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Green Tea More Effective in Preventing Flu than Vaccines

Anthony Gucciardi
September 29th, 2011
Updated 11/11/2012 at 2:48 pm
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Drinking green tea can slash your risk of illness, as it contains powerful antiviral components that a new study has associated with a lower risk of flu infection. Researchers examined more than 2,000 elementary school students who were given questionnaires about their green tea consumption and illness during influenza season. What they found was those who consumed green tea daily were sick less often.

The research concluded that drinking between 1-5 cups per day slashed flu rates, though the benefits stopped after 5 cups.

The abstract of the study states:

However, there was no significant association with the consumption of [more than] 5 cups [per day]. Our findings thus suggest that the consumption of 1-5 cups [per day] of green tea may prevent influenza infection in children.

The study highlights the benefits of natural foods and beverages, while other studies have proven the ineffectiveness of side-effect-laden seasonal flu vaccines. Scientists examining the seasonal flu vaccine have been found it to be only be 1% effective when it comes to flu prevention.

The authors of the major study summarized the findings:

“The corresponding figures [of people showing influenza symptoms] for poor vaccine matching were 2% and 1% (RD 1, 95% CI 0% to 3%)” announced the study authors.  In other words, you would have to vaccinate 100 people to reduce the number of people affected by the influenza virus by just one.

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