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Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer that has broken numerous health-related news stories.

Some of her biggest pieces revolve around exposing the fraud and lies told by Big Food and Biotech. If you want to learn how food companies are tainting the food supply with toxic ingredients or how genetically modified foods are leading to the downfall of our food supply. Christina's articles are must-reads.

Her blog is Yoga for the New World, and her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body and Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

Recent articles by Christina Sarich

Landmark Test Links Toxic Insecticide Dust to Bee Hive Damage

New landmark study has linked insecticide dust to damaged beehives, and new Minnesota law calls for beekeepers to be compensated.

National Farmers Union Calls for Halt of GM Alfalfa Seed Sales

The National Farmers Union of Canada advises Canadian farmers to avoid U.S. GM alfalfa seed, as GM contamination makes non-GM alfalfa of no market value.

Strongest Evidence Yet: Good Breakfast Equals Better Grades

New evidence shows that children who eat a nutritionally-rich breakfast see improved brain function, receive better grades in school.

Costco Raises Wages for Workers Paid the Least

U.S. retail giant Costco is raising its minimum wage for employees after nine years, but is it enough?

Senator Ted Cruz Protects GMOs, Calls GMO Labeling-Advocates Anti-Science

Ted Cruz says that anti-science zealotry drives the call for GMO labeling. Ca. 95% of Americans disagree and demand the right to know what’s in their food.

Would You Swallow a Data-Tracking Big Pharma “Smart” Pill?

Big Pharma is spending like never before ‘smart pills’ with a microscopic device that relays ‘health data’ to a patch worn by the patient.

Ding Ding! EU Committee Votes AGAINST Renewal of Glyphosate Herbicide

An EU committee has formally objected to the re-authorization of Glyphosate herbicide, calls for independent review and full disclosure.

New Study: Bt Toxins 100% Lethal to Amphibians

Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) pesticides used for mosquito control also kill amphibians and other organisms. Bt in the food chain also puts people at risk.

Monsanto Enters Discussions to Acquire Bayer Crop Sciences

With falling sales and the EU delaying renewed approval of Roundup, Monsanto seeks to acquire Bayer’s crop sciences (agricultural chemicals) unit.

Unsettling Truth: Most Clinical Trials are Funded by Big Pharma

Most clinical trials are now funded by Big Pharma instead of NIH or other third parties. Concerns exist about drug safety, bias, and conflicts of interest.

Medical Marijuana Shows Promise for Treating Depression

Another study has shown cannabinoids from medical marijuana may help heal depression and other costly mental health conditions.

Widow Sues Monsanto for Husband’s Wrongful Death

Teri McCall is suing Monsanto for her husband’s wrongful death due to exposure to Roundup. The law firm is also taking similar cases and has a contact form.

Doing This Could Prevent Mental Decline by Up to 32%!

Reading is brain-healthy. It forces us to think and imagine, reduces memory loss by as much as 32 percent, and gives useful and information besides.

57 Pesticides Named as Cause for Bee Deaths in Europe

Researchers have linked 57 neonicotinoid pesticides licensed in Europe to colony collapse disorder and staggering amounts of bee deaths.

Biotech Giant BASF Closing GM Test Sites and Eliminating 350 Jobs

German chemical giant BASF has announced closing of GM test sites and elimination of 350 workers amid poor performance from GM portfolios.

New Orleans Begins Decriminalization of Pot Possession

New Orleans’ efforts to reduce penalties for pot possession may spur the state of Louisiana to abandon its strict laws.

Boulder County in Colorado to Phase Out GMO Crops

Boulder County, Colorado, officials have asked an advisory committee to submit a draft plan to phase out GMO crop growing on county-owned lands.