Top Cardiologists: Saturated Fat NOT the Cause of Heart Disease

Three of the world’s top doctors say that saturated fat does not cause heart disease, and that people are too obsessed with their cholesterol numbers.

75% of Heart Disease Patients Given Wrong Drug Dosage, Study Finds

A new study by the Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute found that roughly 75 percent of Americans suffering from coronary artery disease are being prescribed wrong drug dosages. This, in effect, puts their patients at greater risk of uncontrolled bleeding, blood clot development, and other problems.

Are Statins Safe? How Millions are Tricked into Ingesting Harmful Pills

Are Statins Safe? When unknowing patients go to their doctor and are found to have high cholesterol or heart disease risk factors, they are usually given a pill rather than given instructions on how to reverse the conditions naturally. And that pill they are given is usually a statin. But, research is showing that these drugs do more harm than good—despite doctors doling them out in increasing and alarming numbers.