You Can’t Get Quality Definition from Just Working Out

You Can’t Get Quality Definition from Just Working Out

It is a common misconception that through working out alone you will be able to achieve the muscular definition you are looking for. How such a myth has come to be believed by a majority of athletes is quite astonishing. A basic understanding of how the body works can debunk this myth, and offer up the real solution. The best part about the solution is that anyone can do it. Find out how, and why you can’t get quality from just working out.

It Makes Sense if You Think About It

Think about it for a minute. Consider a man who is about 50 pounds overweight. The majority of his excess fat is centered around his abdominal region, which is quite common for men. Do you think if he did a series of strenuous abdominal workouts that he would somehow acquire a well-defined set of abs? Of course not, though that was somewhat of a trick question.

If the man performed such an exercise routine, he would be training his abdominal muscles. Even though he would be training his abdominal muscles, and making them much stronger in the process, his belly fat is still covering his newest accomplishment. You can work your abs all you want, but they won’t be visible unless you lose the excess fat.

You could argue that the cardiovascular nature of many ab workouts could be enough to burn a certain degree of excess fat from the body. This is partially true, but nowhere near enough of the amount that would be needed for someone who is truly overweight. Plus, it would be inefficient. Diet is the key to quality definition.

Don’t Let Your Body Fat Hide Your Accomplishments

Putting in all that hard work that goes with a vigorous exercise routine should be something that is rewarded. Why then, do people continue to neglect their diet? With layers of fat covering your muscles, all that hard work is hardly paying off. If you are unsure of how exactly to go about losing weight, then check out the Weight Loss section, and the Nutrition section.

“Spot training” as it is called is the theory that by working an individual muscle group, you will be able to obtain muscle definition. Spot training is the myth that this entire article is debunking. Do not let yourself fall into the false thinking that you can get the definition you want from working out alone. Incorporate a healthy diet into your workout, along with some HIIT cardio, and see the weight loss begin.