Vitamin D Benefits – The Powers of Vitamin D


Whenever you’re told to keep out of the sun, keep in mind that you are also depriving your body of amazing vitamin D benefits. The sun is the optimal source of vitamin D absorption, providing it naturally in a form the body can fully utilize. In recent years, most people have been found to have vitamin D deficiencies. This is the result of avoiding sunshine by either keeping out of the sun or applying sunscreen lotions.

Vitamin D boosts the body’s ability to fight viral infections like the common flu. In one study, even low dose vitamin D offered extreme protection against all flu strains — slashing your risk by almost half. It also helps the immune system to fight upper respiratory diseases. This magical vitamin wards off infections and helps the body to absorb calcium as well.

The body needs calcium to function properly and when there are low levels of calcium, the body has to rely on the calcium content of our bones in order to come up with the calcium it needs. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb more calcium from food so that bones remain healthy.

Vitamin D has also been found to help people with asthma and other respiratory diseases to breathe normally. Asthma reduces lung functions to the point that an asthmatic patient has trouble breathing. Vitamin D prevents the slow decline in the ability to breath.

Recent studies show that there is a link between cancer and low levels of vitamin D. More studies show that vitamin D can play a significant role in the prevention of prostate cancer and other types of cancer as well. Studies also show that Vitamin D can possibly be used in the treatment of diabetes, schizophrenia, hypertension and many other medical conditions.

There are not many foods that have sufficient quantities of vitamin D to keep a person healthy. In addition, it is a challenge to absorb adequate amounts of vitamin D during the winter and fall months in most locations. In order to satisfy the body’s need and experience vitamin D benefits, this vitamin needs to be taken as a dietary supplement on a daily basis when optimal sun conditions are not met.
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  1. Ten minutes full sunshine on the body before 10AM and after 3PM is sufficient.

    I had a nasty 'thing' on my leg that wouldn't heal with creams and such so I exposed it to full sunshine until my leg was slightly pink (burned) and within three days it healed up and hasn't returned.

    Exposing yourself between 10 and 3 could lead to burning which is what you need to avoid. Consider the lack of ozone (ozone hole) in your area also as ozone filters out some of the harmful rays.

    Jeanenne Fregeau; 'website' means that if you have one, you can share it here with everyone.

    Marie Pretorius; go to for excellent info on all things healthy. A great site!

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