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Reduce Depression, Avoid Cancer, and Relax with Nature

Nature can do much more than just help clear your mind and promote relaxation; it could even help treat depression and protect your body against cancer.

6 Extremely Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

Here are 6 really easy ways to protect your bones from wearing down and breaking as you grow older. It is never too late to control your well-being.

5 Foods to Eat for Cancer Prevention

Many of the top researched cancer-fighting foods are easy to find and simple to incorporate into your diet. Here are 5 foods to eat for cancer prevention.

8 Lesser-Known Natural Bug Repellents that may Work

Bugs can be VERY annoying in the summer. Fortunately, you don’t have to opt for toxic chemicals for a solution – natural bug repellents do exist.

Could Coffee Prevent Tooth Decay and Help Fight Plaque?

A new study suggests moderate consumption of black coffee could protect your teeth from decay and actually help fight plaque. Could it be true?

Are You Drinking The Wrong Kind of Wine?

Should organic wine be your go-to when shopping for a drink? As with food and produce, there is indeed a difference between organic wine and conventional.

4 Great Herbs/Roots for Boosting Liver Health

Optimal liver health is essential for overall health. Try using these 4 herbs to bolster live health and ensure overall immunity to countless ailments.

Could Hibiscus Tea be Better than High Blood Pressure Drugs?

Hibiscus is one of many solutions for high blood pressure. Drinking hibiscus tea daily for 6 weeks has led to reduced diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Looking For Something New? 5 Global Indigenous Foods to Consider

Previously only to be found in certain parts of the world, here are 5 indigenous foods that are now easy to find. They offer a wealth of health benefits.

Home Remedies for Head Lice – Some Natural Solutions

Highly contagious parasitic insects, having head lice is embarrassing and can even be painful. Here are some natural solutions that could work for you.

Compiled Research Showing How Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure, Prevents Obesity, and More

How beneficial is chocolate? Research has shown that consuming dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, prevent oxidative stress, and boost heart health.

Despite Spending by Opponents, 88% of Floridians Support Medical Cannabis

A new poll indicates support for medical cannabis is holding steady at 88 percent in Florida, so the bill going to voters in November is likely to pass.

McDonald’s, Illinois Food Company Implicated in China Meat Safety Scandal

A food safety scare erupted this past weekend in China as television reports showed staff at a meat-supplier using long-expired meat products.

China Halts U.S. Grain Imports Due to GMO Concerns, Impacting U.S. Grain Sector

China halted some U.S. grain imports that amount to hundreds of thousands of tons per month due to fears that genetically modified grains will sneak on in.

Suffering with Menstrual Cramps? Try Lavender Oil

Do you suffer from painful, uncomfortable menstrual cramps? Research indicates that lavender essential oil could be the key to minimizing discomfort.

San Francisco Voters to Decide on 2 Cent/Ounce Soda Tax

A ballot initiative coming to San Francisco in November would put a 2 cent tax on every ounce of soda or sugary beverage sold, generating millions yearly.

Oregon to Decide on Recreational Cannabis Legalization this November

This November, Oregon voters will decide whether or not to join Washington and Colorado in legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.