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Astaxanthin is a caratenoid, similar to the beta-carotene that gives the color orange to carrots and oranges. In marine life, it is responsible for giving crabs their color as well. What’s so special about astaxathin? The antioxidant not only provides color, but possesses numerous benefit as a super antioxidant. When used in the human body, astaxanthin provides a long line of health benefits, including slowing of the aging process.

One of the most noticeable health benefits of astaxanthin is that has the ability to improve eyesight. Astaxanthin can reduce cataracts and protect eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays. Another health benefit is that it improves skin texture and makes the skin look and feel younger.

Astaxanthin even protects the brain from dementia and helps in the prevention of Alzheimer’s. It is also capable of reducing damage to our DNA by as much as 40%. Astaxathin is also subsequently able to reduce the risk of cancer. Other benefits include improving the flow of blood into your arteries by reducing cholesterol. In turn, this lowers blood pressure and helps your hearts pump more easily. Blocked arteries are considered the main cause of heart attacks and heart failure.

The list of health benefits of Astaxathin goes on and on. Antioxidants have been known for quite some time to improve your health, and this is why health conscious individuals are beginning to utilize the benefits of astaxanthin through foods and supplementation. Astaxathin is about a hundred times more powerful than beta-carotene and over 500 times more powerful than Vitamin E. When taken on a daily basis, the effects of astaxanthin can be noticed within several weeks.

During the past years, technology has developed so well that it has helped researchers find better products to improve our health. astaxanthin is now hitting the mainstream with its numerous benefits, and is easy to procure globally from food sources and high quality astaxanthin-based supplementation.

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