HIV/AIDS Epidemic Fueled by the War on Drugs, Says Commission

It’s rare to find an entire commission of esteemed global leaders willing to say such a thing. This week, the Global Commission on Drug Policy released a report calling on countries of the world to not only reevaluate their approach but dramatically shift the way they handle drug offenses. The failing drug war fueling the HIV/AIDs epidemic is just one reason to reevaluate how things are done.

Kids Playing Sports and Active Young Teens Healthier, Happier

Some of us remember being picked last for dogeball in gym while others remember being voted MVP on the varsity soccer team. Chances are, no matter how well we performed, we felt both healthier and happier if we were active during those treacherous middle school years. Some findings support this claim, showing that kids playing sports and active teens may be healthier and happy than those who are inactive.

Genetically Modified Babies ‘Created’ in US – The World’s First

In a developing story, the Daily Mail is now reporting that the very first (admitted) group of genetically modified babies have been ‘created’ in the United States. The scientists involved reportedly announced the result on the night of June 27th, stating that 30 babies were born using genetic modification techniques.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Are Destroying Your Water

Think you know what pharmaceuticals you ingest everyday? Think again. Several decades worth of research, most recently and notoriously an April 2008 AP Investigation, has confirmed the pervasive presence of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in our nation’s water supply. Lesser known sources of water pollution, these drugs include antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones.

Cancer Cell Growth Stopped and Reversed by Green Tea

Even if cancer cells exist, they don’t need to thrive. Research shows that cancer cell growth can be stopped and reversed with green tea.

Herbal Sleep Remedies to Help Treat Insomnia, Sleep Apnea

Over half of all Americans suffer from some type sleep impending disorder. Whether it be sleep apnea, narcolepsy or delayed sleep syndrome, the bottom line is that we are a nation without rest. With sleeplessness reaching epidemic proportions, many people are sick and tired of being tired, with most individuals willing to try anything for just a few hours of shut-eye. But instead of turning to harmful sleep medication, consider trying simple and effective herbal sleep remedies.

Heart Disease Causes Includes Antidepressant Use

A University College London study involving nearly 15,000 people in Scotland linked old-style antidepressants with 35% increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This research showing that antidepressants may be among important risk factors for heart disease should be known by everyone using these medications.

Causes of Water Pollution – GMO Farming, Glyphosate Big Contributors

Water pollution and air pollution has been and continues to be a serious issue in many nations. Both of these pollution types are successfully bringing down the health of not only humans, but also animals, plant life, and the ecosystem as a whole. While the causes of water pollution and causes of air pollution are many, research is actually pointing a straight finger at GMO farming and chemicals like glyphosate for being important culprits.

Report: Nature May Soon Overcome Monsanto as ‘Super Rootworms’ Destroy Crops

What will be the end of Monsanto? Could it be lawsuits, new legislation, or perhaps even a tiny insect that is less than 0.10 mm in length. A new report reveals that rootworms may ultimately be what ends Monsanto’s crops, despite the biotech giant’s rampant success within the United States legislative system.

Causes of Alzheimer’s Includes Stress – Study May Show for First Time

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, and is the sixth leading cause of death. But unlike heart disease, stroke, and other leading causes, no link has been established between Alzheimer’s disease and stress. But one study out of the U.K. hopes to discover if stress is among the many causes of Alzheimer’s.

Drug War Ending Should Be a “Left, Right, and Center” Concern

It doesn’t take a genius, a criminal justice scholar or an activist to realize that something is wrong with the fact that the United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. This mass incarceration is due, at least in part, to the War on Drugs, a war being fought within our borders and against our fellow citizens. Unfortunately, this drug war, like other wars the United States is currently fighting, is one with questionable intentions.

Genetic Evidence that Antioxidants Kill Cancer

Researchers of Jefferson’s Kimmel Cancer Center have produced genetic evidence suggesting antioxidant drugs could help prevent and treat cancer. With research already showcasing the powers of various cancer fighting foods, this research further shows how dangerous mainstream medical testing and treatments can be outranked by nature’s gifts.

Medical Hypnosis Used as a General Anesthesia?

It’s called medical hypnosis and it allowed surgeons to perform their work with the patient awake enough to move, if needed. Some doctors say hypnosis needs to be embraced by mainstream medicine as a practical way to treat conditions and to provide a far less risky means of general anesthesia. Others, not surprisingly, aren’t convinced.

Wolbachia Mosquitoes Released in Australian Towns – Up to 20,000

Do you remember how some scientists, researchers, and individuals like Bill Gates were trying to release genetically modified mosquitoes into the environment? Well, that endeavor isn’t quite over. Two towns in Northern Australia have recently been gifted with 10-20 thousand genetically modified mosquitoes – almost completely replacing mosquitoes naturally occurring in the outdoors.

Foods that Help Lower Blood Pressure – Natural Solutions

Rather than a plastic bottle from the pharmacy, your next ally in the battle against high blood pressure might come from your garden. Revealing that hibiscus rests among the many foods that help lower blood pressure, multiple studies have shown that drinking tea made from the flowers of hibiscus sabdariffa effectively lowers blood pressure in individuals whose levels put them at increased risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney failure.

Can Blood Tests Detect Cancer? Vitamin D Tests can Long Before Tumor Development

Can blood tests detect cancer? Dr. Cedric Garland of the University of California- San Diego has been working on the relationship of Vitamin D deficiency and cancer for years. What he has found, but what’s remained quiet among mainstream medicine, could revolutionize cancer detection, prevention and treatment.

Saying No to Vaccines: Your Rights

If you aren’t aware that vaccines are a controversial matter, you haven’t been paying attention. The government and big pharma would have you believe your life is at risk if you don’t vaccinate. But, growing research suggests vaccines aren’t effective in the prevention of disease and that they may actually cause more harm than good.