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Baby Soap Causing Babies to Test Positive for Marijuana

Elizabeth Renter
June 20th, 2012
Updated 11/02/2012 at 8:12 pm
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soapbubble 235x147 Baby Soap Causing Babies to Test Positive for Marijuana

What happened when nurses at a North Carolina hospital noticed higher than normal numbers of infants testing positive for marijuana? No, thankfully they did not call the police. Instead, the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill instituted a study and found something quite bizarre: that baby soap commonly used on infants were resulting in positive marijuana screenings. Learn which 5 baby soaps caused the babies to test positive.

Baby Soap and THC

Researchers aren’t sure why the soaps are causing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC – the active component in marijuana) to show up on test results, but they are reassuring parents that the soaps are not making their babies high. According to My Health News Daily, the test results could be positive because “some of the compounds in the soap have a structure that is partly similar to THC, or it could be that chemicals in the soap change the way the test works.”

They believe that the soap residues remaining on the babies’ skin is finding its way into urine samples collected for the drug tests, not because the soaps are leaving traces within the baby.

Soaps that they found apt to trigger the positive drug screen include the following:

  1. Johnson & Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash
  2. Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Bath
  3. CVS Night-Time Baby Bath
  4. Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash
  5. Aveeno Wash Shampoo

“We really did this to help protect families,” said Dr. Carl Seashore of UNC-Chapel Hill and a researcher on the study. A positive drug test in an infant could be sent over to the authorities if medical professionals thought the child was at risk. A sweet-smelling baby soap could ultimately be a piece of the puzzle that results in child protective services investigating a parent’s parental competency.

Usually, drug screenings are only performed on infants when the mother is believed to be “high-risk” for drug addiction, something that could be determined by a new mother’s own admissions or by her lack of prenatal care. UNC-Chapel Hill hospital conducts such screenings on anywhere from 10-40% of newborns every month.

Following the study, the hospital at UNC-Chapel Hill now sends all positive newborn drug tests to a lab for further confirmation, something most other hospitals don’t due simply due to cost and time.

While a single positive test for marijuana wouldn’t likely cause someone to lose their child, it could warrant an unnecessary investigation. It’s importantl that the information from this study be shared with hospitals and pediatricians across the country to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

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  • carternick117

    Now a days these type of cases are happen rarely, there are so many type of baby products available in the market but sometimes some products creates problem for the children. So at the time of purchase any product first see details of the product then purchase, many products creates problem for the baby so buy the good product for the use.

  • Dani Rose

    Yes Zonie, I am with you. What about the meconium quantity and tests which are generally hidden by the hospital authorities even though the babies have a greater content on them. Need to verify this also. Baby products in the market do contain essential inorganic content which may harm the baby skin but the result is a very small one. But the main thing is, not to check the products by testing babies a lot of time.

  • Second hand smoke

    Well if the baby isn't on drugs yet,it will be by the time its ten or so.This baby got tested for drugs so obviously it was a problem baby.It starts with smoking the soap,then they snort bathsalts and eat faces.Such babies are a portent of the crazy times ahead.Yep.

  • Brian

    Arrest those babies who dare break the law. Who the hell is testing babies for weed anyway? At any rate put them on probation and piss test them on a regular basis. These little bastards are whats wrong with America! Please just make marijuana legal and end this madness. Peace.

  • Jericho

    Or it could be that the lady washing all of these babies is high as a kite.

  • bko

    So how many adults who use these products have tested positive and lost their jobs?

  • TheRebel

    Why are they testing infants for something so harmless?

  • ZonieRN

    What about meconium? (the infant's first stools) Most hospitals I've worked at do not test infant urine. It's meconium that gets the drug screen.

  • Jim

    Stop using these products immediately.

    We have already heard of numerous horror stories involving the CPS (Child Protective Services) and they need no occasion for doing their nefarious color-of-law actions. Only 10% of children abducted by the CPS ever return.

    • Awake


      Spot on. You are most correct. The average imbecile is completely ignorant of the evils that exist in this world, and anyone attempting to enlighten the populous is treated as a "conspiracy theorist", yet comments like yours are invariably responded to by paid board shills or disinformation agents. Those that are ignorant to the nature of your comment, haven't taken a moment of their time to break away from their hypnotic television programing device and research the sick and evil nature of the elite. Use your search engine of choice and start with "DynCorp and child kidnapping". Many rabbit holes await the seeker of knowledge that exist outside of fake Zionist "programming".