World’s Top Medical-Ethics Body Just Installed a Corrupt President

AnIndian urologist has been inaugurated as president of a worldwide medical-ethics group, even as he faces corruption and conspiracy charges.

Health Ranger Launches Independent Science Journal to Bypass Medical Corruption

Mike Adams of Natural News has revealed the launch of a new, independent, peer-reviewed science journal called the Natural Science Journal.

Professor Who Exposed Flint Water Crisis Says Greed Has Killed Science

Marc Edwards, who had helped expose lead-contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan, explains how academic pressures damage scientists’ integrity.

Big Pharma CEO Known for Drug Price Gouging Arrested on Securities Fraud Charges

Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli was recently arrested on December 17th for securities fraud charges linked to a firm he founded.

Leaked Emails Prove Coca-Cola Was Paying for Propaganda Promoting Sugary Drinks

Coca-Cola has been caught donating to ‘charities’ that published propaganda telling people that sugary drinks are not to blame for obesity and other diseases.

John D. Rockefeller’s American Cancer Society Never Meant to ‘CURE’ Cancer

The American Cancer Society is not all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, with a little digging, it seems the organization has no interest in ‘curing’ cancer.

Lack of Net Neutrality Threatens Unbiased Journalism – Deadline for Net Neutrality is Fast Approaching

The FCC may “allow” for cable companies to essentially set up toll booths on the internet, destroying Net Neutrality, ruining the internet we all love.

Florida Town Fires Entire Police Force Amid Found Corruption

A small Florida town has fired its entire police force after finding out about massive corruption in a recent audit exposing unlawful actions.

The American Cancer Society is in Bed with Major Cancer Drug Makers

Big Pharma companies will seemingly stop at nothing to keep your money while you die a slow death. Even cancer organizations are in bed with Big Pharma.

Fight Back, Vote them Out: 71 Senators Who Betrayed You by Not Labeling GMOs

Here is an alphabetical list of the entire senate paid off by Monsanto who betrayed you by voting 71 against 27 to kill a GMO labeling bill.

USDA Ignores Pesticide Ravaging Bee Population, Threatening Global Environment

It has recently been reported that certain research was suppressed concerning the bee decline which has been occurring over the past few years. It seems that the large sum of money raked in by Bayer, a maker of pesticides, was enough to kick research under the carpet that linked the company’s pesticide to the massive bee decline. There has been a great deal of cover up and secrecy regarding the ongoing bee deaths, enraging environmentalists and activists alike.

Seafood 10,000 Times Over Safe Limit for Carcinogenic Contamination, FDA Says to Eat it Anyway

Despite seafood showing extremely high levels of contamination, the FDA still deems the food safe for consumption. The FDA not only falsely softened the risk of seafood consumption due to carcinogenic contaminants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the seafood supply, but also ignored individual FDA staff members who called for higher levels of contamination protection.