Hi this is Anthony Gucciardi, and thanks for visiting Natural Society! It is impossible to keep up with all of the latest health news that affects you and your family on a daily basis — that’s why we have created Natural Society. Following my own horror story in dealing with the current medical establishment and finding success through using natural alternatives that doctors said would never work, I embarked on a several year journey with Co-Founder Mike Barrett that ultimately led to the creation of Natural Society in late 2011.

Natural Society Timeline:

2011 – NaturalSociety.com Launches Worldwide



Following Anthony Gucciardi’s victory over Lyme Disease using natural alternatives, Anthony and Co-Founder Mike Barrett decided to create a free online resource that would match “scientific research with natural solutions that actually work.” The result was a DIY website, painstakingly created entirely by Anthony and Mike for several hours a day. With frequent server attacks and traffic load taking down the website on a routine basis, many all-nighters and sleepless months were had.

It wasn’t uncommon for Anthony to write upwards of 4 full-length articles a day, as Mike continued to repair the back-end code of the website to repel attackers and allow for website growth. The drive behind the two-man operation was nothing short of a passion to spread the word, and a big idea of how Natural Society could someday reach millions of visitors in a very personal and real way.

September 2011 – NaturalSociety Publishes one of the Most Shared Articles of 2011


Fresh into our initial launch, we knew that we had to inform our growing readership about the growing presence of the Monsanto Company and their increasingly-popular genetically modified seeds. To many, it was still like speaking a foreign language when discussing Monsanto’s GMOs, but it was a challenge we were willing to take. Natural Society Co-Founder Anthony Gucciardi launched what would eventually become one of the most shared articles of 2011 on September 20th, having no idea that the inspirational writing would in fact top Facebook’s own list of 2011’s most viral content.

With the title “Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Corn Fields,” Anthony’s piece quickly gained traction on social media as it was shared by some of the largest movers and shakers on the planet. At the peak of the story’s success, it had received more than 225,000 shares on Facebook alone, making it among the top 10 most shared pieces of 2011 by Facebook’s own records.

December, 2011 – NaturalSociety Declares Monsanto World’s Worst Company


In 2011, the fight for control of the food supply was heating up, and the word about Monsanto’s genetically modified creations were just gaining traction in a big way. That’s when, in an international press release, we declared Monsanto to be the Worst Company of the Year: a declaration that was echoed throughout the alternative media and carried by a number of mainstream publications.

The announcement was met with backlash by Monsanto supporters, but we knew that what we were doing was on the side of truth and reality. A firm belief system that ultimately led to several million supporters of our initiatives in exposing Monsanto, GMOs, and the company’s best-selling herbicide Roundup.

March, 2012 – Anthony Gucciardi Releases The New Health Paradigm


Artificial additives, estrogen-mimicking chemicals, pharmaceuticals drugs in bottled water, and even GMOs — the definition of ‘healthy’ was forever changed. That’s why Natural Society Co-Founder Anthony Gucciardi spent more than a year doing the research on how to escape health pitfalls and rediscover what ‘healthy’ truly means in light of the modern day food supply’s chemical makeover.

Appropriately titled “The New Health Paradigm,”Anthony wrote his first full length book. The New Health paradigm sold several thousand copies on its release day, and is now available for free in its updated 2015 edition when you sign up to the Natural Society Newsletter.

February, 2013 – Natural Society Featured on Drudge Report


On February 17, 2013, Natural Society was featured on the notorious Drudge Report – a news aggregate behemoth run by the well-known Matt Drudge. Landing on Drudge for the first time with a piece called “Leading Geneticist: Human Intelligence is Slowly Declining,” NS saw a surge in traffic that nearly crashed our server at the time – and definitely gave us an exciting breakthrough that we are happy to be reporting on today.

A special thanks to Matt Drudge and Drudge Report for linking to our piece.

March, 2013 – Natural Society Reaches 50,000 Facebook Fans


Following our continued work on GMOs and natural health transformations, Natural Society reached its first 50,000 Facebook fans in March of 2013. Amid the booming of social media and the new ways in which we can use Facebook to spread the word to millions worldwide, this was an exciting and worthwhile achieved goal.

September, 2013 – NaturalSociety Reaches 100,000 Facebook Fans


After achieving 50,000 Facebook fans, Natural Society saw steady growth for months – only to reach a gratifying 100,000 Facebook fans in September!


November, 2013 – NaturalSociety Reaches 150,000 Facebook Fans


With a continued focus on what we call ‘real issues,’ we soon reached 85,000 Facebook fans. After breaking 90,000, however, Natural Society started to see a huge spike in followers – and our readers began really sharing our work. For months, we started receiving thousands of new fans every month – numbers like we have never seen before. During this time, our organic reach was phenomenal and posts were seen by a large percentage of our followers. This was the largest Facebook spike NS has seen to date.

December, 2013 – Anthony Gucciardi Donates $1,000 to Church Targeted for Feeding the Homeless


After reading a concerning news piece that detailed the numerous ways in which government ‘law enforcement’ was targeting church groups who handed out free turkeys to the homeless on Thanksgiving, Anthony decided to donate $1,000 and international publicity to the Acts 2 Worship Center — the organization penalized by law enforcement for feeding the homeless on Thanksgiving.

May, 2014 – NaturalSociety Reaches 200,000 Facebook Fans


In may of 2014, we finally reached 200,000 fans! Similar to reaching the 100,000 mark, hitting 200,000 fans was kind of a big deal for us. One of the most important personal aspects of reaching this many amazing readers is the realization that it was achieved while sticking to what we knew were important topics. Our ultimate goal of changing the world for the better by educating the public on the ways of natural, organic living had never waned.

With the support of 200,000 independent-thinking fans, it was a major landmark in the timeline of Natural Society’s mission.

August, 2014 – Anthony Gucciardi Donates $2,000 Directly to Feed Homeless


One year after Anthony decided to donate to one of the church groups being targeted by government regulations for handing out free turkeys to the homeless on Thanksgiving, Anthony made a connection with the ‘street outreach’ group Crazy Faith. After speaking with the group and its organizer, Anthony learned that Crazy Faith had been repeatedly fined and threatened by similar city regulations that forbid the group from offering free meals to the homeless without a proper ‘permit.’

Standing against what Anthony called ‘ridiculous’ regulatory protocols, Anthony publicly donated $2,000 to the Crazy Faith outreach and encouraged others to do the same. The donation, and the donations of his followers, helped feed thousands of individuals on the streets of Olympia, Washington.

November, 2014  – NaturalSociety Launches New and Improved Site Design


While we will never forget our roots as a website started by two activists with big dreams of helping millions transform their health, November of 2014 marked a key transition in Natural Society’s timeline. It was now time to fully launch the website into a new level, with a highly responsive and intuitive web design that would compete with the likes of mainstream media leaders and help our millions of readers better navigate the site.

It’s something that’s always being updated, tweaked, and adjusted, but the November 2014 site redesign marked a huge step forward for Natural Society and its ability to change lives around the world. With the increased design credibility and the ultra-fast server speed, we could now provide awesome services like enhanced content navigation and even more interesting ways to spread the word.

November, 2014 – Natural Society Launches Shop to ‘Help Fund Change With Awesome Stuff’


With the launch of the Natural Society Shop, we were finally able to do two powerful things: show you what we recommend and use after years of writing and researching the absolute best products out there, and fund the website in ways that can enable us to reach even more people with our thousands of free content pages. As Anthony Gucciardi said, the store was really made to “help fund the change we want to see in the world with awesome stuff.”

With our exclusive natural health clothing line, food options, and a growing list of awesome stuff, the Natural Society Shop is a new way to help us spread the word while also getting some high quality gear.

December, 2014 – Anthony Gucciardi Donates 20,000 Meals to U.S. Food Banks


Matching a percentage of Tony Robbins’ donation to the Feeding America foundation, Anthony personally donated 20,000 meals to United States food banks that were most in need of nutritional support. The donation was made public as Anthony encouraged followers to also help donate wholesome foods and financial support, for which the Feeding America foundation extended extreme gratitude.

April 2015 – NaturalSociety Implements New Logo with Fan Feedback


It had been a long journey since 2011, and it was time to change up our official logo into something that better represented our goals: natural living, self-development, and bringing health transformations. But it wasn’t until our most recent logo update in April, 2015 that we actually let our fans decide how NS would be represented.

With our readers helping craft our new look, we sent the below image to our newsletter fans and Facebook subscribers asking for help. Using votes, comments, and email replies, we came up with an answer. To our surprise, more than 1,100 people voted on the future logo of NaturalSociety, and we received over 400 comments backing up the survey choices. As we told our followers, it was an amazing thing to see such a level of engagement.

After the survey concluded, we ended up with the logo we have today.


Now, just a couple short years later, I am extremely happy to say that NaturalSociety is now one of the largest natural health websites online.

Quite simply, Natural Society was established to provide you with the latest news on how you can transform your health through effective yet natural means. Following my own success story, I wanted to create a website that offered answers for those who were seeking them — an independent platform of reality.

Natural Society has thousands of articles on natural health that are absolutely free to anyone, and require no subscription of any kind. From the intricate science of nutrition to the ongoing politics of health, Natural Society is here to keep you informed —  and we are oftentimes the first source to predict and release vital health information that mainstream media ignores.

What you can expect to find on Natural Society — completely free of charge:

  • Thousands of articles on life-changing natural health strategies, natural cures, news, and independent analysis
  • The truth behind Monsanto and GMOs is one of my largest focuses, having launched numerous campaigns against Monsanto and GMOs at large
  • The unfiltered truth behind the food system, as we do not ever accept payouts in any form to filter our perspective on any particular subject.

What We Stand For

From the March Against Monsanto

After finding out that the very natural options my Harvard graduate doctor told me were based on quackery and downright dangerous mythology actually ended up revolutionizing my health, I realized that we need to really examine what we’re putting into our bodies. From what we are buying at the super market, to what our MDs are telling us to take for our latest aches and pains — I realized the essential nature of doing your own research and pursuing reality.

First and foremost, I believe that natural health should be the first option in addressing any of your health concerns. With a nutrient-rich diet that is free of toxic chemical additives and other harmful ingredients like GMOs, you can begin to reclaim your health like never before. Food contaminants like genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are devastating health worldwide, and the corrupt biotech juggernauts responsible for monopolizing the food supply have zero regard for your health. 

I deeply encourage readers to at least try improving their health through natural means before venturing towards invasive surgeries and pharmaceutical drugs. And based on the thousands of success emails we get from readers whose lives have improved from the free content, it’s very effective. 

I also strongly support organic foods and purchasing from small, organic outlets. With GMOscontaminating the food supply on a global scale, it is important to purchase from a local source that sells only high-quality organic foods. In addition, I support complete labeling of products, as the customer should have the right to know what they are consuming. Products should be explicitly labeled if they contain: GMOs, bishphenol A, heavy metals, high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame, and hundreds of other harmful ingredients.

I support and continue to be a part of the ongoing movement to bring these issues to the forefront of the mainstream media, and to diligently inform the public as to how they can naturally improve their health.

Anthony Gucciardi’s Story

anthony-gucciardi-photoAfter I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease several years ago, I asked my doctor if there was anything at all I could do to help fight the disease beyond the mega dose steroids he was giving me at the time. I was definitely concerned when he told me that certainly was nothing else I could do personally, but it wasn’t until I went to sleep at 5 PM and woke up at 5PM the next day did I decide that it was time to take my health into my own hands.

After hours and hours of nonstop research into the realm of alternative health options in regards of Lyme Disease, I approached my doctor with a list of options I thought may work. After all, I thought he would be reasonable enough to at least discuss which of the natural health options may be beneficial. Or perhaps even discuss the mountain of research that I had printed out. Much to my surprise, not having known how MDs are trained at that point in my life, my doctor told me that natural substances like oregano oil were highly dangerous and absolutely useless.

The testimonies, studies, articles, he didn’t want to see them. He told me how pervasive ‘quackery’ was online, and how people were dying from substances like colloidal silver and oregano oil. I wasn’t exactly convinced by his angry response to the mountain of information I had brought into his office, so I decided to become my own experiment. Would the oregano oil and colloidal silver kill me and turn me blue in the process?

After deciding to go against the urgent warnings of my Harvard MD, I ordered both of these substances online and began supplementing. I figured within a couple weeks I would either start to see potential improvement or meet my blue end. Amazingly, I felt virtually 100% better within 24 hours. So I kept up the routine, learning more as I went. I made mistakes along the way, and I learned how to take my health into my own hands — far away from the MD who told me that steroids were my only option.

I certainly know that in reality we do need talented surgeons and MDs who can help aid individuals suffering from potentially fatal wounds and emergency situations, but I also know that millions worldwide are aware of the amazing potential of nutrition-based healing to combat disease. And perhaps more importantly, millions are also aware of the fact that pharmaceutical juggernauts are making much too large of a profit to substitute their $20,000 drugs for $10 worth of a natural substance like turmeric.

Anthony Gucciardi Bio

Anthony Gucciardi is a natural health and self-development speaker, writer, and author whose writings have been featured on popular television programs, in best-selling books, and top 100 websites. After overcoming Lyme Disease using natural alternatives, Anthony became passionate about establishing a resource in which he could share his journey with the world.

Since the creation of Natural Society in 2011, Anthony work has made routine appearance on platforms including Drudge Report, Michael Savage’s Savage Nation, March Against Monsanto, Grow Food Not Lawns, Bryant McGill’s Simple Reminders, Infowars, RT, The Blaze, Daily Mail, and countless others.

“I was just so passionate about sharing not only my story, but the truth about natural living and self-development that was cultivating into a form of ideological wildfire. I could tell I was about to a part of something big, but I had no idea how vast the independent media would soon span. It seems like just a few short cosmic moments ago we were all focused on the ever-knowing television screen with a fixation for mainstream media talking points. Now, it’s as if the ‘new media’ of social media has always existed as a method of rapid communication.

With this new free flow of information, I’m really interested in exploring so many topics that go even beyond just natural health. I like to call it ‘advanced development’, with issues like the gut acting as your ‘second brain’ and ways in which we can address the root cause of so many different psychological patterns. I mean if we can get the body under control, and we can repair underlying issues, people don’t understand what it’s like to really live ‘optimally’. I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s the grand challenge of my lifetime, and I’m certainly not functioning at peak states 100% of the time. That’s my most amazing challenge, and one that I want to break down and share with the world.” – Anthony Gucciardi

Anthony’s first book, The New Health Paradigm, is now available for free to all Natural Society readers.

Mike Barrett – Co-Founder, Editor, Researcher

Mike Barrett founded NaturalSociety along with Anthony back in 2011, driven by a similar passion to get the word out to the public as to how they can enhance their health naturally and change their mindset as a whole. Today, Mike acts as a primary Editor for the site, helping to craft the focus of NaturalSociety in directions that are most beneficial and informative to readers who are seeking to take charge of their lives.

With a particular passion for expanding on mental focus and attitude as a way to achieve not only optimum health but one’s goals, Mike has been sharing ways in which readers can utilize the power of their own minds in order to unlock their full potential.

Why Trust Us?

In fact, it’s wise to question who you can trust when it comes to your health. Countless websites and magazines continue to pump out endless amounts of “health” advice, and major pharmaceutical companies spending billions each year in advertising their latest “miracle” drug. It can be overwhelming, and extremely challenging to decipher what information is truly valuable in transforming your health for the better. Besides our expansive background in the field of natural health, all of our content is properly sourced and reviewed before being posted.

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