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Forced Sterilization Victims Granted 50k Over Admitted US ‘Eugenics’ Program

Anthony Gucciardi
January 11th, 2012
Updated 11/06/2012 at 8:58 pm
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vaccinepush 210x131 Forced Sterilization Victims Granted 50k Over Admitted US Eugenics Program

This is no conspiracy theory — North Carolina officials are proposing that victims of forced sterilization programs be given $50,000 each in compensation, with the Associated Press admitting that the sterilization campaign was part of a “once-common public health practice called eugenics.” Victims include thousands of individuals, such as criminals, mentally disabled, and women who were sterilized after giving birth to children as a product of rape.

The forced sterilizations occurred from 1929 to 1974 under admitted eugenics programs that officials claimed were ‘creating a better society’ by removing the reproductive abilities of criminals and those suffering from mental disorders. During this time periods, more than 7,600 individuals in North Carolina were sterilized. On a national scale, around 60,000 were forcibly sterilized under the same eugenics program.

Eugenics Program Linked to Nazi Germany, Targeted Mostly Black Women

What makes North Carolina’s rampant sterilizations so concerning, however, is that the program kept going on right through World War II despite the direct association between eugenics and Nazi Germany. In fact, about 70% of all North Carolina’s sterilizations were performed after the war, with numbers peaking in the 1950s. Again, this is not something being made up; this is all reported by the Associated Press and other mainstream media outlets. According to the Associated Press report:

North Carolina’s program stood out because it ramped up sterilizations after World War II despite associations between eugenics and Nazi Germany.

The report also states within the first sentence that the practicing of eugenics was quite common during this time period:

People sterilized against their will under a discredited North Carolina state program should each be paid $50,000, a task force voted Tuesday, marking the first time a state has moved to compensate victims of a once-common public health practice called eugenics.

Perhaps the most criminal part of the forced sterilizations is the blatant racism involved. Most victims were poor, black women who were ‘deemed unfit to be parents’. Individuals as young as 10 were sterilized simply for not getting along with schoolmates or being promiscuous, and many parents were misled into sterilizing their children. All of this happened in the United States, where government officials operated under a strict eugenics policy, seeing many people as ‘unfit’ to procreate. After this racist, Nazi-styled fertility purge, the victims may not receive a measly $50,000 decades after the fact.

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  • Loki

    If the "mentally handicapped" should be prevented from breeding then why not the criminally insane who lie us into war? Which do more harm to society and the world?

  • Patricia Tursi

    This isn't news, it's been known for quite a while by people labeled as conspiracy theorists. After WWII, many of the Japanese and German scientists who had committed heinious, were brought to the US and integrated into our programs. MK Ultra was a notorious and criminal US organization which grew out of this practice.

    Google Kuru and you bring up mad cow. The infamous Japanese WWII researcher who forcefully experimented with Island natives and produced Kuru, was brought to the US under paperclip. Interesting!

    Eugenics is alive and well in US policy. Vaccinations

    (, neurotoxins in our water, genetic engineering in our foods, chem trails in our skies, and HAARP sending our the EMF signals to rattle our bodies and brains.

    Pollution in our soils, air and water. The FDA going after Organic farms, raw milk, etc. Alfalfa, the mainstay of organic farmers to provide protein, has been Genetically Engineered by the current administration to become Round-up ready, in spite of alfalfa rarely needing any help from weeds. Alfalfa is a rampant grower. Monsanto, rated the most evil company in the world, had friends and employees appointed to be in charge of the FDA (Vilsack) and food and water.

    A new deadly microorganism has been discovered by Purdue Professor Emeritus that comes from using round-up. This causes sudden death in fields, and is transferred to animals, including humans. We are lambs led to slaughter.

    You have to be blind, deaf and totally without intelligence to not see what is happening.

    The news is that responsibility is being accepted. Years ago, Afro American leaders warned us that the drugs that were introduced into Harlem by our government, would not stay in Harlem, but would spread to white communities. I was fairly young, but I can remember the warnings. All illegal drugs stem from the medical community…another weapon.

    Read the Fourth Reich…a revealing book that lets you know that Pogo was right…I have seen the enemy and it is us. Wake up America!

  • Oscillation

    XYZ is robot agent provocateur. Those deemed unworthy for the right of procreation and full freedom of body are the result of 500 years of selfish western thought pattern and MEME distribution. Indeed much of Margaret Sanger thought is true enough but she/they leave out the repeating apocalypse that caused the problem in the first place. XYZ has levied a kind of 2 dimensional breach of full cognition into a 3 dimensional issue. Show some compassion robot.

    • Lydia

      I am so glad that you know and understand about the likes of margaret sanger and her process of eliminating human beings on the text of not suitable to live. you at least are not ignorant of the truth, un-like other comments on here. This is evil, pure and simple

  • XYZ

    U find it normal for the mentally handicapped or unfit ppl to breed? U find it normal for rape victims to keep their children and more than this, love them? What else u find normal in ur empty skull?

  • XYZ

    So according to morons like u, it is alrite that ppl shuld breed recklessly? Quantity instead of quality? Paranoid idiot!

    • Jazz Lassie

      The "quality" of a person is not solely dependent on the genetics of the parents. I would argue that it is more related to the quality of nurturing, loving, care received, and this can't be determined by intelligence alone.

      And I know the world is overpopulated… but the point is, do we have the right to determine who is fit and unfit to be a parent? Who of all people has the almighty perfect decision making skills to render someone sterile?

  • Cassandra

    The problem with this settlement is that the taxpayers are picking up the bill instead of the criminal individuals who perpetrated these atrocities. And the Rockefellers get off scot-free again.

    • XYZ

      Taxpayers pay for unwanted children as well, for those who shouldnt have been born at all. U find it fair?