Write for Natural Society | Be Instrumental in the Health Revolution

Write for Natural Society | Be Instrumental in the Health Revolution

Natural Society

Natural Society has grown as a source of natural health news and information, but our overriding goal remains the same: to inform as many readers as we possibly can about how they can transform the health of themselves and their families through natural yet effective means. This means educating readers about the dangers of genetically modified foods, artificial sweeteners, vaccines, high-fructose corn syrup, and many other harmful food additives. It means offering natural solutions like vitamin D, natural sweeteners, proper exercise routines, and other immune boosting natural health alternatives.

How You can be a Part of the Health Revolution

There are so many aspects of personal health that readers deserve to know about. With the influx of information coming out due to the increase in health-conscious individuals demanding answers from organizations worldwide, to fully report on these topics with the depth they deserve requires a team of passionate writers.

That’s Where you Come In.

You can be a part of the massive health revolution that is perpetually growing in size and momentum. Whether you’re passionate about nutrition, exposing food additives, fitness, or anything in the field of natural health, we invite you to become apart of Natural Society. Writing for Natural Society will give you a voice to thousands of readers, and your content will be syndicated throughout top alternative news websites and 100’s of blogs that carry our articles on a daily basis.

The benefits of writing for us

In addition to spreading life-saving techniques to millions of readers through our syndicated article network and establishing yourself as a true expert in the field, there are many other benefits to becoming a writer for Natural Society.

  • Monetary compensation through banner ads: We’ll place your Google Adsense code (can easily be created at Adsense.com and will immediately begin generating revenue upon placement) or even your business’ banner within your articles.
  • Establish reputation with an author byline (bio): We’ll add your author byline to your posts, which is a paragraph introducing yourself and your organization to readers.
  • Reach millions worldwide: Natural Society articles are oftentimes picked up by top alternative news websites which receive millions of hits per month. Your stories could potentially reach millions across a broad spectrum of alternative media websites whose readers will become familiar with your name.
  • Submit stories whenever you want: It’s entirely up to you how often you’d like to submit articles to be published. You can choose to publish daily and work closely with the Natural Society team, or submit whenever a story really catches your attention.
  • Work closely with the Natural Society team: You will be in contact with leading experts in the field of natural health, who are like-minded and health-conscious. The Natural Society team is genuinely interested in helping others, including you, which is why we offer hundreds of free content pages on natural health information.

Become a writer for Natural Society and spearhead the natural health movement, contact us right now with any inquiries: [email protected] or send us a message through our contact page.