Did a Common Anti-Anxiety Drug Play into Soundgarden Rocker’s Death?

Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell’s death was ruled a suicide, but his family says the anti-anxiety drug Ativan may have been involved.

Read What Happened When Healthy People Were Given Antidepressants

A new study of healthy people taking antidepressants shows that the drugs often significantly increase suicidal feelings in users.

Belgian Minor First to Be Given Euthanasia Rights

The first terminally ill Belgian minor has died due to doctor-assisted suicide, a program that those under 18 were approved for 2014.

Could Being Hospitalized with Infections Lead to Higher Suicide Risk?

A new Danish study has found that people who have been hospitalized for a serious infection are at a higher risk for suicide.

Doctors in Australia Ordered to Prescribe Fewer Antidepressants

Antidepressants don’t work in 40% of Australians who take the drugs, and doctors are being told to hand out fewer prescriptions.

Antidepressant Review Shows Big Pharma Covers Up Links to Suicide

The largest review to date of the effect of antidepressant drugs on children and teens uncovered shocking cover-ups and lies by Big Pharma.

Reanalysis: Antidepressant Drug Paxil Makes Teens Suicidal

Contrary to what a 2001 study found, Paxil is not safe and effective for teens. In fact, it may be making them suicidal.

Scientists: Air Pollution So Bad It’s ‘Linked to Suicide’

Suicide may be linked to air pollution, according to new research that finds spikes in completed suicides in the days following peak pollution levels.

Debt & Suicide: Testimonies Presented from India’s GMO Farmers (VIDEO)

Farmers in India are swimming in debt, losing land, and committing suicide because of biotech creations – genetically modified crops and pesticides.

Postponed: Brazil Tables “Suicide Seed” Issue Until February

Lawmakers in Brazil were poised to approve genetically-modified seeds known as “suicide seeds”, but at the last minute, Brazil postponed it until February.

Court Awards Family for Antidepressants Leading to Man’s Suicide

A Supreme Court jury in New York awarded $1.5 million to the family of Joseph Mazella, who committed suicide in 2009 after his physician prescribed the 51-year old father, teacher, and basketball coach a deadly cocktail of pharmaceuticals—without having met him once.

Omega 3s May Actually Help Cut Suicides Naturally

A new study funded by the Department of Defense may naturally help cut suicides among veterans, across the country, and the world. By supplying 350 volunteers daily with either a placebo or a smoothie containing 4 grams of omega 3 fatty acids, investigators will determine if this oft-overlooked nutrient can successfully heal psychological and emotional wounds.

Antidepressants Proven to be Useless, Pushed on Public Anyway

The psychiatric community as well as health and government officials have been pushing antidepressants on the people for years. Instead of addressing the underlying cause of such negative feelings, psychiatrists and medical representatives have been making you think that the only answer to depression is an antidepressant drug. However, the claims that antidepressants are the answer are completely false, but many will refuse to admit the truth to the public. Why?

Antidepressants Cause Your Arteries to Thicken 400% More Than Aging

Depression may be the worst emotional experience there is. The causes are many, and it often drives people to zig-zag past everything that matters and into a pill bottle of pharmaceutical ‘treatments’. But these solutions offered by the pharmaceutical industry are nothing but a sham, and their antidepressant products only make you more depressed and trigger suicidal thoughts. One study has also found that antidepressants cause your arteries to thicken 400% more than aging – a main factor in the thickening of the arteries.

Obese Ohio Child Taken from Parents, Placed in Drug-Crazy Foster Care

Ohio social workers have taken a 200-pound third-grader from his parents and placed him in foster care, where children are given as many harmful antipsychotics as the mentally disabled. The government workers said that his mother was not doing enough to lower his weight, clearly deeming her an irresponsible parent.

Foster Children Given Harmful Antipsychotics and Tranquilizers as Frequently as Mentally Disabled

Young children in foster care are being given antipsychotics just as frequently as children considered to be the most mentally disabled, according to a new report. It seems that foster children are being dosed up with powerful antipsychotic drugs traditionally given to schizophrenics, the same drugs that even mainstream health official are now speaking out against. The report, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics, examined how often young children in foster care are given two antipsychotic drugs at once.

More than 1 in 10 Americans on Suicide-Linked Antidepressants

Despite evidence linking popular antidepressants like Prozac to suicide more than 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 12 are now taking antidepressants prescribed by their doctors. In fact, antidepressants are now the most common drug among people aged 18 to 44, according to statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.

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