How to Know if Your Food is Conventional, Organic, or Genetically Modified

These days genetic modification of the food supply is rather prevalent. With genetic modification being linked to sterility and infant mortality, it is something that should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, food products containing genetically modified organisms

Why Getting Visible Abs Has Almost Nothing to Do with Crunches

Everybody wants a toned body, but what does it really take? Endless crunches will get you nowhere, and neither will those silly ab gadgets that are seen on television screens across the world. Crunches are closely associated with a defined abdominal section, so how could it be that crunches aren’t to thank for a chiseled six pack?

Average American Diet – Infographic

Unfortunately, Americans have some of the worst diets in the world, and everyone else knows it. With the average American consuming 24 lbs of artificial sweeteners, 29 lbs of french fries, and over 6000 lbs of dairy per year, the yearly American’s diet is in a state of crisis. The average American diet is heavily responsible for the escalating obesity rates and is ultimately contributing to the development of illness and diseases in one way or another.

Why Am I Continuing to Gain Weight While Exercising?

Gym memberships and excessive exercise is not the total solution to weight loss. Daily exercise can improve physical fitness and promote a person’s overall health, but it’s not the main determining factor in body fat reduction.

What You Can Do Right Now to Lose Weight and Feel Better, Cost Free – Part 1

The United States is all about instant gratification. While healthy weight loss is an ongoing process that can take several weeks or months to completely achieve, there are still a few quick fixes that can help you lose up to 10 lbs in as little as one week.