In Case You Missed It: EPA Quietly Approved Monsanto’s RNAi Genetic Engineering Technology

The EPA quietly approved Monsanto’s new RNAi GMO technology designed to kill western corn rootworms, which have become resistant to Bt toxins.

Senate Appropriations Committee OKs Medical Marijuana for Vets

The Senate Appropriations Committee approved an amendment that would allow VA doctors to recommend and prescribe medical marijuana for veterans.

Panel: The FDA Desperately Needs to Review its Approach to Opioids

A panel of experts has released a comprehensive report detailing the ways in which the FDA should consider going about tackling the nation’s opioid crisis.

Chemicals Banned in Kids’ Toys Found in Mac and Cheese

Phthalates, a class of endocrine-disrupting chemicals prohibited in toys, have been discovered in mac and cheese samples at concerning levels.

Complaints About Crop Damage Spur Temporary Ban on Dicamba in 2 States

Arkansas and Missouri have placed a temporary ban on the sale and use of dicamba, an herbicide linked to massive crop damage in both states.

It’s Official: California Lists Monsanto’s Glyphosate as a Carcinogen

Glyphosate is now officially listed as a carcinogenic substance in California, under the state’s Proposition 65 law. RoundUp will soon have a warning label.

Migrant Workers File Class-Action Against Monsanto over Labor Standards

A class-action lawsuit alleges that the agrochemical company Monsanto does not fair migrant workers minimum wage, and misrepresents the way it pays workers.

Attorney Sues Florida over Ban on Smoking Medical Marijuana

A Florida lawyer is suing the state for not allowing some people with debilitating conditions to smoke cannabis under its medical marijuana law.

Think You’ve Seen Everything? How About Snortable Chocolate?

For a burning sensation in your nostrils, potential heart problems, and a chocolaty gum stuck in your nose, you can snort chocolate for an energy rush.

Recreational Marijuana Now Legal in Nevada, and the Lines Are LONG

The sale of recreational marijuana became legal in Nevada at the stroke of midnight on 1 July 2017. Hundreds of people lined up at dispensaries.

Jeff Sessions Wants to Crack Down on Medical Marijuana Users

In a letter, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked Congress to allow him to undo federal medical marijuana protections.

Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Lose Federal Protection After 42 Years

The U.S. Department of the Interior has announced that Yellowstone grizzly bears will lose federal protections under the Endangered Species Act.

WIN! California to List Glyphosate as a Carcinogen

Effective July 7, 2017, glyphosate will be listed as a carcinogenic chemical and will require warning labels under California’s Proposition 65.

Waters at Risk? EPA Will Revoke the Clean Waters Act of 1972

The EPA announced that it will “withdraw” the Clean Waters Act of 1972, potentially polluting the drinking water of 1 in 3 Americans.

Adverse Effects from Personal Care Products Climb 300% in 2016

There was a 300% spike in adverse events caused by cosmetics and personal care products from 2015 to 2016, some of them severe enough to be fatal.

Gov. Scott’s Signature Makes Medical Marijuana Officially Legal in Florida

Gov. Rick Scott signed Amendment 2 on June 23, 2017, officially making medical marijuana – except for smoking – legal in the state of Florida.

EPA Delays Rules Limiting Methane Admission, Admits it may Harm Kids

The EPA says it will delay a rule by 2 years that would reduce methane emissions, and require oil and gas companies to track and patch leaks.