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Vaccinations are pushed by the news media and other so-called experts as the miracle cure to a variety of conditions, but have you ever examined the science for yourself? Would the very suggestion that vaccinations are harmful incite anger inside of you, causing you to dismiss this article as hogwash? If vaccinations are truly the silver bullet against deadly diseases, and their safety is indeed based upon concrete science, then there should be no fear as to investigating the matter further.

Why then, is mainstream media along with many medical establishments refusing to discuss the science behind vaccinating to a proficient degree? You could argue that it’s so stupid that they don’t want to waste their time on it, but if that were the case then why are so many doctors exposing the health hazards of vaccines? Even if it so so stupid that it made absolutely no sense, wouldn’t the mainstream media pick it up to get higher ratings? Wouldn’t the loonies bring some viewers to their station, to laugh at their insanity?

The Research is out There

Vaccines and Immunization References and Research Citations Vaccines Have Been Linked to Leukemias and Lymphomas:

Bichel, Post-vaccinial Lymphadenitis Developing into Hodgkin’s Disease, Acta Med Scand, 1976, Vol 199, p523-525.

Stewart, AM, et al, Aetiology of Childhood Leukaemia, Lancet, 16 Oct, 1965, 2:789-790. [Listed under Vaccine Adverse Reactions.]

Glathe, H et al, Evidence of Tumorigenic Activity of Candidate Cell Substrate in Vaccine Production by the Use of Anti-Lymphocyte Serum, Development Biol Std, 1977, 34:145-148.

These are but a few of the studies. This is not a complete list.

Thimerosal (Mercury) is a Toxic Additive

Even if vaccinations were effective outside the realm of additives, they would still be harmful. The title of the toxic additive may have changed from œmercury to œthimerosal, but it’s effects have stayed the same. If you don’t believe that thimerosal is in the vaccination, then why don’t you take a look at the insert tab for the seasonal flu vaccine. Perhaps the most disturbing fact is that thimerosal is not the only additive. The other additives might churn your stomach.

Other additives:

  • aluminum hydroxide aluminum phosphate
  • ammonium sulfate amphotericin B
  • calf (bovine) serum animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit
  • brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick
  • embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
  • betapropiolactone fetal bovine serum
  • formaldehyde formalin
  • gelatin glycerol
  • human diploid cells (originating from
  • human aborted fetal tissue)
  • hydrolized gelatin

This is not a complete list. This is but an excerpt from the Physician’s Warranty of Vaccine Safety, which is actually supposed convince people that vaccines are good for you.

Disapproval of the Truth

With kids being offered pizza to take the deadly swine flu vaccine, it’s easy to see that vaccinations are not being suggested, but instead we are being pushed to take them as if it were immoral to object. The mainstream media acts as if everyone who rejects their vaccination will infect everyone else. How is this possible if the vaccinations work as claimed? If others are vaccinated, shouldn’t someone without the vaccinations be a non-issue? Personally, I know quite a few people who received the h1n1 vaccine, yet also came down with h1n1 more than once after the fact.

Once you research the information for yourself, you come to realize that it is quite simple. Just because the mainstream media pushes it as a medical miracle does not make it so. The only way to correctly find the truth in something is to investigate it. Once you go through this process you find out the truth of the matter: the science behind vaccinations is filled with medical quackery.

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