Why Trust an Organization that Lies and Cheats: The Silly CDC

CDC lies
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CDC liesVery few know what has been hidden from public view regarding CDC lies, cover-ups, and congressional investigation. Probably those who don’t know don’t want to. Well, here are some examples of CDC corruption for those who do want to know.

1. Remember the 2008 Swine Flu Scare?

A CBS News program called “Washington Unplugged” wanted to know more details on how those figures were derived, but the CDC stonewalled its producer/reporter, Sharyl Attkisson.

She went around the CDC by surveying each individual state’s health agency, and he discovered that very few swine flu cases reported by the CDC were confirmed as swine flu. Most were actually a normal “seasonal” flu.

Upon further pressure from Sharyl at “Washington Unplugged”, the CDC clamped down more and decided they couldn’t track swine flu cases anymore because “it was too difficult.” The CDC quit doing what they’re supposed to do because they got caught cooking the swine flu stats to promote a dangerous swine flu vaccination.

This was a rare case of kudos for the mainstream media, and Sharyl was forced to move on because she’s a good investigative reporter who doesn’t flinch.

2. CDC Lies About Mercury in Vaccines

As early as 1998, the CDC knew that there were problems with using thimerosal mercury in vaccines. Their own researchers turned in an internal memo stating this. The CDC decided to cover this up by hiring fake studies to explain away those mercury links to the rising autism rates.

The earliest disinformation study was the “Danish Study,” masterminded for the CDC by Kreesten Madsen, whose partner Paul Thorsen had recently been indicted for fraudulent funding activities. This bogus study became the cornerstone for the foundation of lies “proving” thimerosal was not a factor for causing autism or other childhood developmental disabilities.

A congressional committee released a 2003 report called Mercury in Medicine – Taking Unnecessary Risks. Congressman Dan Burton, whose grandson was overcome with autism after vaccinations, headed the investigation. The appropriate findings and excellent suggestions were ignored by the Bush administration and the CDC.

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3. Ten Billion Dollars and Demanding More

In 2007, Senator Tom Coburn issued a report titled CDC Off Center. The report cites huge mismanagement of funds for non-disease related expenses, generous payrolls, overly lavish facilities, and trips. The full title of the CDC is Center for Disease Control and Prevention, but they could not explain how they were preventing disease to the Senator.

David vs Goliath

A Ph.D biochemist, Brian Hooker, whose son became autistic after a series of vaccinations, filed a suit against the CDC for violating the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by not releasing data he has been requesting since 2005 regarding CDC internal memos on mercury in vaccines.

Hooker finally got the memos, after several years and 100 FOIA requests, which prove the CDC was well aware of thimerosal mercury dangers in vaccines even while they were assuring the public that those dangers didn’t exist at all.

Vaccination shills such as Forbe’s magazine and others did their best at CDC and vaccine industry damage control by attacking Brian Hooker and what he found. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to help the CDC cover their cover-ups. Most of the public is enamored with the Hollywood image of the CDC, which is partially managed with some of their 10 billion plus dollar budget.