Marijuana Could be a Viable Treatment for Migraines for Many

A new study is the first of its kind to back many migraine sufferers’ claims that marijuana both prevents and treats these agonizing headaches.

Study: Cannabidiol-Based Medication Reduces Intense Seizures by 50%

In a recent study, cannabidiol (CBD) reduced the number of seizures by half in children and adults with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), a severe form of epilepsy.

Daily Dose of This Plant Could Reverse Age-Related Decline in the Brain

A new study in mice shows that a daily dose of cannabis could reverse age-related brain decline in older people due to the THC compound.

Odd New Marijuana-Related Illness Sending People to the ER

In states where marijuana has been legalized, more people are being diagnosed with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome – which causes nausea and vomiting.

New Poll Reflects America’s Changing Attitudes Toward Marijuana

A new national survey shows that the majority of Americans view tobacco and alcohol use as a bigger threat than marijuana use.

Medical Marijuana Gets the Green Light in North Dakota

In North Dakota, voters passed a law legalizing medical cannabis on November, 2016 by a majority 64%, but lawmakers have been haggling over many details.

Legal Medical Marijuana is Coming to West Virginia

West Virginia’s governor is expected to sign an April 2017 bill legalizing medical marijuana in all forms except edibles and loose (rollable) marijuana.

Lawmakers Introduce Bill Package to Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol

Two Oregon lawmakers introduced to Congress in late March a bold package of bills that would legalize marijuana nationwide.

Recreational Marijuana will be Legal in Canada by July, 2018

Legislation will be introduced in Canada the week of April 10 to legalize recreational marijuana across the country by July 2018.

Italian Farmers Turn to Cannabis to Fight Soil Contamination

Farmers in a region of Italy have a unique use for cannabis. It seems that the low-THC hemp helps decontaminate polluted soil. Here is how.

Marijuana Strain Recalled in Oregon over High Pesticide Levels

The state of Oregon issued its first-ever marijuana recall after a strain called Blue Magoo was found to have high levels of pesticides.

This is how Colorado is Trying to Protect its Marijuana Industry

A bill being considered in Colorado would allow pot growers and retailers to reclassify recreational weed as medical in case of a federal crackdown.

Americans are Ditching Beer for Cannabis in Huge Numbers

As more states legalize marijuana for recreational use, the popularity of cannabis is exploding, particularly among beer drinkers.

Jeff Sessions: Pot “Only Slightly Less Awful” than Heroin

Attorney General Jeff Sessions showed off his anti-marijuana efforts yet again when he said that marijuana is “only slightly less awful” than heroin.

Israel Decriminalizes Marijuana

Israel has decriminalized the use of marijuana, and openly admits the move was done, in part, because of shifting attitudes about the plant worldwide.

Study: Patients Are Choosing Cannabis over Opioids

A Canadian study shows that many patients with gastrointestinal problems, mental health issues, and/or chronic pain choose cannabis over prescription drugs.

Here it Comes: Feds to Crack Down on Recreational Marijuana

Despite pot legalization by states, White House spokesman Sean Spicer says there will be greater enforcement of federal marijuana laws in the near future.