Pharmaceutical Industry Payouts Prompt Conflict of Interest Concerns

How would you feel knowing that the doctor insisting that smoking is completely safe is actually being paid by the tobacco industry? This kind of information would be extremely off-putting to say the least. But unfortunately this conflict of interest is absolutely rampant among the mainstream health community, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, recent news has come out revealing that thousands of doctors, researchers, and medical experts in Texas are being paid handsomely by the pharmaceutical industry.

Monsanto’s Roundup Spawns Superweeds Consuming Over 120 Million Hectares

Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide Roundup has created a new category of superweeds that are heavily resistant to the herbicide that Roundup contains known as glyphosate. These resistant weeds currently cover over 4.5 hectares in the United States alone, though experts estimate the world-wide land coverage to have reached at least 120 million hectares by 2010. The onset of superweeds is being increasingly documented in Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Europe and South Africa.

Laptop Wi-Fi Found to Damage Your Fertility, DNA

Laptops are the technological biproduct of the ever-increasing need for smaller and better electronics. While laptops may be convenient and efficient, a growing amount of research has found that they may also be threatening your fertility and damaging your DNA. One study, the first of its kind, examined the relationship between human sperm health and internet-connected laptops utilizing Wi-Fi.

Childhood Vaccine Exemption Rates Increasing Nationwide

It seems as though the “necessity” of childhood vaccinations, as widely voiced by health officials and the government, is simply not being accepted by parents around the country. While the rates of children receiving vaccines remains high, we are seeing an increase in childhood vaccine exemption rates in eight states now with more than 1 in 20 public school kindergartners not receiving all the vaccines required for school attendance.

‘DNA Barcoding’ to Regulate Seafood Industry Through Genetic Scanning

Restaurants around the globe will soon be utilizing genetic identification technology to ensure that certain seafood meals are genuine. The DNA barcoding technique was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in October, and is toted as a method of dealing with ‘fraudulent’ fish products.

Even Low Dose Vitamin D Slashes Flu Risk by Nearly Half

Vitamin D3, even when taken in low daily dosages, has been found to slash your risk of developing the flu by 42%. If optimal ranges of vitamin D intake were utilized, the percentage would most likely climb much higher. While conducting the study, Mitsuyoshi Urashima and colleagues at the Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo administered only 1,200 IU of vitamin D daily to study participants.

Immunize Your Child or Lose Benefits, Parents Told

Starting July 1 of 2012, Australian parents will be stripped of family tax benefits if their child is not fully immunized. Once the immunization alterations take effect next year, families who refuse vaccinations will also be refusing up to $2,100 per child in benefits. It seems that this is just one attempt by the Australian government to force vaccinations on children before potentially making it a federal law.

Obese Ohio Child Taken from Parents, Placed in Drug-Crazy Foster Care

Ohio social workers have taken a 200-pound third-grader from his parents and placed him in foster care, where children are given as many harmful antipsychotics as the mentally disabled. The government workers said that his mother was not doing enough to lower his weight, clearly deeming her an irresponsible parent.

Lower Your Blood Pressure with Coconut Water

Coconut water is not only delicious, but it could be a viable natural solution to lowering your blood pressure. One recent study has shown the benefits of this natural heart helper. Amazingly, coconut water was found to lower the blood pressure of 71% of study participants.

Why is Marijuana Illegal? | Examining the Health Aspects of Cannabis

Countless studies have highlighted the industrial and medicinal uses of marijuana (cannabis), yet the federal government claims that it has ‘no accepted medical use’ and continues to classify it in the same category as heroin, MDMA, and PCP. Despite the ruling, the medial marijuana market is priced at around $1.7-billion — that’s almost as much as the explosive Viagra market.

GMO Crops Continually Banned Around the World in Display of Health Freedom

Colorado’s Boulder County was the latest health freedom hotspot to stand up against Monsanto and genetically modified produce, with town advisory committees announcing plans to phase out GMO crops on open space in pursuit of sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Vitamins Key Secret to Limb Regeneration

Although the findings cannot yet be fully utilized by humans, scientists have unlocked the key to limb regeneration — vitamins. After three decades of research, scientists have finally discovered how some animals can regenerate amputated limbs or damaged organs.

Too Much Low Dose Tylenol Deadlier than Massive Overdose

Taking just a little ‘too much’ Tylenol over the course of days or weeks can be even more deadly than massive overdose, according to new research. Instead of instant effects associated with the overdose of acetaminophen (Tylenol), death from lower doses may not be recognized due to a lack of concrete side effects.

Giving Thanks During Hard Times | How You are Shaping the Health Revolution this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is, aptly named and recognized as a time to give gratitude, appreciation, and rightful merits. A time to recognize what you should be thankful for, and why. With the world in a state of disarray, it’s hard to recognize what you should be giving thanks for in the first place. It seems as though the world continuously produces hardship, pain and challenge. From all sides, it’s almost as though a malevolent force bears down on humankind, oppressing and inhibiting our ability to live life to our fullest potential.

Merck Pays $950 Million in Criminal Fines and for Falsely Marketing Vioxx

It was announced on Tuesday that Merck will pay upwards of $950 million as a means of resolving investigations carried out regarding the company’s marketing tactics of their painkiller Vioxx. The corrupt, profit-driven company is planning to pay $321.6 million in criminal fines while the remaining $628.4 million goes toward a civil settlement agreement. Merck will also be pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge due to false advertising and deceptive marketing tactics by marketing Vioxx as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis – all without FDA approval.

BPA Blood Levels Spike by 1,200 Percent After Eating Canned Foods

New research from Harvard University has found that eating canned soup can spike your urinary BPA levels by 1,200 percent compared to fresh soap. Described as “one of the first to quantify BPA levels in humans after ingestion of canned foods,” the study examines the volume in which cancer-causing BPA contaminates canned goods across the world. The research appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association November issue. BPA of course has been linked to countless diseases, including breast cancer and fertility defects that can lead to infertility.

DHS Issues Turkey Frying Warning While Frying You with X-Ray Scanners on Biggest Travel Day

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning over the dangers of frying your turkey for this coming Thanksgiving, while simultaneously frying you with their TSA X-ray scanners. In a recent Twitter warning, the DHS asked “How dangerous can turkey fryers be?” Along with the message was an embedded Youtube video that ominously highlights the dangers of frying a turkey.