The Guilty Pleasure that can Boost Your Overall Health

Chocolate may be your “guilty” pleasure, but you shouldn’t feel very guilty at all about eating it quite regularly. A new study has found that chocolate can actually help to improve the health of your heart, but its benefits don’t stop there.

False Pandemic? U.N. Warns of Bird Flu Resurgence

Despite being in decline since 2003, the United Nations has warned of a bird flu resurgence that could potentially reach pandemic levels. While there has been a large degree of speculation over the possibility of a bird flu pandemic.

Big Pharma to Charge 115,200 Dollars Per Patient Each Year for New Lung Cancer Drug

Pfizer plans on coming out with a new drug to treat a rare form of lung cancer. Four years ago, Pfizer was going to halt a cancer therapy until they discovered that it actually worked. The problem is that Pfizer’s “market” was only about 6000 patients a year in the U.S. Today that therapy is called Xalkori. Pfizer plans on charging each patient $115,200/year for the treatment, which is created only for a very rare lung cancer.

Active Sex Life for Woman Could Mean Better Aging

Sexual activity in the elderly woman is associated with healthier aging and an overall better quality of life, a new study reports. The researchers analyzed information gathered from 1,200 women in San Diego from ages 60 to 89.

Probiotics in This Food Could Help Treat Depression

Probiotics found in yogurt could help people experiencing depression. Usually, yogurt has been known for strengthening intestinal health, but now it may serve as a solution to depression, scientists say. The new study discovered that bacteria found in the gut was directly correlated with the brains of mice. Scientists believe that it is to be the same case with humans.

Government Illegally Raids Gibson Guitars | Steals Millions Worth of Wood

A shocking US government raid has recently taken place against the manufacturing facilities of Gibson Guitars Corp. On August 24th, armed federal marshals raided the facilities, ordering that the facilities be shut down and employees go home.

Antibiotic Overuse a Serious Problem

The overuse of antibiotics has become a serious problem. Mainstream doctors are now warning against the excessive overuse of antibiotics due to the permanent negative alterations in digestive flora. They even believe that antibiotics could be contributing to many illnesses, including type 1 diabetes, allergies, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Obesity is Eating Away at Your Money

Obesity may be America’s top health and financial risk. Recent news shows that if we continue to eat at the same rate we’ve been eating, and continue to sit at the same rate we’ve been sitting, then half of the US population will be obese by 2030.

Enjoying Life to the Fullest – Questions to Ask Yourself

Although some people feel unlucky and even reluctant to enjoy all that life has to offer, to enjoy life is one of the great reasons we are here. It is a wonderful thing to live with such diversity and different views. Free will is magnificent and should be greatly appreciated. However, some people have come to frown upon views which are not there own.

Are Men Really Men Anymore?

Men are becoming increasingly less masculine as the years go by. Research is showing that testosterone levels in men have been plummeting for decades. This hormone responsible for masculine behavior is no longer being produced at the rate is used to be produced at.

Fruits and Vegetables Now Less Nutritious

The amount of nutrients found in fruits and vegetables has diminished greatly over the years. One apple today may carry half the amount of nutrients as an apple produced 40 years ago. Although it is still very true that everybody should be consuming many fruits and vegetables on a daily basis (preferably organic), the sad truth is that we would need to consume many times more of them in order to get the nutrients we need.

Obesity Rates in all US States

Below is a list of the US states ordered by the percentage of residents who are considered obese. It is important to know that the results are based on interviews with 177,237 Americans over 18 years of age. The interviews were conducted in January through June and the participants were asked their height and weight.

Half of US Population Expected to be Obese by 2030

If the U.S. population continues on their unhealthy nutrition trajectory, 50% of the US population is expected to be considered obese by the year 2030. With the increase in obesity will inevitable come the increase in healthcare costs along with many of health ailments which are fed by obesity. The increase in obese people would go from 99 million to roughly 164 million.

Alternative Medicine Practiced by Many HealthCare Workers

More and more people are turning to alternative medicine, a new report says. Surprisingly, many of those people are health-care workers. The report states that 3 out of ever 4 U.S. health-care works use one of the many forms of complementary or alternative medicine in order to stay vibrant and healthy.

Foods Beat Cholesterol Drugs in Effectiveness Without Nasty Side Effects

A new study has found that nutrition, not pharmaceutical cholesterol drugs, are the most effective means of lowering “bad” cholesterol levels. While it has been established that cholesterol is not always a powerful indicator of heart health, the study does add to the mountain of scientific and anecdotal evidence that natural foods are thousands of times more effective than pharmaceuticals.

Are Environmental Poisons Making You Fat?

Recent research has tied environmental toxins to the development of obesity. Known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs), the contaminants were found to have a direct correlation with fat mass. The results showed that blood plasma concentrations of octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (OCDD), PCBs, and the pesticides HCB, TNK, and DDE were all found to lead to higher fat mass.

Human Modification: Spider Goat Silk to Make ‘Bulletproof Human Skin’

Following the leaked news that scientists have created 15,000+ experimental animal hybrids, it has now come out that researchers are in the process of developing bulletproof human skin by using the silk of a creature with both spider and goat genes known as a spider goat.