The Trouble with Studying Government-Provided Marijuana

Researchers are being saddled with sub-par marijuana to study, and the federal government permits them to study pot grown at one facility only.

Jury Slams Johnson & Johnson with $417M Verdict over Talc-Cancer Link

A jury awarded a California woman $417 million in a lawsuit alleging that Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder caused her ovarian cancer.

National Park Bottled Water “Ban” Reversed By Trump Administration

The Trump Administration has rolled back a policy encouraging the National Park Service to ban the sale of bottled water in U.S. national parks.

Fracking Giant Sues Citizen for Speaking out Against Fracking

One of the largest fracking companies in the U.S. is suing an outspoken Pennsylvania man who claims the driller contaminated his ground water.

Study: Teen Pot Dependency DOWN Despite Looser Marijuana Laws

Despite looser marijuana laws, FEWER kids are dependent on marijuana, or struggling with school or relationships, according to a new study.

Are These GMO Meatless Burgers Safe to Eat? The FDA Isn’t Sure

The FDA would not certify all of the ingredients in the Impossible Burger GRAS (generally recognized as safe) but Impossible Foods launched it anyway.

The Opioid Crisis Deemed a National Emergency: So What Happens Now?

The Trump administration has declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency. What does that mean, and is there any reason for concern?

CPSC Issues Fidget Spinner Safety Guidance for Buyers, Businesses

Fidget spinners have become a huge trend in toys, but they can be dangerous to children of all ages, prompting the CPSC to issue a fidget spinner guidance.

Sad: Humans Have Created 9 Billion Tons of Plastic in 67 Years

Humans have produced 9 billion tons of plastic since 1950, and our inability to cope with the waste on land and in the ocean puts the environment in peril.

A Sad 1st in America: Heroin Overdoses Outpace Gun Homicides

A year-end repor shows that heroin overdoses outpace gun homicides for the first time in the U.S. Heroin deaths outpaced deaths from traditional opioids.

Costa Rica Aims To Ban All Single-Use Plastics By 2021

Costa Rica wants to become the first country in the world to ban all single-use plastics, with a goal of phasing them out by 2021.

Investigation Brews over Insecticide-Tainted Eggs Distributed Throughout U.K.

Eggs contaminated with an insecticide were shipped to the UK and the EU from Belgium, and regulators sat on the information for nearly a month.

Commission to Trump: Declare National Emergency over Opioid Epidemic

President Trump’s opioid commission is recommending that Trump issue a national state of emergency over the opioid epidemic.

Monsanto Emails Raise More Questions About Collusion and Roundup Safety

A fresh batch of Monsanto documents raise more questions about whether or not the company suppressed information showing Roundup causes cancer.

NFL Extends Offer to Work With Union to Study Medical Marijuana

In an letter to the NFL players union, the NFL offered to team up to study medical marijuana as a treatment for both acute and chronic pain in players.

Did an EPA Official Collude with Monsanto by Tilting Research?

The EPA’s inspector general is investigating allegations that a former EPA official colluded with Monsanto to hide evidence that glyphosate causes cancer.

FDA Urged to Investigate Hazards of Chemical Phthalates in Food Packaging

In a letter to the FDA commissioner, Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the agency to launch a study into the consequences of using phthalates in food packaging.