimate test of his theory. Could he, in fact, create an illusion to change the past? If he can, and he wouldn't have been given the scholarship if he wasn't well on his way to being able to, then he's going to have to do something massive that people will remember so he can refer them back to it when proving his theory to be correct.

        Everyone knows the only way to get anyone's attention if you are a nobody is to commit an act so heinous it leaves society and the media no choice but to shut up and pay attention, i.e. Ted Kaczynski. So, what if this guy chose to shoot up the theater knowing it would get the nation in a fit and believing 100% that killing those people could be undone once he created an illusion and changed the past. Still, blind faith in your theory or not, knowing you are about to kill people has got to be absolute chaos on your nerves so what if that's why he loaded himself up with Vicodin?

        Does this theory of mine have holes? You betcha. But, I don't know enough about temporal illusions to know what can be changed in the past or how the present is effected and reading about temporal illusions damn near gave me a temporal contusion so I gave up. From what I read, though, it seems like it deals with perception of time.

        This case is a strange one, indeed, and I can't help but notice, 5 days later, he's still being referred to as a "Suspect" or the "Alleged shooter". Why is that? Could it be that he's already set the plan in motion, changing the past one little illusion at a time, and we aren't coming out saying he did it because he somehow messed with the perception of time so the timeline doesn't jive therefore providing him with an out? Then there is the two witnesses someone mentioned who spoke of possible accomplices. I'd be willing to bet my life savings, all $5.53 of it, that those two witnesses drop off the face of the earth and their testimony will never be found again. People who remember them will be called conspiracy theorists and dismissed.

        As you can see, my theory is full of holes, as it doesn't explain the explosives at the apartment and yada yada yada. But, it's a good theory and given what some scientists will sacrifice to prove their theories, even just to test them, it's more believable this guy did this all believing he could go back & change what the did than it is to think the 100mgs of Vicodin (which doesn't even come prescribed like that and if you know anything about vicodin firsthand you'll know what I mean)this guy gobbled up made him go into psychosis and turned him into a cold blooded massacring douche.

        Besides, who cares if my theory holds water, it's just speculation. Right? No harm done?!

        • Granny

          An induced temporal illusion would induce a change only in the particular psyche experiencing the illusion. It could, potentially, have applications in PTSD therapies. It could also have much darker applications. I have not read James Holmes study, only Krystal's comment.

          I found the link to this discussion from elsewhere. Here are some more interesting links contained in the article I read, July 26. Dunno if they will go through. You may have to copy paste the addy to your browser.

          p=343 1


          I think that none of use should jump to any conclusions. If this young person actually is James, then he does not appear to have been acting under his own volition.

          This atrocity seems to be useful to more than one entity. And it hurts many more than those poor folk who just wanted to see a flick. There are evil things in the world.