The Calorie Lie

Counting calories does not lead you to sustained weight loss and total health. Sure, you might be taking in less calories, but what are the calories coming from? You could lose weight from eating small amounts of just about anything, but this is an extremely ineffective method of weight loss that ensures

Living Healthy Without Pharmaceuticals: Does the Healthcare Bill Limit Our Ability to Choose?

The freedom to choose is a right that has stayed principle on the minds of the liberated for quite some time throughout history. This right is vastly accepted throughout the world, but what does the freedom of choice apply to?

BPA Found in 18 of 20 Most Popular Food Cans

Some of Britain’s best-known foods contain the controversial chemical bisphenol A, The Independent can reveal. Tins of Heinz baked beans, soup and beans, John West and Princes fish, and Napolina tomatoes are lined with a membrane containing bisphenol A, or BPA.