Monsanto’s Roundup Continuously Shown to Cause Birth Defects

Monsanto’s Roundup Continuously Shown to Cause Birth Defects
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Monsanto has recently been noted as one of the key power players in the welfare of people across the country, continually extending their influence to the more remote parts of the world as well. Monsanto has also been engineering extensively genetically modified crops for the past several decades, and now finally has a type of soybean crop that can survive sustained pesticide exposure – for maximum insect control of course.

What seems to be a positive situation is actually a mostly dangerous toxic product; made specifically to deflect the harmful effects of the pesticides and weed killers on the growing plants, the Roundup Ready crops are recognized as the root cause of disease and discontent spread upon the Argentinean mass growing plains known as the Pampas. There was a time when the Pampas were littered with small farms, but ever since Monsanto hit the scene, the Pampas have been a major GMO growing operation.

The genetically engineered crops’ effect on the population has been simply terrible. The crop itself is not the only problem, the crops are sprayed on a regular basis with gallons of pesticides and weed killers, which has taken the toll on the locals. They consume much of the crops themselves, either by exports or to be consumed themselves – the soybean crop accounts for a very large portion of income, and is also a centerpiece in the Argentine diet. Effects vary, but some people have been known to develop breasts, have a variety of birth defects, and  have been known to experience carcinogenic effects as well. The people are also becoming sterile over time. Given the rate of consumption, they will likely be completely sterile within a decade.

The studies have also proven that extended use of non-organic crops and pesticides will continuously affect the body and the core functions of the body, primarily in the reproductive areas. Glyphosate, which is in many Monsanto products and crops, has been found to have a direct correlation to the disruption of the well-being of several key systems of the body – growth hormones are immediately affected, followed by the endocrine systems and the reproductive systems on the long term. Glyphosate has been credited as being the poison that is killing the Argentine population slowly and to no avail.

Thankfully, after receiving anonymous threats, a woman from Argentina has taken action against Monsanto and pesticide spraying – successfully resulting in positive change for her community. She even won an environmental award for her activism.

This isn’t the only occurrence of mass experimentation with GMO crops and pesticides; in fact this is but one crop in one particular location of the world. Glyphosate-based crops and pesticides have been in circulation in many nations for decades.  One study conducted by a German university found very high concentrations of Glyphosate in all urine samples tested. Canola, soybeans, corn, and cotton are all a major part of the GMO crops that have been ravaging the health and well-being of the nation, even with the prior knowledge that the GMO crops were shown to be harmful to a large quantity of both people and animals alike.

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