Scientists Develop a Milk Chocolate as Healthy as Dark Chocolate

Thanks to a scientists at the University of North Carolina, you might someday be able to buy milk chocolate that is as healthy as dark chocolate.

Crawling Around Crop Fields, Chinese Spy Caught Stealing Millions of $$ Worth of GM Seeds

A Chinese spy was caught reverse-engineering GMO seeds in the United States, and attempted to steal millions of dollars’ worth of them.

Greenpeace Finds Illegal GMO Corn Crops in China

Greenpeace said in a report released last Wednesday that farmers in northeast China are illegally growing genetically modified corn.

Biotech Outraged After China Rejects Several Billion Tons of GMO Corn

Syngenta expects to win Chinese government approval for imports of a type of GM corn at the center of lawsuits over U.S. grain shipments rejected by China.

China Halts U.S. Grain Imports Due to GMO Concerns, Impacting U.S. Grain Sector

China halted some U.S. grain imports that amount to hundreds of thousands of tons per month due to fears that genetically modified grains will sneak on in.

5 Hidden Ingredients in Your GMO Corn that Should NOT Be There

Corn simply isn’t what it used to be. In fact, most of it is now genetically modified. Here are 5 hidden ingredients that can be found in GMO corn.

French Parliament Permanently Bans All GMO Maize Effective this Year

The French Parliament passed a law prohibiting genetically modified maize from being grown anywhere in the country due to environmental and health concerns.

Huge: China Refused 887,000 Tonnes of US GMO Corn, But may Accept Syngenta’s MIR162 Corn

China refused over 887,000 tonnes of GMO corn shipped from the U.S. since just last November, but may soon be accepting Syngenta’s GMO corn.

France to Tell GMOs Au Revoir by Restoring GMO Ban

Due to consumer outcry and activism, the French are preparing to restore a GMO maize ban in their country just before farmers prepare for Spring planting.

True GMO Science and Dangers You’ll Never Hear About from the Media

Hundreds of scientists are publicly speaking out against GMOs, but you’ll never hear about the true science and dangers of GMOs from the mainstream media.

3 GMO Foods Likely in Your Multi-Vitamins

The vitamin industry has been tainted with Big Ag and Big Pharma. Here are 3 GMO foods you probably never expected to find in your vitamins.

Illegal GMO Corn Expelled Over a Decade Ago Contaminates Saudi Arabian Crops

A controversial GMO corn is reportedly contaminating crops. Further, this corn is causing damage to livestock which could negatively affect humans.

Analysis Finds Monsanto’s GM Corn Nutritionally Dead, Highly Toxic

A 2012 nutritional analysis of genetically modified corn found that GM corn is nutritionally dead and poses a toxic threat – non-GM corn is healthful.

Karma? Rootworm Damaging Ineffective GMO Corn

Rootworms are the bane of any corn farmer’s existence, and despite the efforts of the world’s biggest biotech agribusinesses to genetically engineer corn to grow their own pesticides, they’re still chewing. Swiss-based Syngenta and St. Louis-based Monsanto are on the defense as scientists accuse their GM corn of being faulty, thanks to a “cross-resistance” to rootworm.

GMO Study Broadcast: Russian GMO Rat Experiment to be Broadcast 24/7

Russian researchers will stream an experiment live to show the effects of GMO feed on rats. This comes after a French study found GMOs to have negative effects on rats, which lead to a provisional Russian suspension on imported Monsanto genetically modified corn.

Insecticides Modified in GM Corn Polluting U.S. Waters

Corn, a crop most likely to be genetically modified, is casting off its GMO contaminants into surrounding waterways, and likely making it into your drinking water. According to researchers, the insecticides modified into the corn are being detected in streams up to 500 meters away from corn farms, and quite possibly further.

Monsanto’s GMO Corn Contributing to Weight Gain, Disrupts Organs

Are genetically modified foods making you sick and fat? Monsanto’s genetically modified creations have been pegged for causing a plethora of environmental and human harm, but are they also contributing to one of the country’s fastest growing health problems? A study published in the International Journal of Biological Sciences shows that GM food is indeed contributing to the obesity epidemic.

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