Would You Eat Cloned Meat? Scientists Claim Cloned Cattle is Safe to Eat

Would you eat cloned meat? I certainly wouldn’t, but according to the The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes, it is “unlikely to present any risk.” The worst part is that whether you’d eat it or not

New Study Shows this Common Mistake Leads to Fat Gain

Losing weight may be one of the most common goals for the United States population, with obesity rates as high as ever. With millions of people using fad diets to try and shed a few pounds, it is amazing how the essential needs of the body are often neglected.

Teens Rage Over Secret Toxic Chemicals in Popular Store

A group of teens in the Bay Area recently protested against perfume pollution. The teens wore surgical masks and gas masks and carried signs expressing their anger towards certain toxic perfume ingredients. The teens stormed into an Abercrombie & Fitch store in San Francisco’s Westfield Mall

Naked Body Scanners | 5 Most Health and Privacy Damaging Aspects

As more stories of the TSA’s increasingly-invasive “security” procedures continue to hit the media, the organization is getting more bad publicity than ever before. Considering the TSA is now openly allowing agents to

TSA Now Putting Hands Down the Pants of Fliers in New Invasive Search Policy

TSA pat-downs, which are already more aggressive than those used by the United States military on Afghani prisoners, have just gotten worse. The new search measures including TSA officers putting their hands down the pants of people that happen to be wearing baggy clothing. There has already been nationwide opposition to the TSA and its naked body scanners, with naked body scanner opt-out day set for November 2th.

“Revolt Against TSA” Hits #1 on Google Trends as Biometric Scanner Hits Mainstream News

As more and more stories emerge regarding naked body scanners, “revolt against TSA” has hit #1 on Google Trends. This means that millions worldwide have both searched & read articles related to this topic. Meanwhile, it has hit mainstream news

Nationwide Opposition to Airport Body Scanners Grows, “Opt-Out” Day Emerges

People worldwide are not only questioning the implementation of naked body scanners, but protesting against it. With the president of the Allied Pilots Association recently asking pilots to refuse the naked body scanners

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom to Veto Happy Meal Ban

Mayor Gavin Newsom has announced that he will veto San Francisco’s ban on Mcdonald’s toy-containing Happy Meals. The news comes after city’s Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to ban the Happy Meal, deciding that toys

Chemicals in Fast Food Wrappers Found in Blood Samples, May Lead to Tumors

Chemicals used in bags and fast food wrappers to keep grease from leaking through are now being found to leech into food, and even showing up in blood samples. According to new research from the University of Toronto, these chemicals used in cardboard packaging and carpet treatment may be ingested daily by countless people worldwide. These synthetic chemicals, known as Perfluoroalkyls, are primarily used to contain grease, oil, and water within fast food packaging. These chemicals have been linked to hormonal imbalances and a host of other diseases.

Bill Gates’ Foundation Funded Approval of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes

Bill Gates, who recently bought 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock, is reportedly funding the approval of genetically modified mosquitoes. It seems that not only will genetically modified salmon enter the environment along with unforeseen changes, but a new self-sterilizing mosquito may be joining them.

Monsanto Gave $470,000 to Candidates For Mid-Term Elections, Most Won

Just when you think Monsanto has decided to hide itself from the public eye after it was released that the company was listed among Blackwater’s secret client list, more information has hit mainstream news. Monsanto spent $470,631 on the mid-term elections.

Poisonous Substances in Water May Lead to Stroke, Cancer, and Diabetes

Chances are that there is a world of organic and synthetic substances floating around in your drinking water. If you are using tap water to cook your food, or drinking it straight from the faucet, then you are exposing yourself to these substances.

San Francisco Effectively Bans the Happy Meal Toys with 8-3 Vote

After a long legal stalemate, San Francisco has banned the happy meal. It has been under consideration for quite some time, but lawmakers finally approved legislation that would disallow the addition of toys in meals that include excess calories, sodium and fat.

More People Refusing Flu Shot this Year as Opposition Grows Worldwide

As the medical establishment begins the annual push for nationwide flu vaccinations, people are starting to voice their opposition to this year’s injection. A new study from Consumer Reports found that 30% of respondents were unsure